That’s what I’ve been doing…..so much fun!! As I have mentioned, I have a quilt challenge coming up, due in May. The idea is pretty firmed up (in my head!!!!) but the execution is………well, more firmed up than it was when I got up this morning! I had been waiting on my silk batting from Connecting Threads, which came , so on to the testing. A double layer of batting is what I figured I needed. 80/20 (cotton/poly) would be the base layer with silk over it and, since I had some pieces of wool batting left from a project, I thought I would do a test with each of those. The stitch pattern is a flowing echo pattern that most of you would know as a type of “McTavishing” (my attempt at it, at least!). So, sandwich made, pin-basting completed and off to Ms Sweetie (HQ Sweet Sixteen).

The first photo is the silk with cotton/poly batting:testing silk 003

The final piece will be done with dupioni silk and the test pieces are, also, dupioni leftover from a bridesmaids’ group I created when I had my bridal sewing business. Convenient, eh????? Silk is so glorious to sew on and the shiny textured results are “to die for”!!!!!! There are 2 colors in the photo…..a lavender and light blue.

This photo is the wool with cotton/poly combo:testing silk 004

I will say…….the loft with the wool combo is amazing!!!!!! But the huge difference is the ‘feel’ of the finished quilted piece. The silk side is still soft feeling while the wool side has a decidedly stiff feel……great for wallhangings but I’m not sure dense stitching plus that combo would be my preference for a bed quilt. Just an opinion, mind you. I think I will be doing more of the double layer type quilts in the future, though!

Here are a couple of photos of the whole sample (silk combo on the left and the wool combo on the right half):testing silk 002

testing silk 001

The batting is Hobbs brand and I have been very pleased with all of the types I have used (80/20, silk, and wool). The top thread is Aurifil Mako 50 (cotton). I wanted a thread that would not have a shine and disappear into the silk fabric and it does so beautifully!!! The bobbin thread is Connecting Threads Essential Pro polyester. The thread combination is awesome.

Now, on to the actual project. I won’t be able to post this until after May 16th (the day of the event/judging) as some of the gals participating in this sometimes follow my blog. So, I will have to say…….stay tuned…………….. If you would like to see more of the FMQ and McTavishing type quilting, hop on over to Amy’s place and be inspired!!!!!!

About treadlemusic

A quilter who rides motorcycle, living on a small hobby farm in southeastern Minnesota. Grandmother and Great Grandmother.
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42 Responses to Testing….testing….1,2,3………

  1. rosemarazzle says:

    Rosemary B here:
    Happy Birthday Doreen. You are an inspiration always.
    This is beautiful.
    And I adore the result that you shared today on April 7th
    I would love to own one of these 🙂 ❤

    • treadlemusic says:

      Oh thank you so much for the sweet well wishes!!! You are “in the running” for sure!!!! And thank you for your kind words on this test piece. Uber hugs to you!!!!!!

  2. OMG This is knocking my socks off!!

    • treadlemusic says:

      Hello there!!!! It really was/is fun to do!!! I’ve been intimidated by Karen McTavish’s style of echo quilting for a while and finally took the plunge…..only to discover it’s really not as hard as it appears. The silk is leftover from a bridesmaid group I did the dresses for many years ago when I had a formal-wear sewing business. I am really encouraging everyone to try this stitching and, while stitching, just think of “billowing seas/waves” and you’ll do it just fine!!!! I do hope you stop by again sometime!!!! Hugs………..Doreen

  3. Amy says:

    Doreen! Swoon…….swooshiness and silk!? Love it! Double batts too!? Double love! Thanks for linking up!

  4. Karen Miller says:

    Thanks for the great sample/demo runs Doreen — love “your” McTavishing and how the different batting types produce different results. You’re a gem – good luck with your challenge. Hugs, Karen

  5. Soooo need to get me that combo..such great info..thanks for sharing your process, gave me all sorts of ideas!

    • treadlemusic says:

      Hey there!!! Thanks so much for stopping by!!!! This combo gives such awesome texture/shine results!!! Satin would do the same but the dupioni is so much more stable and easy to work with………and silk is so much better than polyester!!!! Please, stop by again!!!!!! Hugs………………

  6. LB says:

    Beautiful, and simple? Really? (just reading your previous comment!). Simply beautiful, then!

