Quilt blog or……….

Food blog???? How ‘bout “Life Blog”??? Yup, that’s what my home on the ‘net is and was always ‘sposed to be. A spot where I’m able to “park” my brilliantly(?) random ideas so that retrieving them at some time in the future becomes a possibility!!! Anyhow……..on to the subject at hand, which is: What’s for supper tonight? Since time is something I have a tad more of (at least, that’s what I’ve been told), with retirement now being a few years old, bread baking is a ‘must’. Tonight is homemade chicken noodle soup with a bread that I made when the boys were still at home. It’s what we simply called “meat & cheese bread”. Usually it was my  basic white bread dough, rolled out into a rectangle, ‘shmeered’ with a light/sparse layer of yellow mustard, baked ham slices (thin and blotted dry w/ a paper towel) and shredded Colby cheese (not a lot….again, a sparse layer). Roll the dough up from a long edge and pinch/seal well. Let rise, slash the top and bake. Wha-la……an all in one, easy to eat “sandwich”!!!! This time, I used the Artisan Bread in 5 Challah dough recipe that is a richer dough. Some visuals……………….Challah meat-cheese bread 002

Challah meat-cheese bread 012

The aroma is awesome!!! Sorry, but it is. So, that’s what’s happening here. DH is busy bottling yet another batch of wine. Hmmmmmmm, bread, cheese, ham, wine……yup, life is good!!!!!! ‘Til next time…………….


About treadlemusic

A quilter who rides motorcycle, living on a small hobby farm in southeastern Minnesota. Grandmother and Great Grandmother.
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25 Responses to Quilt blog or……….

  1. Ooh, that looks sooooo good! Save me a piece, I’m on my way!

  2. CJ says:

    Yum! I do that with pepperoni, horseradish and mozzarella! Tonight we’re having leftover pasta from last night 🙂

  3. Karen says:

    I have made a bread like that too – mozzarella and ham – we loved it but ate way too much!

  4. Yum. I wish I was a dinner guest in your house this evening. That bread looks spectacular, bakery professional. You are a multi-talented woman, my friend.

  5. witchylin says:

    The bread looks lovely and I could substitute the meat with something else. Perhaps Quorn or even one of the nut roast mixtures. Your blog is a life blog and that is why I enjoy reading it. Hugs.

  6. Beth Ann says:

    Yum. I think I may have to make some of this soon. I used to make a similar one when the boys were young but got out of the habit. Funny how some things you make regularly go by the wayside and then get rediscovered. And btw, I love “life” blogs considering that is what mine is. 🙂

    • treadlemusic says:

      We do forget those lovely activities we once did!!! The “life blog” thing came to mind because one of my bloggy friends (Aysesha) was thinking of starting another blog for other things (she has a food blog) but maintaining 2 blogs wouldn’t be feasible time wise. My question was “why do that?” cuz all our original intents were to do more of a journal (with some business-type exceptions…..ex. photography).

  7. Ooh..this bread looks so yummy. I am not a baker so this is like a puzzle to me. Should checkout the recipe sometime. Enjoy!

  8. LB says:

    Oh I am so hungry! It’s been a long day and I’m wishing your blog was a “magical delivery this to my house” blog!!

  9. Michele says:

    Sounds good to me. I’ll have to try that some time.

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