Book Cover “Pattern”………..kinda……….

To refresh your memory….a photo IMG_7400 (For the complete info, see my previous post, here. . There’s a few variables….like the size of the book you will need to cover! Mine was a medium, hard cover book measuring: 5.75”x 8.75”x 1.5”(page thickness). The first measurement is this one……cover tutorial 1 With the book closed and adding about 1/2” to allow for the quilting and wrapping around the book.  Then measure the (2)height and (3)thickness, adding 1/2”to3/4” to allow for adding a binding that will extend beyond the book size. cover tutorial 2     Using these dimensions and the guidelines,below, for the additional desired flap closure, I drew up these plans……IMG_7424  Enlarge (by “clicking” on it) the ‘plans’ photo in order to see details of fold lines.   And, from there, adding a bit for “ease”,, make a paper pattern…….IMG_7420   The shape of the flap, and size, is totally up to you. It accommodated the strip of Velcro nicely and laid flat. The next step is to trace this shape on your fabric. You will need a top layer, backing and batting…….IMG_7425  The batting needs to be in the right 2/3s of the shape and NOT beyond the LEFT dotted line/into the FRONT pocket area. That extension will be folded to the inside of the book and doesn’t need additional bulk. IMG_7431   The above photo shows the batting ending about at that line. Really not super fussy. Baste the layers together as desired and quilt….again, stopping at that LEFT dotted line. I did stitch on that line to secure the batting (thru all 3 layers). Stitch a securing stitch around the perimeter line of the ‘jacket’ and cut just outside that line. The FRONT pocket edge may be bound or raw edges turned to the inside and topstitched at this point then folded to the inside on the fold line and pinned. The perfect spot for your label!!!! (Photo below……)IMG_7405   The back cover pocket is formed with 2 fabric pieces that I cut 4”x 9.5”. With right sides together, stitch the long/9.5” sides (only) together, leaving the short edges open. Turn, press and topstitch. Place at the appropriate line (see “plans” above for “back pocket) and stitch the outer 2 edges and edge towards the flap…….leave the edge towards the center open to receive the back cover. I, also, made a pencil/pen pocket and placed it so that it would be nesting in the book pages area. Be sure to place its opening at the top/right side up of the book!!!!. I used the usual binding width and application with a hand stitch finish. The Velcro strips were machine stitched on last (I was able to avoid stitching the front pocket closed…..but it depends on the front placement!!!!!!!) IMG_7410IMG_7408 This is only to provide you with some IMG_7403guidelines for your project. Be sure to “fit” the pattern to your application/book as you go and allow for “ease” or the book won’t stay closed if there’s too much “tension” when the covers are inserted into their pockets and the book is closed. If there are any questions (???), please, feel free to leave them in the comments and I will address them, in case others find themselves in the same situation. Have fun and I do hope this will fill a gifty need now or in the future.

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A quilter who rides motorcycle, living on a small hobby farm in southeastern Minnesota. Grandmother and Great Grandmother.
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10 Responses to Book Cover “Pattern”………..kinda……….

  1. Summer Daisy says:

    Love this so much ♥ Happy Tuesday ♥

  2. This would make a great cover for a bible. Or reduce it to cuddle cell phones.

  3. Debbierose says:

    You are so generous sharing your skills, thanks Doreen

    • treadlemusic says:

      You are so very welcome…always! It doubles (plus!) the enjoyment I get when concocting these pieces. As artists, we are constantly desiring to give to others a gift that is from our heart & hands. Sharing those ideas is part of the “community”, I think. Hugs…….

  4. witchylin says:

    Ah! The secret is out. I guess there will lots of these covers around at Yuletide.

  5. Mary C says:

    Thanks! I want to get started tonight!

    • treadlemusic says:

      Let me know if there’s a “hiccup” in the “directions”. I did it as spur of the moment inspiration and didn’t anticipate writing out some type of steps!! LOL!!!!! Feel free to send me a photo!!!! Hugs………….

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