Unity with diversity…………..

And, no, this post is not going the “political route” (although, at this juncture, “Unity with diversity” is exactly what is needed in this country/world!). The challenge of the current quilting project has been to stitch each section individually but with an eye toward the finished ‘whole’. Keeping enough elements (of each stitching motif) common to each row section thereby unifying the finish. A pic of the entire quilt……IMG_7496     And some photo snippets so you may see these “elements”………………..IMG_7517IMG_7522IMG_7525IMG_7529IMG_7527IMG_7520  As you can see, the “leafy vine” and “grid”/orange peel is found in many spots along with various swirls and echoes (see here). Inspiration for the stitching in the various borders was found in the batik border fabric (another method of unifying the quilting with the piecing).

Thread: (top)Invisifil, monofilament,Isacord, (bobbin)Connecting Threads Essential Pro poly (70 wt). Batting: Hobbs Heirloom cotton/poly, 80/20

“Click” on any photo to enlarge. Til next we meet……………………………….

About treadlemusic

A quilter who rides motorcycle, living on a small hobby farm in southeastern Minnesota. Grandmother and Great Grandmother.
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15 Responses to Unity with diversity…………..

  1. LB says:

    oh this is a beauty!

  2. Just lovely Doreen! I so wish I had the patience to put together a quilt like this. Last week I saw a quilt exhibition that at first glance, looked like an art exhibition. From a distance the quilts looked like paintings. Truly unique!

    • treadlemusic says:

      I am in total luv with the final quilt stitching portion of quilt making and know that I, too, haven’t got the patience for putting together anything like this. Each row was done by a person in my client’s quilt group and she assembled it and had me quilt it. Thanks so much for stopping by!!!! Hugs…………………

  3. kathyreeves says:

    This fits in the epic file…every one of your posts is either a lesson or an inspiration!

  4. Diane Hines says:

    I love what you quilted!! I can’t wait to see it in person. You have wonderful ideas on how to complement each different section without overpowering it. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

  5. This quilt, what you write about it, seems exactly what we need in this country right now.

    You did a lovely job of connecting, yet allowing each section to stand alone. I’m sure this project presented a fun challenge for you.

  6. [D] I suppose this is an equivalent to a cross-stitch sampler. I’ve never before thought of this approach to quilt design: the detail has always been wholly subordinate to an overall completely unfiied design. Oddly enough, so many other things J and I do are very much of the unity in diversity philosophy, so it’s a wonder we’ve never applied that to quilting. Thanks so much for this. Your leaf detail (and complementary stitching) is a delight – exquisite in form and colour. It’s such a delight seeing your posts, whether I’m logged in as Hebridean Woolshed or J and/or I are logged in as Big Garden Blog.

    • treadlemusic says:

      Thank you so much for your insightful comment. I so appreciate your taking the moments to comment!!! These “sampler” type quilts are a challenge because the “danger” is in quilting it so densely that it becomes a cardboard display project rather than a usable/drapey bed quilt. The more ‘dense’ style stitching comes easily for me (as on my vintage stitchings) and is something I must be aware of when doing these types!!!! Sending hugs to you!!!!!!!

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