What was is no longer or How I spent my Sunday afternoon………

For the last several years, the topic of replacing our original garage has been discussed. Many factors placed this project “on the back burner”. Well, it’s now “on the front burner” (so to speak) and, behold, the ‘old’ has now begun to pass away…going from this…………. IMG_3012

(my view from the house)

To this (in just a matter of a VERY little space of time)………..

IMG_3088 IMG_3089

I won’t bore you with all the steps in between, but suffice it to say that it did provide some idle(?) entertainment for us!!!!!!!!   IMG_3085 (A quick photo ‘shot’ of great grandpa, great granddaughter and DIL relaxing in the beautiful afternoon sun!)

Now, on to begin my week with a prom dress alteration looming……….


About treadlemusic

A quilter who rides motorcycle, living on a small hobby farm in southeastern Minnesota. Grandmother and Great Grandmother.
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12 Responses to What was is no longer or How I spent my Sunday afternoon………

  1. What’s planned? Bigger? I can’t help but see this old garage and think, “quilt shop.”

  2. Rosemaryflower says:

    I just watched an old house get demolished about a mile from my house. I saw them starting the project on my way for a quick visit to mom and dad at noon, and on my way home, well, every thing was gone, including the house parts, and the large equipment.
    I live in a “community” of newer homes, but Loudoun County Virginia has a lot of old large property.
    So, I am interested to see what goes there…. I hope someone will build a wonderful quilt shop.
    I do not think that would happen but there would be plenty of room for parking too.
    I just hope it is not a bank, or a nail salon, or 7-11. It is a pretty property, probably 5 acres lots of trees.
    I think a new garage is going to be great,

    • treadlemusic says:

      It’s going to be wonderful! I had hoped it would be the new “home” for my motorcycle but hubbs claimed the spot next to my car! BUT….we’ll have to just see, won’t we? Hehehe……………… Normally I don’t much care to see some of the large older homes come down if there’s any history involved …… but a quilt shop would be a nice addition for sure!!!!!!!!

  3. Jackie says:

    and you had such a perfect day to be out and enjoy 🙂 I have a friend who alters Prom dresses as well… she is sew sew busy 🙂 happy sewing!

  4. Thread crazy says:

    Oh I most definitely vote for a quilt shop er shed! Had it been me, I’d of left that garage for you to convert to a quilt shed and saved time and money in tearing it down and just built a new one…..

  5. Brady says:

    She couldn’t leave the garage, being that she no longer owns the earth it sits on. 😊 her and pa are what’s known as “squatters” now. Temporarily.

  6. Brady says:

    And there will be no quilt shop. Bike shop maybe………

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