More “Reveals”…………….

And I do hope I don’t forget any!!!! The beginnings of these gifts actually go back to last May and the purchase of 2 bottles (“fifths”) of vodka and many vanilla beans. Madagascar beans, grade B, are the best for making your own vanilla extract. Yup……those are the ingredients! Some people will add a bit of water but I did not resulting in a (close to) 80 proof vanilla. Be careful around an open flame!!!! Seriously! The extracting continued til a few weeks ago when I bottled, labeled and utilized the neat bags I had made with this fabric. So, now I have these………IMG_7768 IMG_7770    See those beautiful beans???? As the vanilla is used, it’s possible to add more vodka or even water to make more!!!!!  IMG_7769        This was really an interesting project and one that I will repeat in the future, I’m sure. Pure vanilla, like this, will keep indefinitely on the shelf at room temp without special processing because of the significant alcohol percentage. Decreasing the alcohol to a level below 35% (70 proof) will shorten the keeping ‘life’.

Til next time, I think I’ll go look to see if I’ve forgotten any projects!

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A quilter who rides motorcycle, living on a small hobby farm in southeastern Minnesota. Grandmother and Great Grandmother.
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23 Responses to More “Reveals”…………….

  1. I make my own vanilla too and it is the best.

  2. Wow! I bet that’s the best ever! I used to drive across the border for years to get my vanilla from Mexico but these days I just buy it in the store.

  3. jackie says:

    Wow, who knew that you could make this lovely necessity in your own home. YOU are so creative in every sense of the word. I love everything about this,…. that it’s home made, the labels are really cool and then you add your personal touch with those adorable little bags. I wanna be like you when I grow up. PS, it’s so nice to see the Henry Town church re built!!!

  4. kathyreeves says:

    Where did you get those beans??!! Yummy!!

  5. Jeanne says:

    What a great gift! And the bags are gorgeous! I’ve never tried this but always think I should. I’d like you source for vanilla beans too. Thanks. ~Jeanne

  6. Pat in WNY says:

    What a fabulous gift! Where do you source your vanilla beans please?

    • treadlemusic says:

      I got some of them from my local/La Crosse,WI, food coop and the best ones are grade ‘B’ beans from Madagascar and I got those off Amazon. The price will vary depending on crop success but if you stick with the type I’ve noted,just look for the best pricing. Even so….it’s kind of an expensive endeavor but so much fun!!!!!!!

  7. A few years ago a sister-in-law gifted family members with her homemade vanilla. We were all deeply appreciative. What a lovely and thoughtful gift.

    • treadlemusic says:

      I am definitely going to make more……since most all has found other homes!!!! Found a process that allows me to do it in the electric pressure cooker!!! How very “today”!!! LOL!!!!!!

  8. KerryCan says:

    I make my own vanilla, too–I have some I made with vodka and some with bourbon–woot!! Your gift bags are the perfect finishing touch!

    • treadlemusic says:

      Somehow, the fact that you make your own vanilla does not surprise me……you are one talented/creative gal (could be why we are such good bloggy friends, hmmmmmm????? LOL!!!!) Thanks so much for your sweet words!!!! Hugs……………..

  9. witchylin says:

    The perfect gift and with the lovely bags too. I am sure the recipients will be thrilled. Hand made gifts are always so welcome. The fact you have made them makes them more special. While I am writing i just want to say have a very happy 2017 and I look forward to reading your blog for another year. Hugs to you and your family.

  10. Debbierose says:

    Pure vanilla. Its the best, your friends are very lucky. A friend of mine makes her own & it smells divine

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