Life in the new “normal”………..

I believe it was Erma Bombeck who penned the wisdom that “Normal is just a setting on your dryer”. There is so much that is said in those few insightful words. I have missed you all greatly but have felt your prayers, kind thoughts and virtual hugs in the past couple weeks. My mom passed away on February 29th (yup….leap day!) after some health challenges that escalated on Dec. 30th with the diagnosis of end-stage lung cancer. Having quit smoking almost 70 years ago…..where did this come from!!?? Anyhow, I received my brother’s call just as Tom and I were about to arrive at our “Winter Texan” home. How much time did she have…..well, there was no way to tell. Her age (94!) was definitely not a ‘plus’ and frail physical status gave her nothing to draw from. For the last 2 months she did well but her final days came quickly. (If you are so inclined, here is the obit link). The days since the service have gone by quickly (my surprise!) and have been good.

   Upon arriving at our Minnesota home on March 2 (for the upcoming funeral service on March 7) , I was immensely blest to find a card and very special package in the

mail…….. KB Hearts My TX “Killer Bees” quilt group friends had sent me/us this super lovely quilty hug……….quilters are THE best!!!!!!!!

KB Hearts 2 

Thank you, again, for being there for me/us at this time. It’s a bit daunting to think that, now, we are that “elder” generation that was made up of all “those old people” (our thoughts while youngsters!!!! LOL!).

Sending hugs and prayers for His blessings upon y’all……………..Doreen


About treadlemusic

A quilter who rides motorcycle, living on a small hobby farm in southeastern Minnesota. Grandmother and Great Grandmother.
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55 Responses to Life in the new “normal”………..

  1. Condolences – no matter the age, it is always hard to lose your mom… **hugs**

  2. jennyklyon says:

    Hugs and prayers for you Doreen. So sorry to hear your Mom passed.

  3. kathyreeves says:

    Doreen, Losing your mom is always hard, even if they lived a long and adventurous life and know Jesus. Sending you hugs and prayers. She’s dancing with the angels in heaven!

  4. Karen Goad says:

    your mom lived a long life sorry though that you were not with her when it happened, there is just no predicting things like that

  5. Sending love and prayers to you and your family . . .

  6. I’m so glad we talked after you returned to Texas. It was good to hear from you. You shared then what your Texas quilter friends made for you and Tom. But to see the love hearts here in a photo is even more impressive. What a caring bunch.

    Even if your mom was 94, she’s still your mom. And I am sorry for your loss.

    I think the same as you. Now we are next in line as we move to the head of the line. Thank God we know where the line is taking us, right?

  7. Thread crazy says:

    I thank the good Lord that he laid you on my heart as I had no idea. Loosing our Mothers is indeed hard, no matter the age. I lost mine almost 33 years. Savour the memories, keeping them close at heart. Yes the angels have a new member in their choir and I’m sure she’s singing beautifuly! Many hugs and prayers to you both.
    P.S. So good to have you back!!

    • treadlemusic says:

      It is very good to be back. The past few weeks/couple months have been a bit surreal. I’m so thankful to my brother/SIL who gave sacrificially of themselves for her care. Yes, cherish those memories!!!!! Hugs……….

  8. Oh, Doreen, please know that prayers for you and your family are being offered up to our Lord. No matter what your age, it’s just plain hard to lose your Mom. And it is daunting to lose her loving presence in this life. Hugs to you

  9. Beth Ann says:

    I am so sorry about your mom’s passing but I am glad you were able to be there. Sending hugs to you.

  10. mtetar says:

    My Deepest Condolences and May God continues to Bless and strengthen you and your family. Blessings Always, Mtetar

  11. ruthiequilts says:

    Hugs to you and your family Doreen… It can be a hard thing, even if they’ve lived a full life. XOXO Ruth

  12. Mary Mell says:

    Sorry for your loss. When will you be back?

    Sent from my iPhone


  13. Gloria says:

    Sending heartfelt sympathy to you and your family, we have both lost all parents. Don’t like being that older generation! Enjoy the time in Texas in the warm sunshine!

  14. Kathy says:

    Sadden to learn of your mom”s passing, Doreen. I too was called back to MN for the passing of my father in mid-January! Although he was 99, losing a parent is still affects one deeply. I will keep your family in my prayers. Your AMM friend!

    • treadlemusic says:

      And I send prayers your direction! I guess it’s another one of those “right of passage” life events we go through. Thankfully we are never without the Comforter! Hugs…………….

  15. Jeanne says:

    I’m sending hugs and prayers. It’s always hard to lose your mom even if she is 94! Yes, we are now the old folks – that’s a little scary…

  16. KerryCan says:

    Oh, dear–what a lot you’ve been through! I’m so sorry about your loss–that’s a great photo of your mom with the obit. What a great smile! I’m glad you were with family and had the thoughts, and that lovely gift, from your quilt friends to support you.

    • treadlemusic says:

      It certainly has been quite the time. Challenges that were a bit unique (for me, at least). Through it all I knew that the Lord had all in His loving hands and will continue to do so!

  17. Patricia Dauphinee says:

    Doreen. You all have my sincere sympathy, I feel for you, my Mom went the same way and yes she also quit smoking years and years before, where did it come from? who knows. So many times after she left us I just wanted to phone and ask her some silly little thing and then it hits you all over again, takes awhile, then it gets easier, but it never goes away, she was your Mom and no one else can fill that gap. Take care and think about her being in a better place, tears are in my eyes. Love and God Bless, Pat

  18. Please accept my sympathies. Your mother’s photo shows a warm, energetic, happy person. It’s no surprise you’ll miss her dearly.

  19. Oh Doreen, sending you my condolences with lots of hugs, prayers and love. Take care. xx

  20. witchylin says:

    I am so sorry to learn your reason for having to rush back home. My sympathies go out to you and your family.Losing your Mom is very hard. Dwell on all the happy memories you have of your life with her.
    It is good to have you back again as I have been wondering how you were and when we would see your life on your blog again. Many hugs dear quilting friend.

  21. Lynne stucke says:

    I am sorry for your loss. Hugs to you. Will be praying in the days to come.

  22. Jackie says:

    So sorry to hear you lost your mom Doreen, May God give you peace in the memories you have of her!

  23. sharechair says:

    So sorry to hear this. I hope your memories and the support of all those who love you gives you some comfort. I had to smile at your observation of moving into the role of the “old folks.” I’ve been noticing that a lot more people rush to open doors for me these days. How did that happen? Take care, Doreen, and be gentle with yourself.

  24. Jen says:

    Sorry to hear of your loss. Will be praying for peace for you and your family during this time. My heart breaks for you. ❤️ Jen

  25. I am so sorry for your loss.
    Will light a candle for your mother, you and your loved ones.
    Lots of hugs

  26. KrisR says:

    So sorry to hear about your mom, Doreen. xo

  27. LB says:

    Oh goodness, I see that I have missed much, Doreen. Thank you for sharing the link so that I might see an image of your mother. Blessings and peace to you.

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