Another chapter begins………..

Yup…..Anyone who knows us knows that we have lived our lives with ‘change’ not an uncommon ingredient and, once again, there is a change a’comin’! As I write this, we are sitting in a motel in Harlingen,TX, having completed an on-the-run day of needed tasks that have led to the purchase of a winter retreat that we will use in the years(?) to come. The location of this small park model abode is Sunshine RV Resort located in north Harlingen. Now, please understand I am sharing this because it’s what friends do with friends and not to in any way boast but, rather, in amazement, we saw the Lord’s workings in this.


A couple of photos of this southern “nest”………..(please forgive the quality!)………Harlingen Home 6

Harlingen Home 7

Harlingen Home 9  Harlingen Home 5

Cute, hmmm? Well, there’s room for all the necessary items…like a Juki machine and, most definitely, a Ms Sweetie (Sweet 16) and other such “necessities”……yes, that was part of our “deal” (DH & I). There would be a pool (and there are 2), exercise room and “guy stuff” for him and quilters for me. “Nailed it”!!!!!! Harlingen Home 4

Above is one view of a super sweet group of gals who share in this magnificent obsession, er, passion for the art of quilting!!!! This is a room that the park remodeled just for these gals over the past summer while they were in their “real”/northern homes. Cool, huh???


So, there is a plan and the plan is not ours but in His hands and we will continue to walk “in His steps” in the days ahead.


Thank you for allowing me to share this very special time with you, my dear friends. I would covet your prayers in this newest adventure that we might be a blessing to others along our path.


Quilting posts will return very soon with some exciting announcements (I think!) in the coming weeks! Stay tuned………………….

About treadlemusic

A quilter who rides motorcycle, living on a small hobby farm in southeastern Minnesota. Grandmother and Great Grandmother.
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44 Responses to Another chapter begins………..

  1. ruthiequilts says:

    How could you say “No”? It looks fabulous! Congratulations!

  2. Michele says:

    Oh wow and congrats. I look forward myself to one day getting a little further south and out of this extreme cold but when we do it, it will be for good not just as snowbirds.

    • treadlemusic says:

      Yes, full time would be a nice thing but the family is on the frozen tundra in MN and that makes even a few months away an adjustment that I struggle with. But this is a good thing for us, I think. I pray your “some day” comes to be!!! Hugs………..

  3. LB says:

    How wonderful!!
    You are not bragging but sharing a well deserved joy! Congratulations!

    • treadlemusic says:

      Thank you for “hearing my heart” (as, I’m sure, others have) and leaving such sweet words. Some interesting days are ahead, of that I’m sure!!!! Uber hugs to you……..

  4. KerryCan says:

    Well! This is very exciting! My mom has lived in a similar-looking retirement community in Florida for a long time and she has found it to be perfect for her needs. I think it’s important that you found a community with many quilters!

    • treadlemusic says:

      The quilting activity is definitely a “snowbird” thing and active in most of these parks. DH is really looking forward to all that’s available for his interests (which is so much I may not see him during our southern stays!!! LOL!!!). Warm hugs comin’ your way……………………

  5. Thread crazy says:

    Looks wonderful and so happy for you. Yes we are familiar with where your new winter retreat is. Thanking our God for his blessings.

  6. CongRatulations on this new love/quilter’s nest!☺️

  7. Jackie says:

    Awww, I can hear the excitement in your words as you describe the joy and adventure of what’s to come. Congrats on your new purchase, God is good… all the time. Thanks for sharing 🙂

    • treadlemusic says:

      Amen to that, Friend! The “speed of light” is what seems to be how things are happening! Hanging on!!! Coming back to a different reality…leaving tomorrow. Hugs……….

  8. How exciting!! I’m gathering that it’s warm in North Harlingden, so you won’t have to suffer the cold in coming Winters. It looks like a sweet little abode, just perfect for your needs. You will have fun there, I’m sure, and bring lots of joy to others, I know!

  9. KrisR says:

    How exciting, Doreen & Tom! All the best.

