It’s what I’m quite good at……….

Talking….. I mean sharing my journey on the quilting path. I had been asked to speak on the subject of sewing/quilting at a ladies’ Valentine luncheon and yesterday was the day. The weather cooperated and was bright and sunny, although a bit chilly, but good driving. There were 80+ ladies in attendance at the Looney Valley Lutheran Church, located (yes, you guessed it) in Looney Valley, a few miles outside Houston, MN. The area had gotten its name from an early settler with that name. I approached this as more of a “trunk show” and let the quilts dictate the direction of the presentation (I really don’t do that well with notes!!!). The time passed quickly for me (and for the others, as I was told many times during the follow-up question/answer time). Such a request caused me to look back and remember how I really got going on this journey (back in the late ‘70s) and some of the events marking its forward progress. Following are some photos from the day:IMG_2873IMG_2875IMG_2877IMG_2878IMG_2882IMG_2881IMG_2879IMG_2880

The last photo is included because the projects with the micro-stippling brought, without a doubt, the most comments and questions!  First, it was done on a DSM (domestic sewing machine) and, second, the batting used was the same as in all my other quilts but had been “flattened” by the amount of stitching and, no, it wasn’t trapunto!! A special “thank you” to friend, Carol, for being my extra set of hands during the presentation. All in all, a super enjoyable day for all!! And what did you do this weekend?? Til next time……..


About treadlemusic

A quilter who rides motorcycle, living on a small hobby farm in southeastern Minnesota. Grandmother and Great Grandmother.
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13 Responses to It’s what I’m quite good at……….

  1. Karen says:

    lovely quilts and it looks like you had a fun time – trunk shows are always great aren’t they

  2. mtetar says:

    God is GOOD, and always makes a way. Thanks for HIS Grace for the weather conditions, and everyone’s safety to and from. Beautifully made Quilts, and I must say I like them all. Thank you as well all the participants, and guests for making the event a success along with a great presentation. Have a Blesses, and Wonderful Sunday. Regards to your family.

  3. Gorgeous quilts and congratulations for “Spreading the quilty love”. I love your Valentine sweater too 😉 Avis x

  4. ruthiequilts says:

    I’m sure the ladies loved it! You look great! And I’m so glad you got to do what you love best… Talk, er… Share your love of quilting!!!

  5. Looney Valley Lutheran Church has to be the most unusual church name I’ve ever heard. This sounds like one of those old must-see country churches that I so love. Looks like a great presentation. Your quilts are, as always, so beautiful. That star quilt is especially striking. I assume you create your own designs in many of your quilts.

    • treadlemusic says:

      Pretty much my own designs. I start with a general idea/piecing etc and then just view it as it comes into being. The star quilt will go to a returning military person this Spring (a QOV). I don’t know if I will be able to attend the banquet/dinner or not. It is very rewarding to be able to present the quilts personally. This is done at Ironwood Springs Christian Ranch and Campground by Stewartville (MN) 2 times a year. Thanks for “stopping by”….hugs……

  6. So…, if you are creating your own designs, are you also marketing/selling them? I hope so.

    • treadlemusic says:

      You always ask me such questions! No, I haven’t drawn up anything for that “Star” pattern! I know, I really should but when putting these together I get so engrossed in that process that writing/jotting down the necessary steps is totally forgotten. Recently, I have had requests for the cover pattern I followed to make the cover for my long arm machine. Hmmm….doesn’t exist (in its entirety…..yet)!! Must get “crackin’!!!!

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