Wednesday With Words……………

Yup, can’t do it!!! “Wordless Wednesday” just doesn’t work for me!!! LOL!

Anyhow……..a while back a turkey-hunter-turned-quilt-client came to me with a request that was most interesting. He loads his own shells and had been collecting the shot bags for years. Finally he had enough to begin the search for someone to put together a lap sized quilt. He had booked a room at the local motel and in conversation with the owner (my neighbor!) asked if he knew of a quilter who would take on the project. He had heard that this area was “loaded” with gals who quilt! Hmmmm….I wonder what other newsy pieces/tidbits are floating around the Twin Cities’ Metro???? So, after making his way to our place and getting to the heart of the matter (what he wanted for a finish and the $$$ details), he departed.

On the way to the Black Hills, last week, I cut apart/flattened the bags……39 of the larger size and 5 smaller. The hunt for the border/backing fabric was on. Client Rob had repeated that I was to keep it simple and he really liked navy blue. I headed for my fave quilt shop in Belle Fourche…The Bakery Fabrics….owned by my friend Annie. (Check out her Fb site: here) Success!!!!! Backing:found!!!!! Binding:found!!!! Both with the “eagle-eye” help of DH!!!

 Robs quilt 002

That “burlap” print fabric is awesome. The visual texture is a “knock out”!!!!Robs quilt 001  Yup, it’s all visual! It’s “Bella Verona” by Wing and a Prayer Design for Timeless Treasures Fabrics. Love it!!!!

There were 5 smaller bags that needed sashing to bring them to the other bags’ size and that “burlap” worked perfect. The bags were put together without sashing strips (per request!). Rob's quilt 006 

Rob's quilt 005

The photos really don’t do it justice. The border fabric has just the look needed for the time-worn look of the bags. The finished size will be approx. 63”x 74”.

Now, on to the sandwiching and stitching (which will be a “Turkey Red” thread, I think).


About treadlemusic

A quilter who rides motorcycle, living on a small hobby farm in southeastern Minnesota. Grandmother and Great Grandmother.
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19 Responses to Wednesday With Words……………

  1. jennyklyon says:

    This is cool! Now, never heard of “a turkey-hunter-turned-quilt-client” before, giggle!

  2. Karen Miller says:

    How cool Doreen — great job on the look-a-like burlap and the blue. Can’t wait to see what magic you work with the quilting. Hugs, Karen

    • treadlemusic says:

      The challenge will be to “KISS” (“Keep It Simple Stupid”)! He was very adamant the whole project would be on the plain side. In my head……..well, I could have………….but it’s not for me to dictate (even though “envisioning the finish” was something I could do and he just couldn’t). All pin-basted and ready to go. On to cutting the binding. Thanks so much for your comment!!! Hugs…………….

  3. This is perfect. I expect he will love it.

    And no, the only way I could do wordless Wednesday is to not post anything at all! 😉

  4. This just has to be one of the most unusual quilt requests you’ve ever gotten. Correct? I bet Rob will be mighty pleased with the results.

  5. rosemarazzle says:

    Rosemary b here
    This is beautiful!

  6. witchylin says:

    A real challenge with a difference. I am sure Rob will love the finished quilt. You wont ever see another one like it ever. Unless he saves another load of shot bags. 😉 The navy blue sets off the colour of the bags and I think red stitching will be perfect. What will you do for the FMQ?

  7. Hey! How clever are you??!!

  8. Thread crazy says:

    Now we see the rest of the story…I was wondering what that was you were quilting on….yes, your design fits this quilt perfectly! Neat job even for a turkey hunter!

    • treadlemusic says:

      I never know what job is coming. When I had my sewing business I had a gentleman who was an Elvis impersonator needing the white jumpsuit for his performances. Yup, done! And a couple of guys who were the half time entertainment at the Rochester (MN) baseball minor league games……they were “dead ringers” for the “Blues Brothers” and needed a couple sets of dark suits that would withstand the back-flips and other gymnastic moves they did. Yup, done!
      Never a dull moment in the sewing biz!!!!! LOL!!!!!

      • Thread crazy says:

        You’re right, never a dull moment; I can imagine a part of you somewhere misses the sewing business. Who would have thought some turkey hunter would keep his shot bags and bring them to you for a quilt; we always kept our shot bags but they never looked that clean!! HA!

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