I “Fell off the Wagon”!!!!!!!!………..

And it was so much fun!!!! My “stash busting” was going along so well (sigh…….pride goeth before the fall!!!!) and then……and then…….a mini shop hop!!! Yup. Last Wednesday myself and two adrenalin-pumped friends hopped in the car and headed West. I had a very small list. Just 3 spools of quilting thread……Isacord “Apricot” (love that color!!!!), a bright lime green and a blue to match an upcoming project. Fine. I mean, how much damage can that bring about????? Hmmmmm.

First stop was the Calico Hutch in Hayward, MN (just south of I90 beyond Austin). List in hand. Thread……’check’! Looked around. Nope, no fabric……..well…….maybe just 2 little pieces……I mean, 50% off!!!! Really………..ok, just 1 yd. of each (minimum cut!!!).Spring Shop Hop 002  They are “Lark” by Amy Butler. Aren’t they wonderful??!!! No clue, I don’t think, what will be their future. Maybe some octagonal hot pads……you know…..strips pieced together, 60` triangle cut. Well, maybe.

Then, on to Forest City, IA, and the Quilted Forest. Nothing purchased there. Hmmmmmmm. Doing ok at this point…….

Next, we head for Garner, IA, and Country Threads. Major sigh!!!! Sale fabric!!!!!! Senior discount day!!!!!! Sigh………………Spring Shop Hop 006   Aren’t they gorgeous!????????? And you know those friends who came along, too???? Well, they just were so helpful, after I found the first 2, well,the stack just had to get a bit taller! So, here are the stats…………….from left to right: “Seranata” by Samantha Walker for Riley Blake; Basicgrey “Pb&j” for Moda; “Complements” for South Sea Imports; “Joy” by Phillip Jacobs for Rowan Westminster Fibers; another Basicgrey “Pb&j” for Moda; “California Girl” by Joanna Figueroa for Fig Tree & Co.; and lastly, “Styl Mod” by Style Par Mo for Newcastle Fabrics. I do have a pattern in mind for most of these and some go with the fabrics/blocks I have on my design wall. We’ll have to see as the days unfold.

Now, on to the binding for the Stained Glass quilt………..


About treadlemusic

A quilter who rides motorcycle, living on a small hobby farm in southeastern Minnesota. Grandmother and Great Grandmother.
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31 Responses to I “Fell off the Wagon”!!!!!!!!………..

  1. Gorgeous picks! Falling off that wagon is oh, so much fun! Looking forward to seeing how you use them.

    • treadlemusic says:

      Super ‘sunny’ prints!!! I’m anxious to get at them, too, but I have one more quilt to quilt and a challenge project to do. Stay tuned………………………… Hugs………………

  2. Jeanne says:

    Ahhh, those short lists will get you every time!!!! I love the 3 shops you went to – I go to Quilt Camp at Country Threads. Sounds like it was a wonderful, fun day to take a tumble!

    • treadlemusic says:

      You said exactly what had said to the gals……I had only a short list! BUT….watch out!!! And they had NO list!!!! The “damages” for them exceeded mine!!!!!!!! LOL! So glad you stopped by!!! Hugs…….

  3. Karen says:

    When a quilter goes into a quilt shop it is very hard to control ones self! the only way not to buy more than you need to is to order on line where you can not see everything! Of course it helps me that I have no quilting shops around here – I’m sure I have to drive a lot further than you – about 85 miles in any direction!! that helps to keep the spending down.

    • treadlemusic says:

      I “hear” you on that one!!! I have 3 quilt shops within 35 miles of me but they aren’t ones that inspire my spending like the ones we visited that day………they were 100+ miles from home so we don’t get there very often!!!

    • witchylin says:

      I agree with you Karen. Order online. We are the same, no quilting shops really close. A new one opened but they sell mostly furnishing fabrics at the moment. My stash needs using up. One thing I have to do is keep off the internet. It is so hard not to have a peek at a couple of fabulous fabric online shops, just to see what is new. Fatal!! :-O

  4. If you can afford what you buy and you use what you buy, no harm done, right? So congrats on your stash-busting efforts. These beautiful new pieces are great additions to mix some new fun in.

    • treadlemusic says:

      Since I have a tendency to follow a similar palette all the time, these fit into many of the pieces I have in my stash. So many ideas floating in my head. I’m needing a “thank you” gift/quilt and some of these will go that direction. Thanks so much for your comment…….hugs…………

  5. rosemarazzle says:

    WOW! Great finds. Quality fabrics.
    Just lovely happy colors. I see lots of possibilities.
    I love the red duo a lot!

  6. Barb N says:

    But what a fun way to fall off the wagon – with friends helping you, lol!

  7. Beth Ann says:

    I see a lot of red in those pieces……..just saying. You must have had me on your mind when you were on your shopping trip. They are all lovely and I can’t wait to see what you come up with!!!

  8. Thread crazy says:

    Yep, you fell off the wagon alright…looks like you did it real good too! HA! Plus at 50% off, well you sure couldn’t pass that up could you!! Love the colors and I think one of those last purchases just might go with the first two!! I went to a local quilt show yesterday; just a smaller show. Anyways, believe it or not, I walked out empty handed. Now my quilt buddy wasn’t so lucky as she found a quilt kit she just couldn’t pass up!!

  9. mtetar says:

    Beautiful Fabrics. I look for to your project. Blessings, Mtetar

  10. Such a graceful fall off the wagon tho’! Gorgeous, gorgeous fabrics!!

  11. Michele says:

    Those are some friends you have there, helping you spend your money. I have them too. They are called sisters and they helped me spend some dollars on clothes and shoes yesterday, which I happened to desperately need.

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