“Hammers and nails and……

Puppy dog’s tails; that’s what little boys are made of.” Isn’t that how the first part of that old saying goes???? Well, my latest finish is the cutest (should I be saying “handsome-est”?) little man’s quilt ever (my estimation, only…LOL!). A friend just had a new grandson a while back….his first! So I thought something special was in order. As this little one is not really a baby, but more a toddler, and summer is coming up (the little one lives in Indiana) I thought that maybe a small cuddle quilt that would have an “older boyish” feel would be a tad more appropriate. Having these in my stash (and changing from their original plan of becoming a quilt for a G.Grand of ours , but there is a darling 2nd little girl on the way, due in July!),002 a fun time of deciding a layout began……It came together quickly (I started this last Thursday, finished and out of the dryer today!)! A photo “run-down” of the finish……………


The plaid sashings and binding is some Thimbleberry fabric from a Christmas line of long ago! The backing is a flannel  piece that I had from making bathrobes for our boys (does that give you a hint as to age of the fabric?? At least 35 years!!!)…..



The quilting was done with poly quilting thread from Connecting Threads. I’ve used it once before and, so far, am liking it. The stitching is a loopy meander and I did a “dog bone” shape in the triple border….fun! It’s all washed and dried, crinkly cozy and ready for gifting (label to be applied as soon as I have a few details on the recipient).



Photos may be enlarged by clicking on them. Lots of weekend remains……..I think a jaunt on the motorcycle is needed!…………..

About treadlemusic

A quilter who rides motorcycle, living on a small hobby farm in southeastern Minnesota. Grandmother and Great Grandmother.
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37 Responses to “Hammers and nails and……

  1. That is so cute, and I love the dog bones quilted into it! What a great idea!

  2. ivoryspring says:

    How did I miss this quilt?!! I am so sorry I did…. LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE the colors!

  3. ruthiequilts says:

    This came out so cute Doreen! And I looooove all the quilty goodness in it!!!

  4. Thanks for commenting on my Spiral Log Cabin quilt in progress. I was inspired by Beth’s tutorial at http://www.lovelaughquilt.blogspot.com/2010/03/spiral-log-cabin.html. Hers uses strips of scraps, but I had lots of pre-cut squares to use up, so that’s what I used. My layout is also different. I look forward to seeing what you come up with!

  5. trish says:

    So cute and I love your sashing. :0)

  6. witchylin says:

    I am sure that quilt will be a favourite for many years to come. The dog bone stitch looks just great on it. You certainly do hang on to fabric don’t you? The backing will be so soft and cosy. A truly lovely, thought about gift. 🙂

  7. mtetar says:

    D, words can’t explain your skills and your passion for quilting. Each and every quilt is filled with great thoughts, love, and just wanting to do it no matter, if it’s challenging or not. A Job Well Done! Be Blessed, Mtetar

  8. Wow! Wonderful job on the quilt. Love the pattern, fabrics and quilting is just AWESOME!

    Love the back of the quilt with the plain and matching pillow is cute too!

  9. That’s a wonderful and playful quilt for a toddler. This fabric line was one of my first buys couple of years ago ;). Still sitting in my stash.

    You have a wonderful job on the quilt pattern and also the quilting is super pupful! love the mix of stippling and dog bones.

  10. I can see why you are so excited about this cute. Just sweet and perfect for a little boy.

  11. This is just adorable! Perfect for a little boy.

    • treadlemusic says:

      Having raised 2 boys…I’m very “tuned in” to these types of quilts (like my grandson’s graduation quilt in a previous post)! This was so pleasant to quilt…watching all the cute prints! Thanks for your visit and sweet comment! Hugs, Doreen

  12. Pat says:

    How cute! Perfect for a toddler who still needs lots of soft comfy blankies to drag around, plus tons of interesting critters in the fabrics. Love it!

  13. What a great quilt. I’m sure it will be much loved.

  14. I love the Max and Whisker line. This is going to be a brilliant I-Spy quilt 🙂

    • treadlemusic says:

      That’s what I thought, too! Many moments searching for all that’s contained in those cute squares!!! Thank you for stopping by! I should be outdoors (beautiful!) but the “quilting bug” hasn’t left me…yet!!! Hugs, D

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