Getting rid of the “OUCH!!!!!”………

In a more ‘stylish’, user-friendly way. What am I talking about???? Well, it’s those little (big?) bowls of reheatable leftovers/soups. We take out our serving, place it in the microwave and press “start”. Out comes very hot food/liquids and the once ‘handle-able’ individual vessel its in. OUCH! What is needed is that perfectly shaped/curved hot pad that hugs the bowl and allows it to nestle in your hand while eating without fingers being burned or the possibility of it slipping to the floor because a traditional flat potholder was grabbed. Here is the solution I’ve been seeing around the craft shows…..Marys bowl hot pads 006Marys bowl hot pads 005

The above creations were my “prototype” made from my thread tension test sandwiches that seem to be piling up around the machines!!!!!! So, let’s look at the process and a little better end product……………Marys bowl hot pads 011

I didn’t have fusible batting, so I used paper-backed fusible web to adhere some batting to each piece………….see below……..Marys bowl hot pads 001

Marys bowl hot pads 013  I folded the pieces in half and inserted the needle 1/2” in from the fold and stitched down to approx. the 2& 1/2” ‘mark’…….this is not rocket science!!!!……Marys bowl hot pads 007   After stitching them all, I slit the dart part way down to help reduce the bulk on the edge when topstitched later………Marys bowl hot pads 009  Finger press the darts open and, laying right sides together, stitch the lining and outer fabric together with a 1/4” seam allowance…. leave a large enough opening to turn…..this is bulky! Turn and topstitch, turning under the raw edges to secure. Then stitch a small ‘box’ through all layers of the bottom to help shape and stabilize the holder……………..Marys bowl hot pads 004  

Wha-la………….no more “OUCH”!!!!!!…………Marys bowl hot pads 010 Marys bowl hot pads 003

These are not hard (a tad ‘putsy’) and are great “stash busters”….great for those “little somethings” you want to send along to a friend (maybe with a jar of homemade soup?) or that teacher gift idea that has been eluding you!!

As we approach the (American) celebration of Thanksgiving, I want to take this opportunity (the first of many) to give thanks for all of you, my dear, dear bloggy friends, who have cheered my days, cheered me on and (on many occasion) cheered me up!!!! You are all the absolute best!!!! I am so blessed to have you all in my life!!! Til next time, big hugs………………

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A quilter who rides motorcycle, living on a small hobby farm in southeastern Minnesota. Grandmother and Great Grandmother.
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31 Responses to Getting rid of the “OUCH!!!!!”………

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  3. threadcrazy says:

    Those are sooo neat…instead of using two potholders, now we can use just one! Thanks for posting – great job on instructions. BTW…we got cold rainy weather but no snow yet!

    • treadlemusic says:

      The cold this morning was wa-a-a-a-ay too early in the season!!!! Supposedly freezing drizzle overnight tonight but we’ll see. Great quilting weather (she keeps repeating to herself……..) Hugs……..

  4. Teje says:

    I think this is a rocket science idea! I can’t take my food out of microwave without potholders and always worry to drop all the hot plate! Have a great week my friend! x Teje

  5. witchylin says:

    What a neat idea. It sure will help to clear the stash and be so useful too. Thank you so much for sharing the idea and the instructions.

    • treadlemusic says:

      Not a problem, Lin. This time of year really gets me in the super creative (hopefully “quicky” project) mode!!!! This project isn’t original to me but using the test “thread tension sandwiches” probably is. Sew away………….hugs…

  6. Michele says:

    Great idea! I’ll definitely be able to use up some of my practice sandwiches doing that. Thanks for the info.

    • treadlemusic says:

      You bet …… anything to help with various accumulations of…………you-name-it! Using the test “sandwiches” made the process go a lot quicker! Glad you can use the info!!! Hugs to you!!!

  7. Karen says:

    Great job Doreen…I made some of these last year too! They are awesome to have around… Hugs, Karen

  8. WOW! These are great idea! I would have to make some!

  9. Karen says:

    what a great idea I am constantly using a towel folded up or a hot pad

  10. jennyklyon says:

    That is so cool-you are just so dog gone smart! I love this!

  11. Jeanne says:

    I made some of these about 9 months ago and put them away! I;m glad you posted – I need to go find them!!! Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family also.

  12. Anita says:

    Thanks so much…..this is great… continue to amaze me with all your talent! I want to try these for little gifts!

  13. Fiona says:

    wonderful idea.. . and thanks for the tutorial…. must get some of those done…

    • treadlemusic says:

      The first one will help you with the needed feel for the dimensions and others will go faster. Kind of a fun little project that’s great for gift giving, also. Glad you enjoyed it!!! Hugs…….

  14. Beth Ann says:

    I LOVE THIS POST!!! Probably because I am a recent convert to these fabulous little pieces of fabric. When i visited Audrey last time we hit some stores and one was The Crafty Maven where she had a nice little stack of these for sale. I bought a couple and they have changed our lives. Seriously. I know you think I am joking but I am not. We use them in the morning to make our oatmeal and for lunch to heat up leftovers. And the little tag that came with them said “why didn’t I think of this?” and indeed–why?? My father in law would have loved these as he always had a kitchen towel on his lap…..Thanks for the tutorial—I was getting ready to figure it out and make a few and yes—-this is pretty much what I had figured out. I guess I am smarter than I thought I was!!!!
    Happy Day, my friend!!!

  15. mtetar says:

    Now here’s the proof talking about Handmade, gifts from the heart and personalized handwriting/DIY. Great Project D! It is beautiful and very useful. Blessings, Mtetar

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