There are 2 types of bunnies……..

Because it’s Spring once again (at least, for the moment!), I’m pulling this post forward from a couple of years ago. This was a vintage tablecloth purchased at a thrift store in Sprearfish, South Dakota (the Spring of 2013). It was purchased to quilt as a “whole cloth” and to be donated to the Moore, OK, tornado victims (2013 saw a vicious outbreak of tornadoes that decimated much in the Oklahoma area and across the South). This was my first real venture into linen/whole cloth quilting. I hope you enjoy this little trip down memory lane……….


     There are those that seem to know exactly when something in the garden is at the perfect tenderness/sweetness and the buffet is open!!!! Then, there are the bunnies who epitomize sweetness, cuteness and all the lovely cozy things we like so much. These photos are all of the second kind and I am in love!!!  Beware!!! This post is picture heavy!!!!!!

005 006

Didn’t I tell you???Aren’t they just the sweetest????? In the white area (very center) there is a little micro-stippling and McTavishing. The larger white area was marked in an “on point” grid that was stitched with curved lines. I will definitely do that again! The effect is quite impressive for such a simple stitch pattern, don’t you think?? The flowers and bunnies  were outlined and the outer edge of the tablecloth/border fabric seam  (the blue ‘strip’) was straight stitched for definition.




Above is the border stitching. I…

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6 Responses to There are 2 types of bunnies……..

  1. Thread crazy says:

    I do so remember this top and yes, the efforts for the Oklahoma people.; what a tragedy. Beautiful quilt, and love the bunnies.

  2. witchylin says:

    Lovely as always. 🙂

  3. labugaiski says:

    Wow! Love your quilting! I have a question how do you know what design to quilt on a quilt?

    • treadlemusic says:

      Ooooo……well…..therein lies the real challenge, doesn’t it. One can execute all sorts of motifs but…then the question: what to use where? I don’t mean to sound “flip” but I really do “listen” to the quilt top. I really ponder/think about it as I pin baste it….looking over each part of it. I dream about it…….sometimes it comes quickly and sometimes the ideas come in pieces ….. even as I quilt it!!! I don’t have any solid answers except to say that I look at magazines, quilts, internet, Pinterest, books, etc and notice shapes/spaces that successfully utilize certain motifs. I print out photos of the top and “doodle” ideas on it. The more I do the easier it gets. Great question. I hope that I have somewhat answered your question. Hugs…………………

  4. I would love to get my hands on a vintage Easter tablecloth like that. Not to quilt. But for my table. I collect vintage tablecloths and, yes, use them whenever we have company.

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