About WordPress Changes and What We Can Do

This important info is for WordPress users (current and future) who care about the trending changes that have been occurring with WP. To have this information is to be given empowerment to change this current tide that threatens what many of us have come to love and value………a place to share, learn, grow and enjoy relationships that are very precious. If this is something that you consider as “blog-life” impacting, please, read and act accordingly. Thanks so much, dear Friends, for taking your precious time to consider this topic.

Freed From Time

For Help with the changes (workarounds) please click here.    This content is about Underlying Motive, The Problem, Probable Cause, How We Can Make a Difference and Remaining Questions.

Underlying Motive

Matt Mullenweg, owner and recently appointed CEO of WordPress, has himself indicated a wish to pursue the mobile market which is made clear in and interview with Forbes click here ! (page 5/6) .  However that interview does not indicate any intention to abandon desk top users.

Add to this, Tiger Global now have at a total of $110 million invested in WP here !.  Tiger Global also have investments in the expanding Indian and South American mobile and e-commerce markets.

This is altogether an entirely legitimate business pursuit but it’s gone wrong.

The Problem

The mobile versions of the user interface have been so inept as to spoil its credibility from the outset and…

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A quilter who rides motorcycle, living on a small hobby farm in southeastern Minnesota. Grandmother and Great Grandmother.
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19 Responses to About WordPress Changes and What We Can Do

  1. ruthiequilts says:

    Sadly, flickr did the same thing last year… I have 1 group I still administer and 1 I participate in occasionally, but even those are dying out. And flickr decided that they would no longer link to my wordpress blog as it wasn’t getting enough referrals! I don’t post pictures there anymore unless it’s in one of the 2 groups I still participate in. Meh. Why not start up a mobile group for those interested in it. AKA Mobile WordPress or something?!

  2. GrahamInHats says:

    *WP CEO Matt Mullenweg* has know made a reply on this subject. It can be found near the end of the comments list (at January 29, 2015 at 17:57) on :-


    You can reply to him if you wish. I don’t think he is quite aware of the deliberate removal of navigation links. So, the more the merrier. 🙂 .

  3. I am on blogger, but when I first started in blogging I had found yahoo 360 we all loved that site then I don’t remember what happened but they decided to get rid of our blog platform and do something different-which was sooo bad. so most of us found Multiply which was similiar to yahoo 360 but through the years was so much better-it really had everything-photo albums, the blog platform, and excellent ways to communicate with friends right on our blog–then a couple years ago the owners got greedy sold it to an asian country-and they got rid of our blogs—so I understand what you are going through.
    I ended up on blogger but it is really difficult to find friends in the beginning and is much more difficult to stay in touch one has to work at that and be able communicate through emails–I have decided if Blogger should go away-that’s it for me lol good luck with wordpress Kathy

    • treadlemusic says:

      Wow! Thanks for all the background info on your blogging trek. I did not realize how much of this that I/we are experiencing is really a “bottom line”/$$$$ thing!!!! Smarter ppl than me are keeping us WP ppl up on things but I don’t know if the politics of it is what I like but if there’s a way to express my distaste for what’s happening then I will definitely do it (until it gets to be too much and cuts into my quilting/blogging time, that is!!!!). Thanks again for sharing all with me. It really does help to know that this isn’t a new/isolated thing. Hugs……………………….

  4. Thread crazy says:

    Are you thinking of leaving WP for another? Considering my limited of WP here lately, I’ve noticed a few things but wasn’t sure what was happening.

    • treadlemusic says:

      No I’m not going anywhere in the foreseeable future but I’m thoroughly disgusted with the current direction they’re taking it. It’s rather bizarre the way changes are coming…….most really aren’t necessary. The thought (in the reblog) that 1 program format can accommodate both a pc and mobile application is crazy and leaves everyone with a less than satisfactory experience. I do want to be informed of what’s behind the scenes, though, and have found the “shortcuts” back to the old format (that were pointed out in the reblog). I do my posts in Windows Live Writer (free download) so some of the WP changes don’t affect me.

  5. Teje says:

    Hi Doreen! Thanks for the post and Info! I have been thinking on my own that I don’t like the changes but until now didn’t hear from anyone their thoughts. I have to admit that now my English wasn’t good enough to understand the post you linked. Is there something I should worry about? I’m too busy lately, but still I want to continue my blog as it is. I hope to get back on sewing tomorrow! Hugs! x Teje

  6. Thanks, Doreen. I appreciate you reblogged this. Jim and I are not fans of many of the changes.

  7. witchylin says:

    If it aint broke why fix it? These days nothing is allowed to remain in the best interests of the bulk of the users.

  8. GrahamInHats says:

    Thank you for adding your comment. That is very well put. 🙂

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