Mini-Shop-Hop report……………..

My “list” contained just 1 item for this trek!!! Yup, just 1 and it was this…….008an additional Aurifil thread in this color. How hard could that be??? Well, in the shops we were to visit, only 1 had this brand and it was not the first shop, or the second!!!! Anyhow………….

I’ll give you the quick(?) retail account. First up was Quilt Basket & Creations, located in Viroqua, Wisconsin. We’ve been there on many previous occasions and always find a little something to take home. See my post here for earlier visit info. Just a few items made it to the car……..005 A couple of $1 fat quarters….always needed!!!! And that piece by Kate Spain—-glorious! A small bag of jingle bells…..just because!!! AND this panel004 Isn’t that the most perfect candidate for this motif?????? Stay tuned on this one!! I know it’s a winter theme and I’m so ready to move on to warmth BUT 50% off and the opportunity to use “Feather Galaxy”====perfect!!!!

The next shop was a bit further down the road in Richland Center, WI. The Thimble and Thread is located in a building once used as a motel and now each room has been changed to create shop space, an office, longarm room, workshop area and storage! Only picked up some pre-printed fabric labels!!! Pretty good so far………….. 006 

Moving on to Waunakee(WI) and Mill House Quilts, which was a grain mill (built in 1875) in its “former life”!! (more on this shop and a previous visit here) IMG_0876

This gorgeous shop is my “Radiance” fabric source!!!!!! IMG_0874   Is that not the most fabulous array you’ve ever laid eyes on??? (drooling………….) Nope……I’m good in that department, thank you very much but the thread!!! Yup……they had it, along with the “InsulBrite” that I use when making hot pads/pot holders. 007 That last item really was one of those……..”I see it/I remember I’m down to my last bit of it”-type purchases…..saves future frustration when trying to construct that ‘perfect’/last minute gift!!!!

Moving onward……to our last stop.  Village Creek Quilts was actually (kinda, sorta) the reason we went this direction in the first place. Their specialty is pre-cuts and the owner has made a fab business of utilizing those in creative new ways. IMG_0880




IMG_0890I am here to tell you that her techniques are so simple and so easy that the temptation is to tell yourself “I’ll remember that!”……guess again!!! Her ability to turn 10” and 5” squares into fab new piecings is quite amazing. Moral of the story… her books!!!!! 012 011 

Just 2 little packages of precuts followed me home (I was quite pleased with myself!!! Remember….I only needed thread!!!!!)

Across the street, from the above shop, is one of those most sweet primitives shops……..IMG_0893 We just couldn’t resist a peak inside………………………..IMG_0895IMG_0896IMG_0897 (1)


So the day ended. Oh yes, we did stop for a quick bite to eat…..nothing spectacular, though cuz fabric was our “mission”!!!!!!!


About treadlemusic

A quilter who rides motorcycle, living on a small hobby farm in southeastern Minnesota. Grandmother and Great Grandmother.
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14 Responses to Mini-Shop-Hop report……………..

  1. Michele says:

    Good for you for being restrained. And I so remember being shocked by how many shops didn’t carry Aurifil when I did the NJ shop hop a couple of years ago. I only found it in one out of eleven shops.

    • treadlemusic says:

      Ok, so this thread situation is widespread. I know that a lot of $$$$ can be tied up in a small thread display (kinda like greeting cards) but if I buy on-line, chances are I buy other needed items that could have been gotten at a shop, too. More and more stitchers are looking for threads but the shops aren’t providing!

  2. witchylin says:

    As I always say when you tell us about your days out, Why Oh Why don’t we have shops like those in the UK? Well there are one or two but so few and far between it is ridiculous. if I was 20 years younger I would be thinking about opening one. However when you retire you really don’t want to start working over again.

  3. Thread crazy says:

    What a fun trip and “love” that Village Creek shop…what a find! Isn’t it fun to go into a shop just for thread and come out with some wonderful finds!! Looks like you have many wonderful quilting shops up your way….

  4. mtetar says:

    Terrific Post. Blessings Always, Mtetar

  5. Best Way to spend the day!

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