At quilt group…………..

Last Monday evening, we had a great, lively time! Again, rain and cold prevailed outdoors but “quilting” was the topic and the chattering indoors was non-stop. This is the smaller,  local group I belong to.prom,quilt group 006   These are a couple of the cutest baby quilts!!! This gal is a vendor at a lot of the craft events in our area. She is multi talented (quilting, painting, card making, quilted purses, snowmen, etc etc etc!!!!) and, I firmly believe, she does not sleep!!!! Either that, or she somehow sews while sleeping!!!!??!!! And, yes, I also believe her hands move as fast as the photo below shows……all the time!!!!!prom,quilt group 007  That is a stack of wallhangings and table runners, of various sizes, on her lap(above)…..completed in the recent past weeks. Some of her hangings………………..prom,quilt group 008prom,quilt group 009  She almost sells out of these as fast as she makes them. Part of the success of her business is she knows her customers!!!!!

prom,quilt group 010     The above quilt was made by this sweet grandmom from fabrics left from the making of her granddaughter’s Easter dress. What granddaughter wouldn’t love a combo like that?

prom,quilt group 011        A “sandwiched” quilt ready for stitching. 

prom,quilt group 014   Note the cute block with the little teddy/pocket!!! Margaret designed this block, which will join several other such teddy/star blocks, alternating with a cute multi-colored dot fabric block for a baby quilt. She is the only gal I’ve ever known who refers to her stash as her “purgatory”!

prom,quilt group 015prom,quilt group 016prom,quilt group 017       Yes, some of us are “into” coiled baskets. They are easy, fun and great gifts. The red one will fit a Pyrex pie dish beautifully and would make a special wedding shower gift!

prom,quilt group 018             This is a cute infant/child bath wrap made from a large bath towel and uses a face cloth for the hood……..another awesome gift idea!!!!!

prom,quilt group 020    This jelly-roll variation is a pattern found in the new (premiere issue, I believe) Missouri Star Quilt publication  “Block” and is called “Jelly Roll Race 2”. Done in batiks with black accent blocks and a soon-to-be-added black border, this is one stunning quilt top!!!

prom,quilt group 021  The quilt above is made up of one block that is either vertical or horizontal and has 2 colored blocks within it. Looks far more complex than it is and has a confetti feel. I’m hoping this gal will be doing the quilting herself!

That’s it for this little group sharing. Til next time……….

About treadlemusic

A quilter who rides motorcycle, living on a small hobby farm in southeastern Minnesota. Grandmother and Great Grandmother.
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12 Responses to At quilt group…………..

  1. What a talented bunch. I especially like those baskets. Not only practical, but works of art.

    • treadlemusic says:

      And they use up “ugly” fabric that somehow creeps into everyone’s stash. Once the fabric is cut into the narrow strips that are wound around the cording/clothesline, they are a beautiful rainbow of color!!!!! The baskets are quite sturdy, also!!! Made into a flat disk, they make great trivets………the cording makes for good insulation from the heat transfer of a hot dish. Happy weekend……….Sun is shining here and blue skies!!!! Yay!!!!!! Hugs…………………….

  2. Saskia says:

    First time I’ve ever heard about a coiled basket – they seem versatile and even suitable for my yarn. Now I’m off to find a pattern …. Have a great weekend {}{} saskia

    • treadlemusic says:

      These baskets are so great and have many uses….from the smallest to as large as can be handled under the sewing machine. With or without handles. Uses up fabric that could be described as “ugly”!!!!!!! One would be perfect for yarn!!!!! You have an awesome weekend, too!!! And thanks so much for ‘popping’ in!!!! Hugs………..

  3. Jeanne says:

    Such great inspiration! Everything is wonderful – especially love the teddy bear pocket block. What child wouldn’t?! I tried one of those coiled baskets years ago. Might be time to try another! Thanks so much for sharing. ~Jeanne

  4. Laura says:

    Have you made a coiled basket? They are awesome!

  5. Jackie says:

    They are all so beautiful! Such a group of creative ladies, My favorites are the Easter dress quilt, and the colorful little squares

  6. Love the confetti quilt! I had to look for a bit to find the pattern, but it’s OH SO SIMPLE, isn’t it?? Wonderful!

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