A cute Texas quilt shop………..

Was found on our Texas trek of a few weeks ago. Named the Picket Fence, it wasn’t the largest but, oh,did it have a bit to offer! Observe how nice and warm the exterior photos are (a note to my Northern readers!!!!)……..027029

030  The building to the right, in the above photo, is a cozy workshop/sewing space that’s separate from the retail area/building. That has some nice advantages during busy shopping times! I was told that the structure used to be a bar which accounted for some of the interior appointments, such as………..IMG_0843  This photo gives a view of a very substantial “counter”, which was the ‘bar’ in the former saloon. It was far too sturdy to destroy in order to……put in another!!!! Makes sense! 

2015-01-14 Tx trek  At the very back (where you see that blue quilt hung on the wall) is a raised platform for the music artists who provided entertainment regularly in those days. Rumor has it that Freddy Fender performed there. I couldn’t come up with any evidence, though…………IMG_0841  They do quite a bit of custom quilting. I’m not too surprised as there seems to be very few shops in the area (of course, this info may change as soon as we are down there for a longer time and can do a bit of exploring!!! I know that McAllen is the next, very large, town West of Harlingen and there is at least 1 shop there. IMG_0842

The purchases were extremely minimal……this time!!! 004

It has some quilting threads, a good notions wall and a nice selection of patterns. There are regularly held sew-ins and workshops. I’m sure I will be a customer in the months ahead.

OK, well……..I’m back to ……….. well, not much stitching going on at the moment. Yesterday, Ms Sweetie decided to have a major breakdown (not exactly sure what happened!) while doing a swap-out of the open-toe foot for the ruler foot. It resulted in several calls to Salt Lake City (Utah) and a Handi Quilter tech, named Greg (awesome fella and the patience of Job!!!!) who talked DH through a complete dismantling of the machine (opening the casing, etc) and performing the fix. I think Ms Sweetie (HQ Sweet 16) is on the mend today. Then this morning……..again, “life” happened and a plumber will arrive later this afternoon to alleviate whatever is stopping up my kitchen drain. TMI (too much information)?????

Anyway, I’m off to get ready for next Monday’s guild meeting and starting a paper piecing test run for a friend’s pattern (more on that to come!!!!).

Let’s go do something quilty!!!!! Til next time………………

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A quilter who rides motorcycle, living on a small hobby farm in southeastern Minnesota. Grandmother and Great Grandmother.
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12 Responses to A cute Texas quilt shop………..

  1. What a wonderful discovery and I do appreciate that snippet of warmth. Soon. Right? Oh, yeah, it’s only February 12.

    I hope the drain problem is equally as easy to solve as the sewing machine problem. Or perhaps DH would not say it was easy.

    • treadlemusic says:

      Actually, the drain professional/plumber did the great ‘fix’ and DH learned a lot about longarm machines!!!! It was tense with the first tech called but the 2nd was awesome!!!

  2. witchylin says:

    I so please Ms Sweetie has recovered and your drain is cleared.
    The Picket Fence is a gorgeous shop. I could get lost in there for hours. I admire your restraint with your purchases.

  3. gijane279-Liz says:

    LOL not TMI about the kitchen sink… those thinks happen to us all! Sounds like you had a fun visit in your soon to be “local” quilt shop!!! Plus from having been stationed in TX I’d have to say Texans are over all really nice people!

    • treadlemusic says:

      DH and I are still amazed at how everyone everywhere was so friendly, courteous and ready to assist/answer our questions (even at the local Walmart!!!!!!). Something to look forward to definitely!!!!!

      • gijane279-Liz says:

        No kidding… Long story short I was leaving TX after having been to an Air Force School back in 2005 I was driving my car (Buick) on the highway and ran over a piece of truck tire, I didn’t think much about it since that kind of thing happens about an hour later I’m still in TX and hungry so I pull into a Sonic had some lunch and then went to back out… car in gear press on gas NOTHING happens, so I try turning of the car turning it back on a couple more times that doesn’t work so I walk across to the Auto part store tell the guy inside I need help so he goes out looks under the car and up in the wheel well of the front tire on the passenger side is the piece of rubber from the truck tire… He pulls it out, which took some doing but then went inside called the Buick Dealer in town who said bring it right over. We get there the man in the service department (who was probably old enough to be my father) takes it for a test drive for about 20-30 minutes and comes back says it seems fine I ask how much do I owe for your assistance and he said NO CHARGE… Turns out he had been in the Air Force and saw my uniforms hanging in the back seat…. Not only that his wife was also at the dealership and they asked me to dinner…. I declined since I was then behind schedule but I tell you what TX has my vote for kind people!

        • treadlemusic says:

          Thank you so much for sharing that wonderful story!!!!! I know that the area we call “home” is populated with super nice friendly ppl but the ones we interacted with in TX (from north to south!!!!) were amazing!!!!!!!

  4. Rosemarazzle says:

    Rosemary B here:
    Nice shop. It looks like it has a lot to offer. I think this Texas home is going to be a great adventure.
    I hope your Sweetie is healthy and happy again.
    Sorry about the kitchen clog. ugh. House troubles are annoying.
    Happy Wednesday

  5. Are the gremlins visiting your house?? Hope all is fixed soon.

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