Wisteria and blue hydrangeas…….

Are the dreamiest flowers/plants imaginable to me. Ever since a motorcycle trek to the East Coast, many years ago, and seeing a pergola dripping with wisteria and stopping by a welcome center in Mississippi whose gardens were non-stop blue hydrangeas, I have wanted these in my home garden! Really?? Not possible. I know that there are some northern hybrid varieties that have made growing the hydrangea somewhat possible (with some attention, which-not being a real gardener-I’m not prepared to give!) but, until my DIL gifted me with such a plant a year ago (Mother’s Day) I hadn’t owned one. As we all remember, last year’s summer was sadly lacking in rain. I finally planted the gifted plant in a somewhat shady garden area for that arid season and dug it up last fall to be put under a grow light for the winter. At that point it was mostly twigs struggling for survival. To my amazement, in early March, I spied green, healthy leaves!!!! Yes!!! It had seen fit to fight through and today I have this…….003002001  I am a very “happy camper”!!! Now, off to the weekend. I hope yours is a grand one! Until Monday……..don’t forget the drawing (found here)!!! Blessings…….

Note: The Wisteria???? I can forget about that until some miracle hybrid is developed for our less than suitable S.E. MN winters Crying face


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A quilter who rides motorcycle, living on a small hobby farm in southeastern Minnesota. Grandmother and Great Grandmother.
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19 Responses to Wisteria and blue hydrangeas…….

  1. jennyklyon says:

    I’m with ya on the hydrangeas-love them! Living in Charlotte, NC for a good while, I saw wisteria become invasive, creep up to cover the canopy of trees in my back yard and kill them-who knew? I love their scent and color and here in northern California they behave themselves.

    • treadlemusic says:

      I had a blog friend/neighbor inform me that she has a “ton” of wisteria and I’m welcome to get cuttings from her!!!! I will assume it is more controlable here, also (S.E. MN).
      Glad to see your lovely comments again!!! Hugs…….

  2. I have had little success with Endless Summer Hydrangea and moved it this year in hopes of better growth. That seems not to have been the best decision. But my old-fashioned Anna Belle hydrangea, acquired from a friend several years ago, is thriving.

    • treadlemusic says:

      I’m glad to ‘hear’ of your hydrangea success. I know that finding that perfect/near perfect spot is ‘key’ to their ongoing health. We’ll see about my success rate with this plant!!! It does seem to like where it’s at!

  3. Gloria says:

    You are a gardener now since you’ve babied that hydrangea to a beautiful flowering shrub. I think taking it in for the winter was a smart thing to do, wouldn’t have thought of that myself, not that I am a successful gardener. I try. Lost most of my mum’s over the winter as did several friends so have empty spots here and there. Lilys are blooming with beautiful color and now waiting for my tall phlox.

  4. Gorgeous!! I do love me a hydrangea (as you may have noticed!!).

  5. Jackie says:

    I’m a bit jealous, your hydrangea is beautiful. I have had one for about 4 years and it has never flowered (looks healthy otherwise)

  6. Stunning! I too love them but it seems only the white ones are hardy enough here (after trying the others for several years).

  7. witchylin says:

    Just tried to post and up came “sorry this comment could not be posted.”

  8. witchylin says:

    It worked that time.
    What I said was your hydrangea looks lovely. I have never been able to grow them. My neighbours are gorgeous and I love looking at hers. I can usually grow nearly anything. Two years a go I planted an acorn and now have a 9″ high mini tree covered in leaves. It is in a large pot until we find a place to plant it in the woods near us. Will wait until it is a little stronger. Your fuchsia in the second picture looks pretty with the flowers all out.

    • treadlemusic says:

      These plants amaze me since I do not have a “green thumb”! It is always a wonderful surprise when I spy new leaves or a bud!! I love it!!!! I’m so glad your ‘posting’ went through the 2nd time. Sometimes WP has problems with “glitches”!!! Ugh! Hugs……

  9. I also LOVE hydrangeas. My darn chickens have killed both blue hydrangeas I planted by scratching beneath them. However, I also planted a wisteria I thought had died (from aforementioned chickens) and has miraculously rebounded and taken over my fence–hoping it will bloom soon! When you come to visit, I know a garden store nearby that sells wisteria.

    If you ever go to San Francisco. be sure to drive on Lombard Street, the “curviest road in the world” which is flanked with blue and pink hydrangeas:

    • treadlemusic says:

      Hydrangeas are the most ‘romantic’ flowers (to me) and the wisteria covered pergolas we saw in Connecticut have remained in my memory. Thanks for the “heads-up” on the wisteria. I’ll definitely be in touch with you about our future meet-up!!!! Hugs……..

  10. I planted a hydrangea last year, and it came back nicely this year. Beautiful blue flowers. The second one I planted came back but no flowers. Not sure what that means!

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