  10. Wow, this is big and exciting news. You are becoming snowbirds in a place that seems absolutely suited for you and DH. God is good.

    • treadlemusic says:

      And we are still amazed at His provisions in this transaction. I’ll give you a call when we return to the “real world”!!! LOL! Hugs to you and Hubbs……………………….

  11. JoAnn Lee says:

    Glad you found a place for wintering. Excited for you to be able to take the Juki and Sweet 16 with you. I will have to stock pile quilt tops for your winter time home. Quilt group was small last night. We had a little freezing rain about 6:00. Great winter supper. Tomato soup and grilled cheese. See you when you arrive back up North.

    • treadlemusic says:

      Hope to be home Sat. nite or Sunday. Back down here mid=March to finalize and take possession. DH has all kinds of thoughts on making the SS work in the new space!!!! It’ll keep me busy while he’s at the pool and exercise equipment!!!! See ya soon!!!

  12. Jeanne says:

    Very exciting! Glad you have found somewhere that is perfect for you. When you say go south, you really mean it! Blessings to you both.

  13. Beth Ann says:

    I am beyond excited for you! The perfect getaway! I actually have been to Harlington with Chris as he had business there! I am thrilled for you both!!!

  14. CJ says:

    Congratulation guys! I’m excited for you, and hoping to hear more about why you chose this particular area! It must be awesome!

    • treadlemusic says:

      Yes, I will be in touch most definitely!!! We’re so enjoying this get-away! The weather has become what it should be and we’re off to So. Padre’s beach today and tomorrow before heading back north. A different route back, though, so won’t be able to stop by. Coming back down in mid-March so maybe then………….

  15. witchylin says:

    Congratulations on your new winter home. I am sure there will be many happy days there in the sun while the north shivers under a blanket of snow. Quilters too, what more could you ask for?

  16. Marcia says:

    Oh how wonderful for you guys! Both my husbands bro and sis winter in Texas….they say the living is easy and cheap! They love it….they are in the Fulton area! Good for you!!!

    • treadlemusic says:

      Still processing the happy event (sorry to repeat that!) but am thrilled, also. The quilters I’ve met (and they are everywhere!!!! LOL!) are wonderful (no surprise there!!!). 2 more days here then headed north. I’m so glad you stopped by!!!! Hugs………..

  17. gijane279-Liz says:

    Awesome!!!! I’m not that familiar with that area of Texas even though I’ve spent a couple years in Texas when you add up all my Air Force time I was mostly San Antonio and San Angelo!

    • treadlemusic says:

      I have never been down here until 1-1/2 weeks ago either!!!! LOL! Traveled thru Dallas/Ft.W years ago and nothing else. We knew we wanted some beach available and this is perfect….about 35 miles to Port Isabel/So. Padre Island, but inland enough not to have the salt air & storms. The ppl are just amazing here!!!!!!

  18. Rosemarazzle says:

    Rosemary B here,
    This is a big decision and a huge chage, you will meet new friends, stretch and grow. I am excited for both of you. It is a great thing to be able to continue to do things with other eager and lively friends. This house looks wonderful, bright and now you have a lot of plans to make.

    • treadlemusic says:

      The little place is totally furnished so immediate needs are taken care of. We will be using it (current plan!) next year Jan-April. Right now that seems so far off but this will be strictly a winter get-away and we will still have our MN primary residence/rural nest!!!

  19. Wonderful news! Congratulations. 🙂

  20. Congratulations! I look forward to hearing about your adventures there!

  21. Gloria says:

    So happy for you and Tom to have found a “happy place” to spend some warm sunny days. Sometimes our lives take turns that are just meant to be. I know you two will make many new friends in the neighborhood cause you two are good people.

  22. jennyklyon says:

    Exciting! Close to lots of cool quilty stuff!

    • treadlemusic says:

      With all the northern “snowbird” comes a great number of quilters and they are full of energy!!! So far, though, I’ve only located 1 quilt shop locally and have been told that a great many purchases are on-line or on mini-shop-hops to Corpus Christi. Hmmm..just something I’ll have to check out!!! LOL!!!!!

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