Shop Hop Monday……..

Was last Monday. The coach bus was filled with 40+ gals who were so ready to hit the road in search of……..well……anything quilt related!!!!! I boarded the bus in Houston (MN) at 6:15 a.m. and we headed out to the next two pick-up spots and then on to Viroqua (WI) and “Quilt Baskets ‘N’ Creations” quilt shop. I wrote about this shop here. The demo “hooked” me and so the results of the visit are these:shop hop 040  I’ve wanted to make a “Hunter’s Star” ‘something’ (quilt, hanging, topper, ???) for a long time. So……….. It’s always very dangerous when I go into a shop without a list!!!! The fat quarter was a freebie/gift at this stop.

On to the next spot………”Quintessential Quilts”. There are 2 locations: one is in Reedsburg (WI)….. our destination…….. and the other is in Madison (WI). The shop is a home with a huge addition. Upon entering, we were in a super large, well-lit work room with tons of inspiration!!!!!shop hop 004

shop hop 005

shop hop 006 shop hop 008

shop hop 007   You can see our mode of transportation through the window! First class….for sure!!! I scurried ahead in the hopes of getting photos minus the “crowds”. LOL! Each room housed a different color collection!!!!! shop hop 009 shop hop 010

shop hop 011 shop hop 012

shop hop 013 shop hop 014

An island of fat quarters (above right)!!!!!

shop hop 015 Oops! Hello, I bet you thought you could shop in solitude………not today!

shop hop 016 shop hop 017

shop hop 018 shop hop 019

shop hop 020 shop hop 021

shop hop 022 shop hop 023

So much to look at……but…….wait!!! Do I see…….really???? It is……..the whole line of “Radiance” by Robert Kaufman!!! THE fabric that I need for an upcoming challenge!!!! The beautiful gold color is perfect!!! BUT WAIT!!!!! where’s the “Willow”????? Linda had said it’s the complete color line, however…….she has one bolt at home…….what???? really???? making little purses for the girls in her son’s upcoming wedding and she’s not sure of the color name but it is a light sage-y green. Hmmmmm. Well, I take the gold piece. This fabric is 55% cotton and 45% silk…….gorgeous!!!!!!!shop hop 038  Well, I had already done some on-line checking prior to this trip and knew that one of the next shops carried this fabric. Linda assured me that if I wasn’t successful in my search that she would mail me what I needed. Whew!!!!!

Onward to “Mill House Quilts” in Waunakee. I’ve been to this shop on several previous occasions and knew it was a fab shop!!!! C’mon along………………………shop hop 024 

shop hop 025

shop hop 026

shop hop 027

shop hop 028

shop hop 029

shop hop 030

shop hop 031Interesting quilting on this one and the feathers on the one below!!!!shop hop 032

shop hop 033

shop hop 034 shop hop 036

shop hop 035

shop hop 037

And the treasures secured from this amazing place………..

shop hop 041  The top piece is “Communique”  Graphic 45 for Wilmington Fabrics. The brown coordinate…I’m not sure of. The basting pins are “fine wire” and somewhat hard to find. They are the only ones that go through batiks easily and without leaving large holes!

shop hop 043  These are from “Merry Stitches” by Cori Dantini for Blend Fabrics. AND…….last, but far from least, I present “Willow” Radiance………………… hop 042  They, also, had the complete line!!! Happy dance here!!!!

shop hop 044    Aren’t these glorious???? Be sure and come back for further info on the direction these beauties will be taking.

The last stop was in Spring Green and “Country Sampler”. There are no photos and no purchases. I was informed that no photos were allowed unless I purchased the kit of the quilt I was photographing and no pictures of the shop for my blog. So you may go to their site…..or not.

The day ended with a race with the weather back to La Crosse and into Minnesota. I was among the last to get off and the 5 miles from town to home would have been better traveled in an ark than a car!!!!!

That’s it for this post. I bet you thought she’s never going to end this one!!!!! I wonder where we’ll go next year???????

About treadlemusic

A quilter who rides motorcycle, living on a small hobby farm in southeastern Minnesota. Grandmother and Great Grandmother.
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14 Responses to Shop Hop Monday……..

  1. Michele says:

    Ok seriously jealous of that trip here. But I would have done some serious wallet damage if I had gone.

  2. Karen says:

    I love all the quilt shops in Wisconsin and Millhouse Quilts has to be my favorite as it is less than 10 miles from my daughters house and I go there every time I visit her! Can’t get enough of the atmosphere. glad you got home safely, I have been hearing off all the rain and hoped the storms were missing – the worst of them that is – we all get rain 🙂

    • treadlemusic says:

      Yes, that shop is truly amazing and the clerks are so sweet. The flooding in the Metro area is the primary cause of the rising river down here. Mpls flooding has set all time records and the dams are open sending extra flow down stream. The additional flow could fill an Olympic sized swimming pool in 3 seconds!!!! And more storms up north right now!!!!

  3. I’ve done a Hunter’s Star… of course I’d seen a picture and didn’t know the name. That’s my double fluff high loft poly that I planned to machine quilt… HAH! I did the straight rows like a comforter, have a big bunching in the middle back… may or may not have the binding one side attached, and it’s in a tub. Love the double fluff, but boy howdy… first of the machine quilting, and now that I’ve gotten more practice I may look at it again this winter… no way I’m touching all that in the summer since I have chosen not to run air conditioning (I didn’t like the air). Now, gotta go look at all the other pics, but couldn’t wait to respond to the Star. Smiles………

  4. OMG! What is this place? Full of inspiration! Such a fun quilt shop!

  5. JoAnn says:

    I did not see the willow color on Monday, but I like it. Soft!! I have my purchases all pressed and put away or laying out to be completed this summer. Found some time to sew yesterday, on my way to sew this morning. Raining what can you do outside?

  6. Thanks for taking on this fabulous tour. I’m not a quilter, but enjoyed every nook and cranny and quilt and fabric. You were most certainly in your slice of heaven on earth, weren’t you?

  7. KerryCan says:

    Wow–this makes me want to move to Wisconsin (or Minnesota, whichever places has most of these shops!) Looks fabulous!

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