Syttende Mai Quilt Show…………..

Is an event that the Spring Grove (MN) Piecemakers Quilt Guild puts on each year in conjunction with the town’s celebration. The show was well attended again this year. Here’s the “walk-through” of the main room of the local library where it was held………………..Syttende Mai Quilt show 017

Syttende Mai Quilt show 004

Syttende Mai Quilt show 001 Syttende Mai Quilt show 002 Syttende Mai Quilt show 011

Syttende Mai Quilt show 003 Syttende Mai Quilt show 004

Syttende Mai Quilt show 005 Syttende Mai Quilt show 006

Syttende Mai Quilt show 007 Syttende Mai Quilt show 008

Syttende Mai Quilt show 009 Syttende Mai Quilt show 010

Syttende Mai Quilt show 013 Syttende Mai Quilt show 014

Syttende Mai Quilt show 015 Syttende Mai Quilt show 016

Syttende Mai Quilt show 040 Syttende Mai Quilt show 038

Syttende Mai Quilt show 055 Syttende Mai Quilt show 039 Syttende Mai Quilt show 041

Syttende Mai Quilt show 060 Syttende Mai Quilt show 061

Syttende Mai Quilt show 062

Til next time………………………………….


About treadlemusic

A quilter who rides motorcycle, living on a small hobby farm in southeastern Minnesota. Grandmother and Great Grandmother.
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18 Responses to Syttende Mai Quilt Show…………..

  1. catpatches says:

    Thanks for sharing. Beautiful eye candy.

  2. rosemarazzle says:

    Rosemary B here: WOW.
    These are wonderful. What a great show!
    massive creativity going on in MN
    Thank you for sharing these photos!!

  3. Hey! I recognize that blue and white/cream one! Great work. Thanks for sharing your pix.

    • treadlemusic says:

      This group really makes the quilts……for the most part, these are recently made and some are destined for graduation and various other gifts. I’m glad you stopped by!!! Hugs…….

  4. Thank you for sharing! I feel like I was there too!

  5. So inspirational! A great way to wake up on a Monday morning!

  6. Oh, wow. One of these years I will see this in person. In the meantime, thanks for the fantastic tour of some pretty incredible art.

  7. LB says:

    Is that Blue and White one yours? I just love that combo of colors

    • treadlemusic says:

      The blue/white quilt was a client’s quilt (her name is Yvonne and she won the “Challenge” competition….the post should go up tomorrow/Tues, I think!) and will be a donation to QOV/Quilt of Valor. It is one of my favorites, too!!!! I’m glad you enjoyed the show!!!!!! Hugs………..

  8. What an interesting variety.

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