There are 2 types of bunnies……..

     There are those that seem to know exactly when something in the garden is at the perfect tenderness/sweetness and the buffet is open!!!! Then, there are the bunnies who epitomize sweetness, cuteness and all the lovely cozy things we like so much. These photos are all of the second kind and I am in love!!!  Beware!!! This post is picture heavy!!!!!!

005 006

Didn’t I tell you???Aren’t they just the sweetest????? In the white area (very center) there is a little micro-stippling and McTavishing. The larger white area was marked in an “on point” grid that was stitched with curved lines. I will definitely do that again! The effect is quite impressive for such a simple stitch pattern, don’t you think?? The flowers and bunnies  were outlined and the outer edge of the tablecloth/border fabric seam  (the blue ‘strip’) was straight stitched for definition.




Above is the border stitching. I call it “loopy bunny ears”!!!!! And finally a quick view of the back and the matching pillow case…..


One last shot (forgive me…..really, I love this quilt!!!!).


For those who may have missed what prompted this project, you may go here, here and here. The vintage tablecloth (center) was purchased while we were in the Black Hills (S.D.) the end of May. The pink border fabric, binding and backing were picked out at my all-time fave shop located in Belle Fourche, S.D., named The Bakery Fabrics. Awesome shop!!!!! Again, the thread (for the center portion) was a pale yellow Aurifil Mako 50 and Isacord in a delicate lilac (40 wt) was used for the border stitching. Both are wonderful to work with. The finished size is approximately 58″x 76″.  This little quilt will be on its way to OKC first thing Tuesday morning with many prayers within its fibers. Til next time….

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A quilter who rides motorcycle, living on a small hobby farm in southeastern Minnesota. Grandmother and Great Grandmother.
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26 Responses to There are 2 types of bunnies……..

  1. Karen Miller says:

    Just beautiful Doreen! Your work is always amazing. Thank you for sharing it. ❤

  2. KerryCan says:

    Glad you re-posted this–I wasn’t here in 2013! That’s a neat idea, to use a vintage tablecloth as the heart of a quilt. And this is one adorable vintage tablecloth!

    • treadlemusic says:

      It truly was a “God find” as the condition was pristine and when I explained what I had planned for it and its destination, the clerk lowered the $$$ to just a couple of dollars!!!!! Su-weet!!!!!!!

  3. Rosemarazzle says:

    I do not think I saw this the first time around. This is an adorable motif of bunnies and flowers.
    I adore the border colors you chose,
    I love the quilting you finished it off with.
    Thank you for sharing this again.
    happy Easter to you and your hubbs and the whole family

  4. treadlemusic says:

    Reblogged this on Treadlemusic and commented:

    Because it’s Spring one again (at least, for the moment!), I’m pulling this post forward from a couple of years ago. This was a vintage tablecloth purchased at a thrift store in Sprearfish, South Dakota (the Spring of 2013). It was purchased to quilt as a “whole cloth” and to be donated to the Moore, OK, tornado victims (2013 saw a vicious outbreak of tornadoes that decimated much in the Oklahoma area and across the South). This was my first real venture into linen/whole cloth quilting. I hope you enjoy this little trip down memory lane……….

  5. KrisR says:

    beautiful, Doreen. I especially love the on point center area.

  6. Rhonda says:

    Too cute! And your stitching is lovely. Someone will really love this quilt. What a find that tablecloth was!

  7. ivoryspring says:

    Absolutely awesome, SSAB! So glad to hear you are now a commissioned quilter – I know it wouldn’t take long for people to request you to quilt their quilts. HUGS!

  8. Malini says:

    Wow! Your quilting just looks awesome! I really love it!

  9. Ditto what I said before, and this is so stunningly beautiful, Doreen. Wow! So impressive!

    • treadlemusic says:

      Washing/drying really brings out the texture, doesn’t it?? Gives it a really big “punch”! It’s always such fun to see the ‘finish’ when pulled from the dryer!! Kinda like Christmas!!!!

  10. I can see why you are in love with this quilt. How happy you are going to make someone in Oklahoma.

  11. You’re a very clever bunny!!

  12. witchylin says:

    What a beautiful quilt. As you love it so much it has even more kindness sewn into it which will be felt when it reaches someone who really needs it and will love it too. Your work is amazing and so thoughtful. It has been great to see all the pictures of this ‘made with love’ quilt. Thank you for sharing them with your blogger friends Doreen. 🙂

  13. mtetar says:

    Thus is truly your gift from above. Be A Blessing because you’re Blessed. Mtetar

  14. JoAnn says:

    This is amazing. I would have difficulty sending it away. Your work is beautiful.

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