A new kitchen toy gets a “maiden voyage”…….

And it was a 5-star success!!!! Let’s give you a bit of a background……..the morning of July 12th I noticed that Amazon was doing a phenomenal sale (for Prime subscribers) on a product I’ve been researching for well over a year. It’s this little wonder………..IMG_6620    Just to give you a bit more background info……when the boys were little, I used a top-of-the-stove pressure cooker a lot. Then……they got busy and so did I and DH went long-haul trucking so major meals were history. The cooker was shelved (and still is!) but memories of great meals persisted. Enter a couple of bloggy friends who started a ‘buzz’ about these “Instant Pot” cookers. Hmmmmm. More info needed. Electric. All types of programmed times…..built in! And many safety features. Ok. The price, last month, was about 1/2 the normal. We aren’t Prime subscribers but we have friends who are and, now, I am the proud owner of this lovely gizmo. Ultimately, this cooker will travel with us to Texas. My kitchen there is very tiny and cooking can be a bit of a challenge. Now I’m thinking I just have to have another one for our MN home!!!!!!

Tonight, I finally had some time to try this cooker out. I had viewed a few YouTube videos and found a recipe  for Mongolian Beef on the “Pressure Cooking Today” site that looked good. Well, I did follow what was indicated and the results were awesome (DH really loved it…..I could have had a bit/lot more ‘heat’, but the flavor was “spot on”) and I can’t begin to tell you how easy and quick the process was. In 45 min, the 2 pound beef roast, broccoli, etc, went from refrigerator to plated!!!! All this with 1 pot clean-up!!!!! Yes!!!! IMG_6622IMG_6623    Perfectly accompanied by some fresh made French bread. Next up……a recipe (don’t know which one, yet, but something Mexican for sure!!!!) using chicken, tomatillos and “heat”!!!!


About treadlemusic

A quilter who rides motorcycle, living on a small hobby farm in southeastern Minnesota. Grandmother and Great Grandmother.
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16 Responses to A new kitchen toy gets a “maiden voyage”…….

  1. JoAnn says:

    I may have to look in to one of these. Looks awesome.

  2. Mary Nelson says:

    We had a big family reunion in Florida over New Years and part of the crew needs to eat gluten free. We were able to make rice for a group of 30+ very quickly and easily. And those who had food issues were able to cook what they wanted, without taking up stove space and not be “fussed” over in their menu planning.

  3. Linda Sunderland says:

    New kitchen toys are always fun.

  4. What a find. Better than a crockpot.

    • treadlemusic says:

      Yes!!! And it’s a 7 in 1 vessel that does crock pot duty plus yogurt maker, rice steamer (yay!), soup pot, (black) bean cooker (double yay!) AND makes cheesecake, puddings, steelcut oats, etc!!!!! I’m happy. And it will be a great addition to our TX kitchen!!!!

  5. Beth Ann says:

    You know what? I have one of these (not this brand) and have not used the pressure cooker part of it! Aren’t I just silly? I got it when we had the “Love Nest” in Dothan and thought it would be perfect and then when we moved all our stuff out of there back to NC it got stored in the garage so now you have inspired me to go dig it out and get cooking. Any tips??? Your meal looks amazing!!!

  6. Jeanne says:

    I came so close to purchasing this on Prime Day but didn’t….I might have made a mistake! I’ll have to look for a sale now…

    • treadlemusic says:

      Yesterday there was a sale on the model w/0 the yogurt program. Same price as mine. I’m thinking that next time I’m ordering either one of those for a 2nd one. Not sure yet how much the yogurt program will be used.

  7. Jackie says:

    Looks like you have yourself a fun new kitchen gadget. Be sure to share your fun dinners, I may have to look into this!

    • treadlemusic says:

      I have really given this cooker a work-out and luv it even more! From Mexican, to Chinese, to good ole American dishes….it really was a great purchase! And it really helps to have some really excellent ‘puter sites/blogs for recipes and advice!!!! Glad you stopped for a few moments!!!!! Hugs…………..

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