Now that I have your attention, I will do a quick recap of last Thursday’s Killer Bees quilt group’s sharing……….IMG_8581Another “sip and paint” finish (several of the “KB”s got together for a workshop of wine & brushing).   IMG_8582Another “Twist N Shout” finish!!!! Yay! And…another…….IMG_8586 with a “One Block Wonder”, too!!!! IMG_8588 Plus leftovers……..IMG_8587 IMG_8584 The “dimension” that was in this pieceIMG_8584 - Copy was wonderful……trapunto will do that!!!! AND…..it was quilted by her, also!!!!! Yay!!!!         IMG_8591 This week’s workshop……with 60degree triangles and easy stripping!!!!!! LOL!

Now….on to the feathers! My vintage w/coral fmq piece, from this post, is coming along nicely.IMG_8592IMG_8594IMG_8595 - Copy    Just 3 more corners to do. I had better get stitching as I only have 1 week left in this fab warm Texas climate. Today, we’re off to Mexico for the morning. Til next time……………..


About treadlemusic

A quilter who rides motorcycle, living on a small hobby farm in southeastern Minnesota. Grandmother and Great Grandmother.
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20 Responses to Feathers……feathers………

  1. Bella Grace says:


  2. Janis Baethke says:

    Just saying…once again….WOW! You are the Feather Queen!

    • treadlemusic says:

      LOL! And they really are easy, once the basic “rules”/idea is firmly ‘planted’ in the brain!!! (and just HOW???…..why….with practice, practice, practice….hehehehe……) Thnx so much for your sweet words….xx

  3. witchylin says:

    This is looking really nice. How quickly your Texas visit has gone by. It only seems like yesterday when you were packing to go. Have a safe trip home. Happy quilting.

    • treadlemusic says:

      I KNOW!!!!!!! Wha…happened to the time!!!!???? The thought of gathering my stash additions(!!!!!!!!!) together is a bit daunting at the moment!!!! lol lol lol…….ooxxx

  4. kathyreeves says:

    Good, feathers in a corner, exactly what I need to study! I’ve measured out a bunch of paper triangles, now I have an example right when I need one to practice!

    • treadlemusic says:

      “Green Fairy”/Judi Madsen has many ideas in books she has published……also, Angela Walters. I follow both quite closely (and you will see how my designs are quite similar to theirs!!!!). Study what’s “out there”, practice and make them your own! You are one talented lady…….success awaits!!! Will be catching up with you in not too long!!!! CanNOT wait!!!!! Will probably do the same meet-up spot!!!????? Hugs……..

  5. Jeanne says:

    Thanks for sharing – your group seems to be getting smaller and smaller; people must be headed out for the summer. Your feathers are stupendous. Reading comments- I follow Angela Walters and will be looking up Judi Madsen.

  6. Vicki in MN says:

    Fab teeny tiny feathers!!

  7. Listen to you: Today we’re off to Mexico for the morning.

    You’re loving your Texas life, aren’t you? You will arrive home to a greening Minnesota.

    • treadlemusic says:

      So looking forward to our arrival. Hoping that I’ll not have to wear anything but flip-flops, though. Haven’t worn real shoes in a couple of months!!!!! LOL!!!!!

  8. D > So much personality coming through in all of these!

    • treadlemusic says:

      Thank you!!!!! How’s everything your direction????? All’s quiet in south Texas but we’re heading north/home to Minnesota next Tuesday and I think I will have to either put sox on with my sandals or actually wear shoes (which I’ve avoided for the last months!!! )……LOL!

      • J > i suspect Minnesota is already warmer than our cold Spring this year. Even so, we’re getting busier outdoors now, and as there’s already 15 hrs daylight the evenings are getting too short for much craftwork.

        • treadlemusic says:

          Minnesota has been experiencing warmer/stormier than “normal” weather for quite some time. 60-75F is unusual for this long stretch. Before returning home, we may be coming through (Western)South Dakota and they still have a mix of warm/cold, rain/sleet/snow due to the various elevations in the “Black Hills” area. Guess I have to be realistic and keep shoes & sox handy!!!! LOL!

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