How high’s the water???………….

Well, Johnny Cash, back in ‘74, said, in his song, “Five Feet High and Rising”. I’m here to tell you that the water level at LaCrosse, WI, is much higher………12.25’, to be exact. The significance of that is that “normal” is around 9’! 


We are waiting to pull our camper/5th wheel to Pettibone RV and Campground… soon as the grounds look like this…………………….882

(That’s our little abode, with bikes, straight ahead through the trees. Beautiful!!!)………….Last Sunday DH and I stopped by the campground and ‘shot’ these photos from the entrance to the peninsula that this park calls home……… photo 1photo 2photo 3

In the photo, immediately above, there should only be water in front of the farthest tree line (it’s the “West Channel”) and definitely not on the basketball court! The first 2 photos show that the pavement rather abruptly, and prematurely, ends (click on the photo to enlarge). The roads actually continue (now underwater) in a 1 mile loop and come back out to where I was standing. The crest, at 12.5’ is Wednesday, maybe.


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A quilter who rides motorcycle, living on a small hobby farm in southeastern Minnesota. Grandmother and Great Grandmother.
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15 Responses to How high’s the water???………….

  1. Thread crazy says:

    Oh so sorry as I know how anxious we all get when we are ready to go camping. So far we received 1.8″ of rain last week so PLEASE send your overflow down this way. We will gladly take it as our reservoirs are getting very low. Hang in there – hope the water recedes quickly.

  2. Debbierose says:

    Were looking forward to the rainy season soon, hopefully not as damp as yours. Your 5th wheeler looks great

  3. LB says:

    Goodness! First, never ending snow / freezing temps, now flooding! Hope that water level falls soon!

  4. witchylin says:

    Have you thought of trading your camper in for a houseboat? 🙂 The very wet winter has caused no end of problems in the UK too. Even when the water recedes the ground stays soggy. I hope your high water mark is reached today then it will start to go down and you can think about moving back on to your lovely camp ground.

  5. Jackie says:

    Doesn’t this happen every year Doreen? Bummer for you, hope you’re able to get in soon!

    • treadlemusic says:

      Not every year, interestingly. Last year’s high water was “man created”…..the Army Corps of Engineers closed the dams from Minneapolis down to St. Lewis cuz rivers (such as the Ohio) that dump into the lower Mississippi would flood on the Southern end, so they effectively dropped the water flow from up North so that the other rivers would have ‘room’ for all their rain-swollen flowage. Northern MN had high winter snow amounts lasting into Spring with no melting/warm spells at all then heavy rains. It all comes South!!!!!!! Sorry, I’m sure that’s more than you wanted to know!!!!!

  6. It’s tough to wait any longer after this long winter, isn’t it?

  7. Soon, I hope! Our river is running low here right now, by design. The engineers are trying to be ready for that water upstream.

    • treadlemusic says:

      More rain/T-storms tomorrow eve into Thurs. may cause higher levels but the crest (as of right now) is tomorrow at 12.4′. We’re prayin’. Thanks so much for stopping by!!!! Hugs………………

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