    • treadlemusic says:

      It is really one of the simplest motifs to do, once you figure out the basic idea. Again, really, there are no rules and your personality will dictate how it “plays out”!!!!! Hugs……….

  7. catpatches says:

    Gorgeous quilting!

  8. JoAnn says:

    This is beautiful I can not wait to see your final project. Doreen your talent is unbelievable.

    • treadlemusic says:

      I’ve always been able to “copy” things I see but am not very good at totally original designs (personal opinion!!!). Thanks for stopping by!!!!!! See ya Monday!

  9. mtetar says:

    Sooooooo lovely and I’m not a bit surprised because it’s your passion. Blessings, Mtetar

  10. Thread crazy says:

    I so love the McTavishing and I agree on the silk and 80/20 (which I too use all the time) being softer than with wool. I do like the higher loft; have done a little “trupunto” and like to add that in especially on wall hangings. Have you thought about experimenting with 80/20 on both top and bottom with wool sandwiched in between? While it’ll definitely will be thicker, that might be something to try in certain areas….just a thought. I would love to see your YouTube videos Can I find them just by searching for you?? Btw…when you started FMQ, did you take lesson(s) or is this just watching and then doing type thing?? Me, I’ve just watched and done! Still a work in progress…maybe a lot of work with little progress! One other idea, there is a poly batting (I believe made by IBM?) where when removed from package, it expands to 6″+. I’ve seen it and used a scrap of it at shop. It’s awesome!

    • treadlemusic says:

      I have picked up the stitching ideas from blogs and YouTube videos. I, personally, have not done a video (not a good set-up here). I’ll get a list together and post it!!!!! The batting ideas will be explored in the days ahead!!!!!! Hugs……………

  11. boy i’m glad I don’t have to be quiet that long… I had a hard time with 3 days 🙂 Beautiful 🙂 I am so amazed by you. 🙂 Enjoy your night.

  12. Oh my word, you are awesome at McTavishing!!! Love your work!
    Great idea to double the layers. I have only done that once for a quilt that goes into what we call a ” box ” , where you can safely place your small child ( play pen?) for a nap or for play when you need to cook dinner or something similar. Then I used the same batting to double up, but adding a different type is very interesting to me. Will the quilt drape better with two layers? Or the weight of the quilt is higher and more comfortable… Or just more luxurious???

    • treadlemusic says:

      Esther……This was an interesting test/experiment for me. The silk was a batting I knew I would be using but wanted the added loft for the quilting so thought to add the 80/20. I had scraps of wool left from my “Carnation Quilt” and I knew that many quilters doubled up with wool on the top of the cotton/poly so thought I would make a test sample with 1/2 silk and 1/2 wool…….just for my own info. The silk side is still soft….much like just the cotton/poly combo….but the wool side was noticeably stiffer (more cardboard-like). My DH noticed the difference immediately!!!! The project I’m doing will rely on the texture of the quilting so I’m going for max loft w/o visible stiffness=so enter the silk. The cost will keep me from doing this except in special circumstances!!! it’s a bit more than double the cost of 80/20 and more than wool, even! But, I love it!!!!! Hehehe!!! Hugs……………………………..

  13. Wow! your quilting is AWESOME! since your using two layers of batting I think wool would be very stiff. I have a quilt with just wool batting and its still soft and drape-able. But I still have to finish it though.
    Even in the pictures you can tell that your silk side looks more soft than the wool side. Can’t wait to see your actual quilt!

  14. jennyklyon says:

    GORGEOUS no matter which you choose!!

  15. YUM! They both look wonderful! And your McTavishing, very good. I have not tried anything like that yet. Wouldn’t even know how to start…

  16. Really GORGEOUS!!! Fantastic job!!! 🙂

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