An original……………….

Last Monday was the monthly gathering of my smaller, local quilt group. It was perfect weather (the major heat of the previous days had somewhat abated) and the rural location gave ample opportunity for some deer watching. There were many things shared that night… are just a sampling. Gwen has another graduation coming up, so another quilt is definitely needed! She had spent some 3 days getting this stack of blocks put together….30 in all and, I believe, she said they were around 14” square…….IMG_6453 The larger center area is made up of 4 blocks, actually and she used batik charms for a “jump start” on the piecing. Carol hosted a gal-friend’s overnight stay and received this lovely appliqued wool covered journal “Thank you” (ummmm, shall we say that a bit of camera shyness is going on????)……… IMG_6450 At our previous meeting, I presented the “Paint Chip Challenge/Gift Exchange” for Christmas and Ann needed to do her drawing………..IMG_6452    The “rules”/challenge is to make an item (anything) that utilized the 3 colors drawn + 1 color of your choice. I included 3 “free” colors that could be used (black, white and tan/beige) as neutral background, or whatever. The color combos definitely were interesting and, as shown by the above example, will be a challenge. The finished item will be wrapped,  the little baggie (w/ the paint chips) attached and given at our Christmas get-together. Some of the gals have either completed or are well underway with their projects!!!!  The last photo is of Joan’s (pronounced “Jo-ann”) very original quilt for one of her grandsons. (note: click to enlarge!)……IMG_6449 The background is machine pieced but all the applique work is needle-turned!!!!!! Gorgeous!!!! She drafted the appliques from either coloring books or totally original! AND she is hand quilting this one (her preferred quilting process).                                           Til next time………how is your ‘stitchin’ summer’ going???? As always, I so luv it when you come to visit! Sending cozy hugs to you all……………

About treadlemusic

A quilter who rides motorcycle, living on a small hobby farm in southeastern Minnesota. Grandmother and Great Grandmother.
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2 Responses to An original……………….

  1. What a fun Christmas project that will result in many creative outcomes.

    I have a sister-in-law named Joanne whose name is pronounced Joan.

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