Where quilters gather………..

There is the sound of machines whirringIMG_8990,

scissors snipping, needle & thread creating all sorts of wonderfully colorful pieces, ripples of laughter and voices sharing various moments of recent life happenings…….. IMG_8989 IMG_8988 IMG_8991Yup, there was a time when this group came together for a monthly meeting and an infrequent morning workshop; now, doors are open/lights are on at 9:00a.m. on those days and “treats” not-so-mysteriously appear followed by the lovely aroma of coffee brewing!

Onward to a prolific sharing time…….IMG_8994 IMG_8995IMG_8996


Each of us have made this square “likeness” (ha!) that are strung together as a bunting/banner at our various shows/events. An interesting exercise in creativity!!






And I finish this with a sweet twosome who joined us for the day and had their needlework all ready to share……………………..IMG_9008   Future members?? Someday…..but, for this day, a time of shared appreciation of an art form that we all cherish and now know will be passed on to the next generation. Such a bright ray of sunshine and joy these days when such moments are threatened by all that opposes these treasures!

Til next time…..keep on stitching and sharing and we all will be richer for the effort! Hugs………………

About treadlemusic

A quilter who rides motorcycle, living on a small hobby farm in southeastern Minnesota. Grandmother and Great Grandmother.
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12 Responses to Where quilters gather………..

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  2. witchylin says:

    Another lovely show to see on my return form a few days away. Thank you for posting all the lovely pictures. They always “make my day”. 😉

  3. My favorite show-and-tell and those two darlings as a bonus.

  4. Joan says:

    Thank You for making my girls welcome. They so love doing crafts and sewing when the school year is off for the summer now we are working on 4-H projects as they are Clover Kids still this year. The needle work was purchased by them and their mother at the famous Horsfall’s in
    Lansing . their other Grandmother lost her fight with Cancer earlier this year and she always
    had an embroidery project going.Tegan (6) the younger(left) chose her Irish doily because Grandma Joni loved the Irish St Patrick’s Day Celebrations. Breelyn (8-right) chose her Owl because they had a lesson in school about the owl and his meaning in the continuation of Life at School. they go to St Pat’s in Waukon. Thanks again Doreen and all for making them welcome and sharing time with us.

    • treadlemusic says:

      Joan, it was fun….and encouraging, to have them with us. They are quite serious about their handwork and I/we all applaud their diligance in completing a started project. I do hope they are able to come again! Hugs to all………………..

  5. I envy those who belong to fun groups like this! Thank you for sharing all the wonderful quilt goodies!

  6. Jeanne says:

    Looks like it was great fun! And I love seeing your cute future members!

  7. Bella Grace says:

    By faith we are traveling to meet you. My children are going to love meeting you and the crew. And we can all make something under y’alls teaching of love. They love traveling so this would be a treat. Lord’s eill be done. Until then we are traveling by faith. Have an amazing day in the Lord on today. Always inspired and encouraged by your posts.

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