As promised…….

A few days ago I reported on my jaunt to the Minnesota State Quilt Show in Rochester.  And, as was  mentioned, it was extremely well organized and had a significant number of quilts and the obligatory vendors. When it comes to quilty items, I am not bashful nor are my purse strings held very tightly but, that day, nothing jumped out at me! I mean….really……nothing!!!!  The items pictured are the sum total of my purchases… except for a terrific lunch shared on site with the gals in my group and other gals who were vending and/or part of the show organizers. I did do a test drive on a Handi Quilter Sweet Sixteen…..awesome! It is under serious consideration for adoption!!!! (Did I mention, also, that when I do purchase I think BIG!?!) The “Misty Fuse” is a product I have been wanting to try and will put to use on the QOV quilt (previous post) when I do the applique stars. The fabric is 1/2 yd pieces I picked up for $3.50. The patterns and templates are by Sandi Irish (an “overnight success that was 10 years in the making”-her words, not mine!). The tree is in 2 sizes: 4′ & 7′ and were beautifully made up! The “I Spy” pattern contains the acrylic templates that are used in both patterns. She was so very sweet to visit with and her demo was excellent! The last item was being “promoted” by one of the gals in my group who had seen the demo and said that the rest of us had to come and see it. As you can see – I “bit”!  The little polish pot contains some pretty good stuff that, when a tiny bit is applied to the acrylic extension table for my sewing machine, “slicks it up right nicely”!!!!  Will be definitely appreciated for my FMQ!!!!! Well, that’s it……nothing else……there, anyway! We left Rochester and headed for our next destination ——a sort of a yard sale–kinda–sorta. It was put on by the Pfarkel Sisters and the location was outside Fountain, MN. Yup, even our GPS didn’t get us there…..had to rely on a cardboard sign on the corner of the road to find the place (after getting somewhat lost on a gravel road going somewhere we didn’t want to go!?!). Pulling into the yard, we could see that there were several vendors……some with antique-type stuff, some with cleverly repurposed home dec items and others with, well let’s just say junk not even ‘junque’. “Junk Redifined” was the name of the sale/show held “on occasion”. Picked up a couple of license plates for DH’s collection and an old oil measuring can. Was a super day! …………. Today, home from church, mitered/sewed the corners on the QOV quilt, got some craisin/walnut rolls and bread rising and things pulled together for the local quilt group meeting tomorrow eve. Work at the pharmacy then right to the meeting. Til next time………blessings…

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A quilter who rides motorcycle, living on a small hobby farm in southeastern Minnesota. Grandmother and Great Grandmother.
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11 Responses to As promised…….

  1. candy says:

    That table polish sounds interesting. Have you tried it yet? Gee…I’m sorry you couldn’t find more to purchase. Usually a whole lot follows me home! 🙂

  2. Rhonda says:

    Hi Doreen

    Like you, I came away almost empty handed after attending the annual Quilt and Craft Fair in my capital city. I only bought some thread — no fabric, or other notions. That was a surprise for both me and my husband, who fully expected me to come home laden with ‘stuff’ 😉

    I love MistyFuse. I first used it at the Lenore Crawford workshop I did in Texas in March ( — it’s fabulous for applique, or any fusing. Some even use it for basting their quilts! (not whole rolls — just torn off small pieces scattered here and there). I haven’t tried that yet — I’m still a pin baste fan.

    You’ll LOVE your Sweet Sixteen when you get it!


    • treadlemusic says:

      I feel like I don’t have my sewing area near ready for any addition. There is a large desk our boys used (my dad made it) that is on the one end of the room and that is where that machine/table would go. It is a flat surface……and you know what happens with flat surfaces!!!! Anyhow, quite a few things must be better situated but I know this machine will be awesome. Because I have been using my Juki TL2010Q for all my sewing and quilting, I was able to sit down for the Sweet Sixteen demo and FMQ with no problem! Will NOT be getting the stitch regulator, however. I have a Bernina w/ the BSR and I don’t like/use it. I want TOTAL control of the quilting process and I feel I lose some of that with a regulator. Do you have that option????

  3. witchylin says:

    Thanks for those very interesting links Doreen. What a lovely day you had even though you still have some $ left. Thank you too for the tutorial you posted on Oh! Sew Tempting’s blog. The no waste is brilliant. Oh! wow that machine. It is what dreams are made of. Now all I need is a job that pays mega money and it can be mine. 😀 Since I retired I can’t quite make the kind of money they are asking for the Sweet Sixteen. It is a bit more expensive over here. When you work out the $ to £ conversion.
    As Avis said there are a shortage of quilt shows over here. There is one in Harrogate in September I will be going to that one and hope it gives me the chance to get a few things I am saving for.

  4. karenfae says:

    even if you didn’t get a lot – you helped the economy a little 🙂

  5. Well, even though you couldn’t find more goodies to buy, it sounds like a great day out was had by all 🙂 The I-Spy Pattern looks very interesting. There are no quilt shows near me but we have travelled to a couple. One was good and the other was a waste of a long journey. However, it is always lovely to see all of the quilts on display. Avis x

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