It’s what’s for supper tonight…………….

Shaved asparagus sourdough pizza!!! Yum!! Spring is here and our asparagus is up and available!!! This is one of our early Spring ‘faves’ that signifies that, yes, the next growing season is finally here!!

The basic recipe I follow is found here. With a few additions and alterations(!), this is the final look………Shaved asparagus pizza 007 

And this is how I got to this point. First, the cast of “characters”/ingredients………Shaved asparagus pizza 001

Preheat your oven, for at least 20 minutes, to 350F (convection) or 375F w/o convection.

Several spears of fresh asparagus…shaved (using a peeler).

2 cups rotisserie chicken…chunky chopped

4 oz. mini bellas mushrooms, sliced

Garlic-herb (cream) cheese spread.. 4 to 5 ounces…softened

8 ounce ball fresh mozzarella, sliced thin (I use a wire cheese slicer)

Freshly cracked pepper

pizza crust dough….I used 1 recipe (3&1/2 cups flour) sourdough. Shaved asparagus pizza 002Note: I put 1 tbls. of dehydrated onions in the dough when I made it.

stoneware bar/jelly roll sized pan (approx. 11”x 15”)Shaved asparagus pizza 003

olive oil….to lightly oil the stoneware.

Roll out dough and fit to pan. “Dock”/prick dough thoroughly to prevent excessive rise during baking.Shaved asparagus pizza 004

Here is where I change the recipe directions a bit from the site I referenced at the beginning of this post. After placing the dough in the oiled pan, I spread the garlic/herb spreadable cheese over the crust.

Evenly distribute the sliced mushrooms next.

Then the chicken pieces.

Next, the shaved asparagus and top with the mozzarella.

Over all, sprinkle with a generous amount of freshly cracked pepper. And you have this………………….Shaved asparagus pizza 005

Set the timer……………………….Shaved asparagus pizza 006For 35 minutes and wait…………………………..Shaved asparagus pizza 008

Let it rest (I take it out of the pan and transfer it to a cooling rack to rest) for 5 min. I like pizza sauce for the crust so I have a squeezable bottle in the ‘frig at all times!!!

And the serving…………………………….Shaved asparagus pizza 009

Enjoy!!!!! Any questions, let me know.


About treadlemusic

A quilter who rides motorcycle, living on a small hobby farm in southeastern Minnesota. Grandmother and Great Grandmother.
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20 Responses to It’s what’s for supper tonight…………….

  1. rosemarazzle says:

    Rosemary B here:
    YIKES! that looks so good!
    Thanks for sharing it

    • treadlemusic says:

      It was wonderful!!! And a nice change from the usual tomato sauce based pizzas. We often make pizza that has a white sauce/alfredo type sauce rather than the tomato type. This one, using the cream cheese herb spread, is especially yummy!!!!

  2. Oh my, this is just mouth watering yummy pizza. I wish you lived close by ;). Would have loved a bite of this yummy pizza :-).
    Happy Eating!

  3. says:

    Hi, Love your recipe, we’re down under, so going into our winter and we have just planted some asparagus this year, so may have to wait a couple of years, but your pizza looks yum! trying to decide if I’ll freeze or not if I get ‘Harley’ out of the garage for a ride, LOL just getting over a chesty bug I’ve had for the last two weeks! really like all your quilty posts, you’re a talented lady! cheers Teresa

    • treadlemusic says:

      Hello, Teresa ‘down under’!!!!! I’m beyond thrilled you’ve come for a visit!!!!!! Yay!!!!! Yesterday was my first, and quite brief, ride for the year. DH’s bike’s oil plug blew out (he rides ahead of me!) and blew oil everywhere. By the time we retrieved the plug the rain had reached us and we managed to get drenched!!!! LOL!!! He got his bike washed this afternoon. Mine will be done tomorrow. Hopefully, a ride is on the agenda after that. Partly sunny and cool but dry tomorrow.
      Those darn “bugs” have been going around here, too. DH and I got hit a few weeks back. The cough was the “killer”!!!!
      I do hope you’ll stop back again!!! I would love it if you would. Hugs and blessings……………………..Doreen

  4. ivoryspring says:

    That looks heavenly… I can almost smell the aroma here, across the country. 🙂

    Hugs! 🙂

  5. jennyklyon says:

    Oh my this looks delicious!

  6. Karen Miller says:

    Yum Doreen — good for you!! Gotta give this a try. DH makes pizza for us about once a week – this looks so yummy…

    • treadlemusic says:

      Oh yes, Karen. And it’s really a more unique approach to the “traditional” red sauced variety. DH and I really enjoy the white sauce types… this one, seafood, tomato/basil (no meat) and chicken alfredo. Yum!!!!!

  7. This looks really really good. I make homemade pizza every Friday evening. Now, if only I could convince Randy to eat asparagus and mushrooms.

  8. Anita says:

    This looks so good! How do you make the sour dough crust? Is it from your starter?

  9. LB says:

    I’ll be glad to see your recipe for the dough using starter. I tend to do only bread with my starter and need to be more adventurous!

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