Reveal……………….(First of several…..)

Way back in July I posted a bit about a “paint chip challenge” (you need to scroll down a bit on that post link to get to the explanation) that was presented to my local quilt group. I posted a peek at my project here. The resulting creations would become this year’s gift exchange and, now, that has transpired. I did not get photos of everyone’s project but I have the wonderfully lovely, hand-quilted table topper that Joan made……The 3 color chips she got are “spot on” with the fabric!!!!!!…………….IMG_7726   Happy, sunny, WARM and perfect for my blue/white kitchen (which is much more red/green at the moment!!!!!!). IMG_7724   That lovely flowered print is, also, the backing……..reversible is always a good thing!!!!  BUT……let me move on to what I worked on this summer………..OK….these are my chips/colors that I worked with…..IMG_6321   and the finish………IMG_7620   The linen was the “grey”, thread (fmq on the linen) was the “Cocoon” chip and the purple…well, thread (Glide) as well, used on the black.IMG_7617   I deconstructed some silk flowers and stitched those on along with seed beads of various colors on both the flowers and linen.IMG_7616 Do you spy some purple?? Yes, I had the perfect piece of dupioni silk for the binding…..yay!!!!IMG_7613 IMG_7618     It was a fun challenge and one that created some heightened enthusiasm to press forward on the hunt for just that ‘right’ color!!! There are already “noises” that next year’s gift exchange could go the same direction (MINUS the pinks that some felt were a tad too prevalent in the chip bag!!!!!! hmmmmmmmmm)

On to more “secret” stuff… ‘bout you????????


About treadlemusic

A quilter who rides motorcycle, living on a small hobby farm in southeastern Minnesota. Grandmother and Great Grandmother.
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16 Responses to Reveal……………….(First of several…..)

  1. witchylin says:

    Both Joan and you managed to get good matches for your paint chips. You were lucky not to get pink!. The exchange is a great idea.

  2. Patricia Dauphinee says:

    adorable, wish I lived there so that I could do this and maybe get yours, you do wonderful work and I keep trying to do it on my machine but seems something always gets in the way, right now we are packing to move in Feb. Not a job I enjoy at all but have a brother who is not well so we are going closer to him for when he needs help.

    • treadlemusic says:

      Blessings for your kindness and love! These things are just that…..”things” and don’t have eternal value. People do. Sending warm hugs…..and your moment will come…………………

  3. what a good idea I wonder if my guild would be interested in this… so how were the colors chosen to put in the draw? how many? I read the 1st post that you added the link to and understand the just of this challenge.

  4. Debbierose says:

    Paint chip challenge is a brilliant idea.

  5. What a creative idea. So what’s with the too much pink?

  6. kathyreeves says:

    My secret stuff is moving right along. One completely finished, and another nearly so. I started one this am, but it should be ready. I have another in progress that is slow going, but hope that the lunch hours the rest of this week and the weekend get it to wrapping. I also have some non-secret mittens in the works and hope to have them sent off in time for Christmas, even though they aren’t really for Christmas!
    My thought on the paint chip challenge…how about everyone bringing their three paint chips, and then doing the exchange? That would eliminate the pink unless someone wanted it. 🙂

  7. The paint chip idea is a great idea! I love the flowers that you incorporated.

    • treadlemusic says:

      It really needed that addition……a bit too much “starkness” with the super light linen on the very black background. “Warms” it up a bit! Thanks for taking a moment to visit!!!! Hugs……..

  8. Sissy MacK says:

    All I can say is “wow”! Your comments earlier this evening made me feel like you might be someone I’d like to know, so I snooped out your blog a bit. You are one talented lady! Your quilts are like paintings! I can’t wait to see what more you come up with!

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