What do you wear?????……

On your feet while stitching and quilting??? Is that too personal of a question?? We’re all friends, right?? Well, let me say that my fave attire is cozy jogging outfits and………..these……..Christmas Stocking tute,Payten quilt 004

Now, you are probably asking……”What’s the big deal?” (or, maybe, you’re just questioning the sanity of this poor lady!!!???) Well, the real reason is because, when I sit and sew, the foot controls on my various machines seem to want to wander away from me. Does that happen to you?? I know, I know, there are many solutions for this. The easiest/cheapest is to put a piece of that “grippy” shelf liner (or stuff that keeps rugs from slipping) under the control. They already set on carpet, so one would think that would solve the problem. Wrong!! It just slows down the creeping away. So………..this is what I’ve found works quite well……the above little sox with…………….this on the bottom……..Christmas Stocking tute,Payten quilt 003

The words really aren’t particularly significant but what they are written with is!! It’s some fabric paint that’s ‘sticky’ and (for safety) keeps one from slipping on wood/tile floors……..and it works to keep my foot on that elusive control. Inquiring minds wanted to know, so………… til next time, remember, you learned it here first!!!!! LOL!


About treadlemusic

A quilter who rides motorcycle, living on a small hobby farm in southeastern Minnesota. Grandmother and Great Grandmother.
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18 Responses to What do you wear?????……

  1. Karen says:

    neat! I have tried the gripper stuff under the pedal too and it always slides away anyhow. I sit fairly close to the wall though and my table is narrow so it can’t go too far! I usually wear thick sock and slippers in the house and just keep sliding the slipper off if I need to.

    • treadlemusic says:

      The best thing I’ve seen is a large plastic mat with a ridged spot for the control. The mat is large enough for the heel of you control foot to rest on it and room enough for your other foot to rest on it, also. Of course there’s a price tag on it and it’s one purchase I probably won’t ever make!!!!!

  2. Teje says:

    Fun and great Doreen! I love your socks! My machine-pedal wanders, too but a carpet helps a little bit. For my feet I need more than socks or then the summer nothing. Have a lovely Sunday! x Teje

  3. witchylin says:

    I have a pair of socks with that stuff on the bottom of them. They are Mini mouse socks. I never thought about trying them. Will give it a go once I have sorted out the tension on my new machine. It has suddenly decided to go ‘off’, The problem is holding me us on finishing a quilt as a gift. Needs to be finished by the 20th. Not at this rate. I’ve made a decision. The mini mouse socks and a different machine. Have a good quilting day, and thank you for the top idea. Now where did I put those socks!!!!!

    • treadlemusic says:

      ROFL!!!!! You are so funny!!!!!! I hope the tension situation gets sorted out post-haste!!!! I think some little “elfie” stalks around while we’re sleeping doing such damage. I mean, what other explanation could it be????!!!!!!! Hugs……..

      • witchylin says:

        I agree, there is a gremlin in my den where the machines live. I am using the socks and a different machine. All is going well so far, especially the socks. I am adding the border at the moment. Then I will have to clear the floor in my living room to spread out my quilt sandwich ready for FMQ. Hope to get it prepared, if not started, by this afternoon. Cross your fingers the gremlin/elfie doesn’t make an appearance. Hugs..

  4. Beth Ann says:

    The socks are awesome!!! I know the importance of not slipping and it looks as if you have found the perfect product to keep your feet and pedal where they should be!

  5. that plastic mat thing in an earlier comment… I wonder if you could cut out a kneeling pad? I’ve gotten a few at the dollar store – mainly for pincushions. I wear socks all the time inside and out, but find I like to wear shoes when pushing on that pedal. I’ve tried a few gimmicks for holding the pedal and have slowed it some, but I do still chase it around. I consider it exercise LOL! Enjoy.

  6. Hey, I’m looking for socks similar to these, but perhaps more reserved. I don’t quilt, as you know. I’m writing at my computer a lot, though, and my feet get cold in just a thin layer of socks. So I dug out a pair, similar to yours, except plain grey, from when I was hospitalized a number of years back. They are grippy on the bottom, too, Perfect. But I need more pairs, because, well, I can’t wear the same ones every day. The search begins…

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