“On the road again……………”

Willy Nelson’s song floats through my head on so many occasions lately. One thing is learned quite quickly if the great state of Texas is visited. If you want to go anywhere…………it’s a lo-o-ong ways! None of this “just down the road a piece” stuff. Such was our last Wednesday when DH and I left Harlingen (TX) for Lakeway, a suburb of Austin, to visit with a MN friend who had come down for a month of soaking up this good ole TX sunshine. She had found a resort that had darling cabin/cottages for rent and so we just had to check it

out.IMG_5219 Isn’t that just the cutest??? With a gorgeous Live Oak shading her deck……perfect! Her cozy living space……

IMG_5214 Her talents are not only quilting-directed but she is a fab rug-hooker with many original patterns to be found on her web site, Oak Ridge Cottage Rugs. Teaching/leading workshops keeps Kathy on the move a significant amount of the year.

IMG_5211 A close-up of her current project gives you a glimpse into her style…….

 IMG_5216  I did mention that she’s a quilter, too, yes??? Of course, that means that, since she’s been down in TX for a few days, she’s found a quilt shop or two!! So, after a fab lunch at Los Pinos (sorry, no food photos this time!), the 3 of us headed to The Cotton Cupboard. Since Harlingen has only 1 (miniscule) quilt shop and the next closest (adequate..?) shops are up in the Corpus Christi area, the prospect of a shop like I’m used to in MN was quite exciting! I was not disappointed! MN gal, Jessica Dieterle, and daughter, Elly Gibbs, own/run this amazing quilters’ oasis!

Some interior ‘shots’ to give you a feel for this textile awesome-ness….

IMG_5202 IMG_5203

IMG_5205 IMG_5206

IMG_5207 IMG_5209

Inspiring samples are everywhere and the fabric organization really gets your “creative juices” flowing!!!!!! There’s even a wonderful corner for those (whether young or more mature) who would be accompanying the quilt enthusiast……

 .. IMG_5204 

The necessary(?) results of my visit…

IMG_5239 IMG_5240

That fishy fat quarter was an impulsive “must have” but I want to draw your attention to the basting pins package. Click on any photo to enlarge. Note the yellow “star” highlighted words in the upper left of the packaging. “Fine wire” is the phrase that’s important!! When pin basting batiks, the fine-wire pins will save your hands/wrists from really struggling to get the pins to penetrate the fabric (due to the often leftover dye-process residue). Also, the hole left after the pin is removed is much smaller (although, all such holes disappear with washing!).

Our route home took us on backroads that wound through the eastern edge of what is known as the Texas Hill Country……through towns such as Wimberley and near towns with imaginative names like “Dripping Springs”. Absolutely gorgeous area and very much UNlike anything one would typically think of when thinking of Texas. It turned out to be a 6.5 hour drive home (a tad slower than going the route we took through Austin when we came!) but oh so worth it!!!!!!

Thanks so much for stopping by and joining my Texas musings! Please, do come again……………..hugs to y’all………..


Be sure to check out the active links above for additional photos and info!!!!


About treadlemusic

A quilter who rides motorcycle, living on a small hobby farm in southeastern Minnesota. Grandmother and Great Grandmother.
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18 Responses to “On the road again……………”

  1. Karen Goad says:

    as we travel about at times I have noticed a big difference in quilt shops to the north (very warm inviting spaces) to quilt shops in the south (not so warm, inviting, decorative) I don’t know why the difference – cold weather makes you want to stay in the shop longer so it is more inviting?

    • treadlemusic says:

      Excellent point! The owner said she designed the shop like she prefers/defines a ‘quilt shop’ and agreed that there is a difference in many in this area. The quilting that’s taking place here in TX really is driven by Winter Texans and Northern transplants (from what I’ve seen).

  2. What a wonderful jaunt and visit with a friend.

  3. Rosemaryflower says:

    what a fun adventure and it is so lovely to see you and hubbs having a nice time shopping with Kathy

  4. Thread crazy says:

    Yep, been to Cotton Cupboard, great shop. While our shops at times are scattered about the state, we do have some really nice welcoming shops here in Texas. Here in central Texas I think we have some of the best shops, but then I’m a bit partial. By the way, driving through the hill country in the spring is breathtaking with all our wild flowers. So glad you’re enjoying your time here in our great state. Traveling through Texas is like traveling through 5 states; yep, we’re that big!!.

  5. JoAnn says:

    Good to see both you and Kathy. I am getting a little cabin fever and may go to Viroqua tomorrow. Love the town. I should stay home and sew, but can sew on Sunday.

    • treadlemusic says:

      Let me know your opinion of the Viroqua shop now. Yup, sewing on Sunday works!! Off to a large quilt event on South Padre (at the Convention Center) today. Hopefully, good photos for a post!!!!!

  6. It looks like it was a perfect visit since you got to do a little shopping too. I really like the flower fabric and if it has the info on it, would you share so I can see if I can find some of it?

  7. witchylin says:

    Great you enjoyed your trip to Austin and beyond. I love looking at quilting shop interiors. I am off on holiday from tomorrow for a week. We are going to the Welsh borders and I hope to find at least one quilt shop while away. Wish me luck. ‘See’ you when I get back.

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