Don’t pass by!!!!!!

IMG_4899 IMG_4898


Amidst all the pressure washing of the carport, yesterday I spied my brown delivery person coming with Ms Juki II!!! Yay!!! But, oh no! He kept on going, only to stop at a vacant site down the way. Wha-a-a-at? DH talked with him… nope….nothing for us! Quick! Check the UPS site!!!!

Sent back for next day delivery AND address correction needed!! Hmmmm.  Yup, shipper had inputted a ‘2’ where there should have been a ‘3’. Lesson in patience…….not well received on my end! BUT, today’s another day and, well………….


IMG_4902 IMG_4903 IMG_4904


She’s home……sigh……………….


About treadlemusic

A quilter who rides motorcycle, living on a small hobby farm in southeastern Minnesota. Grandmother and Great Grandmother.
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19 Responses to No-o-o-o-o-o,,,,

  1. Judy says:

    She’s a beauty, happy sewing.

  2. KrisR says:

    Hot damn…’re now in business! Sew baby, sew!

    Totally unrelated question….did you haul your bike(s) down or drive them down? Inquiring minds want to know. 🙂

    • treadlemusic says:

      Sewing will commence very shortly!!!! We have only 1 bike with us (pulled on a trailer). Tom’s HD has many miles on it and not reliable and he came across an amazing deal on a Victory Cross Roads, so that is what came along! Mine is cozied up in the garage at home…….I am looking forward to trying this one out!!!!!! LOL!

  3. Andrea R Huelsenbeck says:

    Welcome home, Juki baby. ❤

  4. mtetar says:

    Well she is well worth the wait. Blessings Always, Mtetar

  5. Rosemaryflower says:

    Did you mail it to your new place? Or is this a new Juki TL 2010
    I would LOVE one of these….. considering that I will probably never have a Sweetiepie 16.
    So glad you mobbed the UPS guy

    • treadlemusic says:

      This is #2!! I had decided to save my $$$ from the quilting I had done over the passed few months so that I could buy another to have/keep at this place. A bit extravagant to have another but packing and unpacking a machine for traveling doesn’t always go well, either. I do hope there is one of these in your future someday. Hugs coming at ya!!!!!

  6. Debbierose says:

    Lucky girl. git a juki a few months ago too

  7. Teje says:

    Hi Doreen! Oh, what you got there! Fantastic, have fun and enjoy! I just received one parcel I had sent to US, can’t understand what was wrong?! x Teje

  8. Jan says:

    Wow…the Juki does have a nice big throat! Rainy days in the forecast….good time to be inside and sewing. 🙂

  9. Vicki in MN says:

    Glad you got it and can get back to some normal, hehe. Feels like someone cut our arms off when we can not sew!! USPS wouldn’t leave my package as it snowed yesterday and he couldn’t get up the driveway. It had a new ruler and fabric in it, WAH!!!

  10. I could sense your angst in your words. Glad she’s home.

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