The battle is on………

What battle, you say??? The battle of seasons……Autumn vs Winter (thus far, we have been blessed with incredibly warm temps, both day and night!!!!) and………well, let’s just say…the “before the pending Christmas ‘busy-ness’” and the actual season!!! It’s actually November!!!!! Really! Daylight Savings(?) Time goes away til next year (this Saturday eve….”Fall Back” is the phrase, I believe). I almost feel like I’m dreaming!!!

  Enough of that……Have you been thinking about Christmas projects?? Having received a recent call requesting such has pushed me to move forward whether I’m ready or not. The project is a set of decorative Christmas stockings—-done!!! IMG_7433 IMG_7434

A simple version, made from blue denim and plaid brushed denim (cuff and lining).  Love them!!!!!!


Next up were a couple of blocks needed for an upcoming quilt guild meeting. The first is, what is called a “lottery block”. Each member makes as many as she desires. For each block handed in, there’s an entry to win all the blocks and opportunity to name the pattern for the next ‘lottery block’ collection. Here’s mine…..IMG_7436     The requirements were for the pattern “Floating Star” done with a white background and pastels.

The next block is a “Friendship Block”. Each member makes a block, per the pattern given by the recipient whose name is at the top of the list, signs it and the recipient has a stack of blocks in short order. Here’s the block requested by Joan…..IMG_7437 A simple pinwheel, sewn with this technique from Missouri Star Quilt Co. The only difference is that we worked with 10” squares instead of 5” squares. The light yellow (background) print was given to each and we were to choose an Autumn themed print to complete it. The block is then signed by the sewist.

Now, back to the planned activities……..

About treadlemusic

A quilter who rides motorcycle, living on a small hobby farm in southeastern Minnesota. Grandmother and Great Grandmother.
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8 Responses to The battle is on………

  1. You are busy, aren’t you? But I know your passion for quilting and all is fun. Right? Or do you get stressed with the Christmas busyness?

    • treadlemusic says:

      Not (the ‘bad’ kind of ) stressed…..more the “I’ve got more ideas than I have time” kind!!!! LOL!!!!! Has always been that way…………..Condensing/pruning excess has never been my forte!!!!!

  2. Teje says:

    Hi Doreen! Unfortunately it’s time to start Christmas and seasonal sewings. I want autumn to continue looooong! Lovely Christmas socks! Those materials are perfect! We had already rain and a little bit colder but today I’m cleaning with t and flip flops. Still looks like I made good choise to clean and wash fabrics today because rainy clouds are filling the sky. Tomorrow I can focus on sewing! Hugs! x Teje

    • treadlemusic says:

      I totally understand!! Yesterday was laundry and hanging bed linens on the outdoor lines……the weather was so perfect (flip flops here, too!!!). Today is supposed to be beautiful, as is tomorrow…..then, well, inevitably there will be change!!!!! LOL!!! Happy sewing……………with hugs……….

  3. Debbierose says:

    Busy season silly season, time is zooming. Your stockings are gr8, love the fmq design

  4. [D] So this was just a digression! A very nice one – working with fabrics.

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