A simple block (tutorial)…….

This is a block that was handed out at my quilt gathering a month ago. It’s a “lottery” block……..for each block you make, you put your name in the basket. You can make as many as you want. When the number of blocks accumulate to a number that would make a nice sized quilt there is a drawing from those names. One person then gets all the blocks and comes up with the next block pattern to be handed out. The process starts over again. This heart pattern would have been a perfect February project. Misc 001

  Here are the directions……… (Note: when doing the “stitch/flip” process with marked squares ‘B’ and ‘C’, stitch just to the right of the drawn line to allow for the thread width. You will have a perfect corner/triangle as a result.)S.G. Heart block pattern 1

S.G. Heart block pattern 2

Please, disregard the additional notes, smudges and markings!!!! Sorry! This pattern was handed out on a shop hop at one of the shops visited. It was free of charge with no purchase necessary.


About treadlemusic

A quilter who rides motorcycle, living on a small hobby farm in southeastern Minnesota. Grandmother and Great Grandmother.
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9 Responses to A simple block (tutorial)…….

  1. mtetar says:

    Doreen, thanks for being so thoughtful and caring to share always. What a lovely block, helpful and useful tutorial. Blessings, Mtetar

    • treadlemusic says:

      The other sizes are really quite scrap friendly, too!! The pieces for the 12 & 1/2″ block are good for fat quarters cuz they’re a bit larger. It would be darling for a little girl’s quilt!!!!! I’m glad you like this one!!!! Hugs…………..

  2. Flip and cut method, that would make it easy. I made a heart long ago with small granddaughter. My first try is rather awful. But I used a fabric scrap I love, so I never threw it away. The second try worked and we made a pillow cover for her. 🙂

  3. Thread crazy says:

    Loved the pattern Doreen and thanks a bunch for thinking to share. Those patterns that have more than one size block are the best as you never know when you can use a different size. I have the perfect fabric to try it with.

    • treadlemusic says:

      I couldn’t agree more! This one is certainly one that can be used in a variety of ways by all levels of “piecers”!!!! I’m so glad you have a use for this one!!!! Happy sewing!!!!! Hugs……………….

  4. Debbierose says:

    Wonderful Doreen – I have been thinking of doing this block for a while – and thought it too hard – I might have the courage to try in one day now 🙂

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