I’m ba-a-a-a-ack…………

Did ya miss me??? What! You didn’t even know I was gone??!!?? Sure ya did. Anyhow, these past few days have seen us put on many hundred miles and a couple(!) of seasons!!! Last Monday DH and I left home…….sunny and the prospect of warm temps for the day. Hopping on I90, we pointed our trusty Suburu for the Black Hills of South Dakota. We had the obligatory stop-over at Wall Drug for a great donut and cup of coffee……..and a little leg stretching!!! Note: great gas mileage means very few gas stops!!!!! We made it to Belle Fourche (our destination of choice) by late afternoon and registered at the Sunset Motel on the edge of town. Rob and Patty (owners) are Sunset Motel

the best! This is what a small town motel should be: the owners are super welcoming and accommodating, the rooms are uber neat and tidy (and have a wonderfully personal artistic ‘touch’, compliments of Patty’s talents) and the outdoor patio is oh so relaxing……ask me how I know……..photo 1 Yes, that is my poor attempt at a ‘selfie’ with DH and I enjoying a quiet moment after a long day’s drive. Me with a glass of lovely wine and DH enjoying his “stogie” (we are “out West”, ya know!!! LOL!). More importantly…….the temp was still 93F!!! Gotta love that, especially since in less than 24 hours a change would be occurring!

We hadn’t brought the motorcycles cuz we had seen the drizzly forecast and had decided to do as much hiking as possible. Little did we know the changes about to happen!

Tuesday dawned drippy and foggy but on up Spearfish Canyon to the ‘Lower Rim Trail’ was our goal. It’s a 3.2 mile loop of moderate difficulty, which suited me just fine as I was not really “shod” properly in my walking (NOT HIKING!) shoes!!!! Oh so foolish!!!! Moving on……… The Fall colors were astonishing…..please, indulge me with a few moments of photos…………………………001 002



You are correct in noticing our rain gear…..a very recent thrift store purchase!!!!!

006 007

With the temps in the 50’s, it was the perfect hiking scenario (with the exception that walking/jogging shoes do not do very well on vertical rocky/grassy paths that are quite wet!!). Before heading back to Belle Fourche and our nice warm cozy room, we made a stop on the edge of Deadwood. Two shops have attracted our attention over the years. One is an “antique”/you-name-it type place with the usual stuff plus some rather unique creatures outside to greet potential customers………….photo 2 photo 3

The other…….well, I’ll let the photos do the “talking”…008





These two places are conveniently next door to one another. The first has yielded some additions to DH’s license plate collection over the years and the second, well………it stands on its own obvious merits!!!!!!!!

We accessed Wednesday’s weather and decided a day in Rapid City, poking around the little shops, was just the thing as the weather forecast for pouring rain was nearly 100%……..And they were quite correct!!!! AND opportunity to stop by Cabelas and pick up a pair of real water-proof hiking boots was not to be passed up!!!! Purchase made!! Ready for what was next…….see below……..

017 018

Mind you, just 2 days earlier, it was 93F and we were enjoying those glasses of wine under that tree!!!! I did visit my fave quilt shop, of course!!!!! The Bakery Fabrics, owned by my friend, Annie, is a ‘must see’ if you are ever in Belle! More on this shop may be found here. “Hello, Annie!”


Ordering on-line is so wonderfully easy and prompt!!! ‘Like’ the shop on Fb and get constant inventory updates….many fabrics that you won’t see elsewhere!!!!!

So……….while the sleet/snow fell outside, we did the ‘inside’ thing.

BUT…..Friday dawned bright and sunny!!! Yay!!!! Onward to the ….. the…..well, not-so-Black Hills…………..019

The trail we hiked was in Custer State Park and called “Little Devil’s Tower”…..a short “strenuous” (their description!) trail of a little more than a mile at altitudes over 6,300 feet. Several reasons for this choice and one was that I was sporting very new hiking boots!!!!!! The trail, on this very sunny day, appeared thusly…….020






And, so, I will leave you with that last hint of what is coming all too soon around here but, for now, it’s 70F, green and sunny in this beautiful area of S.E. MN, known as the “Coulee Region” and where we call home. Our mini ‘vaca’ ended when we returned home early last evening (Saturday) and slept like  proverbial “rocks”!!!!!

