“Twin” finishes…………..

Yup……all completed! Right down to the labels, washing and drying. Yay! Each one started out measuring (approximately) 36”x 42” and now measure 2” less both dimensions. No..I do not prewash! BUT, there was no color bleed (the “Shout” sheets were the same as when they were put in the washer!!!!!)!

First: “Rhyme Time”……………..IMG_5798 IMG_5791 IMG_5794 IMG_5799 IMG_5795 IMG_5800   And the backing…………IMG_5793

Now,to switch gears…………….IMG_5786 IMG_5787 IMG_5788 IMG_5797IMG_5796   And a peek at this one’s backing……IMG_5789         Note: Click photo to enlarge.

The FMQ was done on Ms Sweetie (HQ Sweet 16). The first was a few feather plumes and swirls; the second I did another fave: circuit board. Fun!

Thread: (top) Glide poly,40 wt; (bobbin) Connecting Threads Essential Pro poly,70 wt.

Batting: Hobbs Heirloom cotton/poly (80/20)

Now….on to some alterations and a grandson (tech school) graduation…..

About treadlemusic

A quilter who rides motorcycle, living on a small hobby farm in southeastern Minnesota. Grandmother and Great Grandmother.
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15 Responses to “Twin” finishes…………..

  1. Beth Ann says:

    Love these and what fun they will be for the recipients. Congrats to the grandson!

  2. knitnkwilt says:

    Both quilts are adorable!

  3. Rosemaryflower says:

    Really cute.
    What fun quilts. I know they were a blast to make

  4. Debbierose says:

    Thanks for sharing all your dimensions, materials used & tips. I dont prewash either.

    • treadlemusic says:

      I imagine you do it for the same reason I do…….max texture for that awesome “quilty” look. I so love these finishes. Most of my quilts finish 2″-4″ smaller because of the shrinkage. I try to allow for that in my planning! Thanks so much for stopping by!!!! Hug………………

  5. mtetar says:

    Awesome!!! You’re always at your best, Mtetar

  6. Congrats on the grandson graduating from tech school!

    Both of those quilts are super cute and will be well-loved by some little one and their parents.

    • treadlemusic says:

      A good time of visiting this afternoon. The graduation was several hundred (almost 700!) plus faculty/relatives. I guess it was kinda “zoo-y”…..way too many and quite impersonal (I was told).

  7. witchylin says:

    They are really cute. I’m sure they will be well received.

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