“Gypsy in my Soul”……….

A finish……………………….Gypsy 006

Note: my “quilt holder” is off having breakfast with friends, so I’m left with ‘making do’!!!!!

It was a super fun quilt to do. The pattern is a ‘Take 5’ entitled “Teacher’s Pet” (#200). It finished 64”x76” and went together perfectly (scant 1/4” seams taken throughout). 5/8 yd each of 5 fabrics plus 2 borders. Most of the fabrics used were Connecting Threads, as was the bobbin thread (Essential Pro poly) and the batting was ordered through them, also. I seem to always use Hobbs Premium 80/20 (cotton/poly). The loft is nice, it quilts easily and washes/dries beautifully to a crinkly cozy softness. The top thread was Rheingold poly, 40 wt, in a copper.

Here are some photos of the backing (from my stash):Gypsy 002

Gypsy 003

The color in the photo immediately below is a tad more accurate. I did a funky feather swirl in the main part, figure ‘8’s in the narrow border and a swirled flower with leaves in the outer border. All are FMQ with no prior marking.Gypsy 013Gypsy 001 

Click on any photo to enlarge it. Now, what is next on my quilting agenda???? I do hear a bit of whimpering near my machine where a cute (quilt) sandwich awaits…………

Til next time………………………………

About treadlemusic

A quilter who rides motorcycle, living on a small hobby farm in southeastern Minnesota. Grandmother and Great Grandmother.
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38 Responses to “Gypsy in my Soul”……….

  1. Kim says:

    Beautiful quilting, so inspiring. I have a S16 but I need some new ideas.

    • treadlemusic says:

      I’m always on the prowl for new stitch ideas. I’m doing a feather variation on the carnation quilt border. I’ll be doing a post next week. Thanks for dropping by!!!!! Please, come again!!!! Hugs………..Doreen

  2. Carole says:

    Beautiful! Love it!
    What machine do you use for quilting? I’m looking to get a larger machine for quilting…so am interested to know what yours is?
    Any suggestions?

    • treadlemusic says:

      I use a HQ Sweet Sixteen and absolutely LOVE IT!!!! I am a “move the fabric” kind of gal (apart from a space consideration—-I wouldn’t have a frame model even if I had the space!!). On my blog, if you ‘search’ for Sweet 16 or Ms. Sweetie, you will see some of the posts I’ve done. I got the machine Nov. of 2012 and have been doing quilting-for-hire since late last Fall. Any questions, just give a ‘holler’!!!! Thanks for stopping by and I hope you come again!! Hugs……………….Doreen

  3. Oh I so adore you quilting! Can’t wait until my big wips are finished and I can start a new project…. With some flower swirls, just like yours!!!

    • treadlemusic says:

      Keep running them through your mind and they will just “flow” through to those tops!!!!! You are one talented gal!!!! Can’t wait to see your future finishes!!!!!! Hugs………….

  4. Anita says:

    I absolutely love it!!!

  5. witchylin says:

    A real Gypsy quilt. The colours are wonderful together. Your FMQ designs are perfect for it. I especially like the FMQ on the outside borders.
    I use Hobbs batting and find it so easy to sew on the machine. It does wash up well too.

  6. Your quilting is just amazing, love those feathers!
    Also love the colorful quilt!

  7. KrisR says:

    Beautiful quilting. love the motif! Wish I could do something bigger like that on my home machine!

    • treadlemusic says:

      You can!!!!! I used to!!! I think that the largest I did on my DSM was about this size and a gal friend of mine did one just under 100″ on her standard (not a wide harp space) sewing machine. It’s a lot of tugging and maneuvering but it can be done. It will build muscles….for sure!!!!!

  8. Fiona says:

    love it.. such a happy quilt and fantastic quilting design choice… and of course wonderful work of yours…

  9. Amy says:

    It’s fabulous! Love the design, feathers,flowers, what’s not to love? And so cheerful!

  10. Lynda says:

    The colors are magnificent, but that quilting is really amazing. I love the design!

    • treadlemusic says:

      I so appreciate your encouragement!!!! This design is quite versatile, I think, and could lend itself to many variations. It gives a very nice over-all texture when completed. So happy you stopped by!!!!! Hugs……………

  11. mtetar says:

    No questions it is a beauty. Blessings Always, Mtetar

  12. It’s beautiful. I hope you had fun quilting it, and I’m guessing now that might have contributed to your bleary eyes the other night. Enjoy your day.

  13. Love love love the funky feather swirl.

    • treadlemusic says:

      It really was a fun one to do and gives a nice all-over texture. Getting the overall stitching evenly placed is a great challenge but I’m getting better at it!!!!! Good to ‘see’ you!!! Hugs…………………

  14. Karen says:

    so I guess you like Connecting Thread products 🙂 I like the thread but I have not used a lot of their fabric – some seems ok and some I don’t care for as much. I have not ordered their batting but might try some soon – I like the quilters dream for hand quilting but with the machine I might try theirs.

    • treadlemusic says:

      Quilters’ Dream is awesome!!!!! The Hobbs 80/20 is excellent for machine quilting (haven’t done any hand quilting). CT fabrics come from a variety of sources (even within a line!) so I’ve noticed some inconsistencies of late. Not a good thing to be sure! I have had no problems with the older lines and check the clearance fabrics often……. I really like the poly thread for machine quilting—–very little lint (I use it primarily in the bobbins). The cotton thread works well for the top (I do have to watch for lint build-up) but I’ve found that rayon, poly and metallics have a bit more of the shine I prefer. Isacord thread is nice but I look at all brands. I am vigilant about quality consistency these days as I’ve run into shoddy merchandise in the most unlikely places with the prices as high as everywhere else.

  15. Your word choice of “gypsy” seems so fitting. My grandma once told me a story about gypsies down by the river… That’s all I remember.

    • treadlemusic says:

      I grew up with ‘warnings’ from my mom as to such people who would camp by the railroad tracks near our home and would kidnap young children. I guess some of what she said was actually true!!!!! Didn’t keep us kids from playing in the woods near the tracks, though!!!!!!

  16. Thread crazy says:

    The colors are gorgeous with what appears to be a ray of sunshine! Love your FMQ!

  17. Michele says:

    It looks great. I love all the bright color.

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