Back to my ‘quilting life’ with Spring Grove quilt guild tomorrow. Stay tuned and thank you ever so much for taking time to stop by and visit. Til next time…………


About treadlemusic

A quilter who rides motorcycle, living on a small hobby farm in southeastern Minnesota. Grandmother and Great Grandmother.
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30 Responses to I’m ba-a-a-a-ack…………

  1. daniellajoe says:

    you had a blast i can tell, great selfie 🙂

  2. Looks like you’ve had a great time! What contrary weather!!

    • treadlemusic says:

      “Contrary”….yes! That is just the perfect word for it and the challenge to arrange our ‘fun’ to fit the weather!!! I think we succeeded, don’t you???? LOL! Hugs……………..

  3. LB says:

    How wonderful to see the photos of the two of you! Hearing about the trip, and all the details, was great, too. Glad you got some new boots 🙂 It’s been years since I was in that part of the country and I do miss it.
    Thanks for sharing!

    • treadlemusic says:

      We so love those areas….kind of a larger version of where we live!!!! If it weren’t for family here we would relocate to the Belle Fourche area for sure!!!! And, yes, the boots are awesome!!!!!! Hugs to you!!!

  4. Jackie says:

    I did miss you, glad you’re back safe and sound (crazy weather)

  5. witchylin says:

    Welcome home. It seems to be a long time since you set off. Lovely pictures. It is great to see where you visited. You sure had all weathers. The shops look fun and I think the chipmunk is so cute. Another amazing fabric shop gee I could spend hours and a fortune in there.

    • treadlemusic says:

      That quilt shop is located just where it belongs…….a long ways away from me!!!! The only thing is that the internet and mailing is way too easy!!!! Annie’s shop is “Disneyland” for quilters!!!!!!! LOL!!!!

  6. I missed you. Yes, I did.

    What a trip. What a variety of weather.

    Seems like you had an absolute fantastic time.

  7. KerryCan says:

    I didn’t realize you were away because I was, too–hiking in Ireland! We got better weather than you did but no hand-dipped chocolates or great quilt shops!

  8. Thread crazy says:

    Thought of you in them there Black Hills this past week when I saw the pics on TV of snow!. So glad you had a great time as the hiking looks enjoyable. Yes, I think fall is upon us; we had 58F here Saturday morning and didn’t warm much up past mid 60’s all day. Yesterday warmed to mid 80’s and today, well, back to a bit of summer in low 90’s. Just hope triple digits are behind us. Love your fav quilt shop – must check out her on-line store! Welcome back and yes, we missed you!

  9. Jeanne says:

    I wondered how your trip was going when I heard about the snow…glad it all turned out ok! The last few days have felt too much like fall – I still want more summer! Guess we don’t have a choice! Enjoy being home. ~Jeanne

    • treadlemusic says:

      Thank you, Jeanne. I am ready to get back to the quilting (and I have a ‘ton’ of it)…..after I finish an “emergency” bridal alteration for a wedding THIS Saturday!!!!! Yikes!!! The dress just came in the end of last week and the gal is in a panic!!!! Onward………………

  10. Beth Ann says:

    Great travelogue, Doreen! What weather extremes! So glad you got some hiking in despite the dropping temps. I think fall is here, don’t you? And a bit of winter which I am definitely not ready for. I suspect my trips will be more to Texas in the colder months since the house is at a standstill and not getting much attention at all. I can go visit Chris’s little love nest, right? The trip looks so fun and I know you had a great time. Now back to reality!

    • treadlemusic says:

      This winter may find us scouting out Southern RV parks…probably in the Corpus Christi area. I’ll keep you posted on those treks. Maybe our paths will cross down there???!!!!!!?????

  11. Good morning and welcome back. Looks like a good trip. YAY for new hiking boots. LOVE mine. LOVE the fact they fit my difficult feet so well. In fact I got a second pair just because I love them so much. 😀

    Every few weeks I hear myself saying to Jim, “I’d be glad to go back to the Black Hills…” Next year isn’t likely for a variety of reasons, (unless … ) but we’ll get there again.

    • treadlemusic says:

      The B.H. are our twice yearly get-away destination. If we didn’t have ‘fam’ here we would be there in a heartbeat!!!! And, yes, hiking boots make all the difference…..I’ve never had a pair! Hubby has them and manages to walk through all the streams totally dry—-now I can do the same….yay!!!!! Drippy today but warm-ish….

  12. KrisR says:

    I did notice it was a little quiet from your neck of the woods. 🙂 Looks like a fabulous trip!

  13. mtetar says:

    You were surely missed and the pics certainly are proofs of a great time spent. Great pics. Welcome Back, Mtetar

  14. rosemarazzle says:

    Rosemary B here:
    Yay, you made it back home. Goodnessss, Don’t you just love global warming? j/k of course
    I love all of the photos. What a lot of great adventures. Good thing you took the Soob.
    Welcome back to reality 😀

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