My world today………..

Is gloomy and overcast, outside, with the prospect of storms for the next 36 to 48 hours BUT, inside, there’s this going on………….012. It’s a practice piece of a very different (for me) feather border pattern. It came up on Facebook recently and I loved how it filled the area. The gal who posted it said it works well in an 8” to 10” border but I had neither of those to work with. What I did have was an orphan block turned pillow that had been out for the Christmas holidays and had really ‘bugged’ me the whole time! Why?? Well, it wasn’t quilted but merely made into a pillow cover…… 001 I posted about it here. I promised myself that “someday” I would do something with it and today was that day!

   A while back Jamie Wallen had done a video on a similar technique but I wasn’t diggin’ it at all (you can bring up the video here) but, when I saw a slightly different process on Fb….it piqued by interest. You may check out Emma’s blog post on this (with tutorial!) here. As I mentioned earlier….these feathers were to fill a wider border and that red/white block doesn’t even have a 2& 1/2 inch space!!!!! A challenge!!!!!! Will it work????? I can make it work!!!!!

  First, some practice (ha! you thought I would skip that???)…………012

I marked my circles, using a small cone of Sulky quilting thread and I was on my way!!!!! BUT…….I wanted to use my DSM (domestic sewing machine)….Ms Juki…..The smaller feathers work much better on a domestic (my opinion!) and I was rather pleased with the results! 010

Here’s some close-ups with a penny for size contrast………008007   and a back view……..011 

And the finish………………….013015

Now………that’s an “orphan” block to be proud of!!!! LOL!!!!!!

   Other activities today…….DH pulled the RV off its winter resting spot and took it for some needed servicing….. 001   That home in the background is #2 son/DIL’s who live on the farm, also, and add to the varied happenings here. DS is a biker (as we all are!!!!!!) and does custom paint and bike work……so, on this day, he is busy in his shop with these………………..

002003004 005006

And that’s how we roll around here. Rarely is there a dull moment and, just maybe, you can see why!

Til next time……….keep those machines hummin’…………………

Note:any photo may be enlarged by just “clicking” on it!


About treadlemusic

A quilter who rides motorcycle, living on a small hobby farm in southeastern Minnesota. Grandmother and Great Grandmother.
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32 Responses to My world today………..

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  2. Thread crazy says:

    Woww Doreen you do continue to amaze. Great work and I just wish…well you know the rest of that story!

  3. Ooh I like your version of the “S” feathers better than the ones I have watched JW doing in his video. I quickly dismissed those as not for me. I will give the “S” a go after all having seen your take on this.
    Your cushion is so much more sophisticated now it is quilted. It was nice before but really, really nice now. Thanks for sharing.

    • treadlemusic says:

      Thanks so much!!!! Isn’t it interesting how each person has a wee bit different “take” on a process and then it will “click” with you???? That’s the way it was for me, too, when I saw Jamie Wallen’s video and thought “not for me” but this one really struck a chord!!!! I’m thrilled that you are liking this one!!!!! Feel free to share photos (Fb??? My page=Doreen Auger). Hugs………

  4. debby says:

    LOVE the whole pillow! What a difference the quilting makes. And I do love tiny feathers. Now you’ve put that into my mind…

    • treadlemusic says:

      I’ve tried the uber tiny feathers before and definitely did not like the results but this approach is much better. The high learning curve was fairly brief…then the fun really began!! Go for it!!!!! Hugs………………………….

  5. Raewyn says:

    Awesome! I’ll have to look up these links for this feather technique, it really is beautiful, and looks so much fun. And it’s great to see Feather Galaxy putting in an appearance, too! What a transformation of the cushion!

    • treadlemusic says:

      Good eye!!!! I was beginning to wonder if any of “our group” would spot/comment on that!!!!! LOL! The feathers took a bit to get going (a bit more practice than other times!) but I love the evenness in the resulting swirling plumes! Really much simpler than just drawing/following a single wavy spine line! You will love this. Can’t wait to see your ‘share’!!!!! Hugs………………..

  6. QuiltShopGal says:

    If quilt blocks had feelings, I’m sure it would feel so loved. What a beautiful pillow and gorgeous quilting. Total #CreativeGoodness.


  7. Wow, what a beautiful transformation on that pillow. A stitch here, a stitch there and suddenly you have this gorgeous work of art. Kind of like Cinderella putting on her ball gown for the dance.

  8. seeflishman says:

    I would love to start quilting only if I am going to be bless with the same talent as you have. Absolutely stunning!!! Gorgeous!!! Thanks for sharing!!!

    • treadlemusic says:

      I am very humbled by your sweet comment but your quilting will be different than mine simply because you are coming from a different place! Even if I practice another’s technique, my version comes with my “spin” on it! The basic “mechanics”/artistry/”rules” can be taught and practiced til learned; after that it is the practicing and use that brings out your individual personality reflected in your stitching. It’s your “desire to learn”/motivation depth that determines more of how you will acquire the skills needed. Go for it!!!! and I/we will be here for ya!!!!!! Hugs……..

  9. Gloria says:

    Why do I think you rally don’t mind a rainy day? Good reason to stay in and quilt. Love, love what you did with that “plain Jane” pillow!!

  10. labugaiski says:

    Love what you did to the pillow! And yes I agree to the camper, we r going to the campground this weekend to open up for the year, and we can wait to ride the bike either. Thanks for the links hopefully they will help me too!

  11. You are simply amazing – I LOVE these feathers. Thanks for sharing the tutes too Doreen… xo

    • treadlemusic says:

      You are very welcome, Karen. This was a very interesting challenge for me and I love this style/process!!!!!! Another great result of the “FMQF” Fb group!!!!! Thank YOU!!!!! Hugs…………………..

  12. ivoryspring says:

    Beautiful as always, Doreen! 🙂 You did an awesome job.

  13. witchylin says:

    Now those are what I call fabulous feathers. What a difference the quilting has made to the pillow.

  14. Wonderful quilting Doreen! I can see you are going to have no time to quilt when you are out playing with your other toys LOL.

  15. KerryCan says:

    Do you get tired of me telling you how fabulous something has turned out? I can’t believe the transformation in that little pillow!

    • treadlemusic says:

      Nope……keep those comments coming!!!! LOL! I am on an “adrenalin high” when quilting…..especially feathers!!!! Thanks for “tagging” along (or is it hanging on to my coat tails!!!???). Hugs…..

  16. Wow! Two and a half inches in pretty impressive! I just did some feathers very much like this (with much less back tracking than Jamie Wallen does, but more than Emily does). I think I want to try some with a much bigger circle. We’ll see. Yours are pretty impressive!

    • treadlemusic says:

      My backtracking wasn’t done the way Emily did hers. I followed her tute but it didn’t seem to be the way I was comfortable doing it so I figured out my own system. The outcome was the same, though, and I know I will repeat her marking method. Thanks so much for stopping by!!!! Hugs……..

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