The Big (Little?) Arrival……………

A few weeks ago I was made aware of a new book soon to be released. Yup, Facebook was the messenger and the site was Karen McTavish……..who????Karen McTavish For my non-quilter friends, she is a gal, Duluth,MN, resident, whose quilting/FMQ (free motion quilting) technique became so popular and recognized that the style bears her name..”McTavishing”. My version of this may be found in several of my posts (just put the word “McTavishing” in the search field, in the right hand side bar, to bring them up) and, most recently, in the whole cloth “challenge” quilt I did here. The stitching is curvy, undulating and echoes itself.

The book is an updated/expanded printing of her first book that’s now out of print and much sought after. It includes the original info plus so much more: plus 2 DVDs! When we arrived home and picked up our mail today…….well, the photos tell the story………………………….Luck,WI, & McTavish book 019 Luck,WI, & McTavish book 020 Luck,WI, & McTavish book 021

My, such a slow ‘reveal’!!!! May I introduce my latest addition…………………………………Luck,WI, & McTavish book 022 

Luck,WI, & McTavish book 023 Luck,WI, & McTavish book 024

Luck,WI, & McTavish book 025 Luck,WI, & McTavish book 026

I think I’ll spend some time in a book this weekend, maybe, hmmmmm?

Note: all photos may be enlarged by “clicking” on them.

Til next time…………………………………………



About treadlemusic

A quilter who rides motorcycle, living on a small hobby farm in southeastern Minnesota. Grandmother and Great Grandmother.
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31 Responses to The Big (Little?) Arrival……………

  1. rosemarazzle says:

    Rosemary b here:
    Wow this is amazing and wonderful
    She is amazing, I agree. And, so are you
    Enjoy this book, Doreen

    • treadlemusic says:

      She is “amazing” but what I think is so neat is that she took her talents to a such a level that recognition is to the point that the stitch is named after her!!!! It takes dedication and hard work to achieve such, for sure!!!! Thanks for the very kind words!!!!! A “book report” will follow at some point, I’m sure!!! Hugs…………….

  2. mandymunroe says:

    How exciting, it looks like a lovely book!

  3. jennyklyon says:

    Oooo-eye candy! Love her work-enjoy!

  4. Oh my, this is some good reading and eye candy! Enjoy!
    By the way, your McTavishing is looking great too(from previous posts).

    • treadlemusic says:

      I can’t wait to start it!!! This style of stitching is totally appealing to me and relaxing to do!!!!! Thanks for stopping by!!! Hugs……………………

      • Its been a while since I did FMQ on my home machine. I should do that. I wish I had a dedicated machine for just FMQ. That’s helps.

        • treadlemusic says:

          It really does help…..cuts down on the set-up time/energy (mine!!!). When doing projects needing FMQ, I would do several to that point then change over my machine so I had a few things to stitch and not just one. Then switch back to do the binding. Also, I would make up just muslin “sandwiches” to play/stitch on and practice other motifs so that I might be “practiced up” for something in the future!!!

          • That sounds like a great plan! I have been renting the long arm lately to get the quilting done! But my longarm kills are not as good as DSM for FMQ. Will slowly get there.

  5. LOVE love love getting a new, inspiring book! And paging through long-time possessions, too. I’ve been reading Mary Mashuta, Roberta Horton, Mary Lou Weidman, and others on the joys of story quilts. Have fun with your new treasure.

  6. Fiona says:

    oh great… enjoy …. will look forward to hearing what you say about it…

  7. Amy says:

    Mine is in the mail- can’t wait!

  8. Ohh, that needs to go on my wish-list!

    • treadlemusic says:

      So far……very excellent diagrams and examples. Checking out the DVDs tomorrow. Her YouTube videos (free) give really great ideas on her method and how to start developing your own style of her stitching.

  9. You’ll have so much fun with that!! Expect we won’t hear from you for some time…….!!

    • treadlemusic says:

      Hehe! It’s my “treat reading”!!!! Have 3 quilts to get done……soon!!!! Lots of outdoor activities, too! Sigh! All fun stuff. Which to do first……………………………hugs……..

  10. ivoryspring says:

    Looks like an amazing book! And I love the “husband chairs” at that quilt shop! 🙂

    • treadlemusic says:

      DH was thrilled to see them, too (as was my brother, who is just getting into this “husband of a quilter” role!!! LOL! The book is going to be a great tool for some of my upcoming teaching events. Helps me explain what I do that seems more “intuitive” to me (ya know…….”I just do it”!!!).

  11. Karen Miller says:

    You lucky dog — can’t wait to hear what you think… !!

  12. witchylin says:

    I was away on holiday when you posted this so I missed it until now. The book plus 2 DVDs is certainly something to get your FMQ juices flowing. I may just have to look out for it over here in the UK. Well not exactly here but a site where I can purchase it. Enjoy playing with the McTavshing.

    • treadlemusic says:

      I would love to see some of your “playtime” pieces!!! Mine are turned into “mug rugs” with serged edges. I have a stack of them. They’re unique and very serviceable. When too soiled I just toss them!!!!! The book is awesome!!!!!

  13. Thread crazy says:

    Well I am sure by now you have read and re-read that book from cover to cover. Marvelous book and the pics are so fascinating. Enjoy!

    • treadlemusic says:

      I have and I have!!!!! It isn’t “rocket science” but a very simple/logical flowing design that she executes beautifully!!!! The diagrams are clearly presented in photos.

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