A ‘Finish’ on Saturday is…………

Definitely a “good thing”! To pick up the vintage story see here. This piece has certainly come a long ways. Many of these linen pieces have lace edging that is in very good condition, as this piece has, and I do prefer to have that be the final edge, if at all possible.  That has worked well in this case. Because the top was very thin (allowing so much of the pink backing to show through), I cut back the batting to the top fabric edge, and, allowing for turn under,IMG_9048 I trimmed the backing and folded it back on itself (beneath the batting) and topstitched the 3 layers together.IMG_9046 I had stopped the FMQ before the outer edges so I would be able to accurately/safely stitch all these pieces together and finish the quilting outwards.IMG_9045 Now that this is completed, I know I’ll be doing more vintage pieces in this way (like the next one up, even! But, I digress…..). OK, let’s just move on to some photos……..let me just say one more thing…until I block this piece, there will be only “pieces and parts” pictures………………Starting with backing shots………..IMG_9050IMG_9058IMG_9059and the front…………………..IMG_9042 IMG_9054 IMG_9055       Now, on to the next linen for this client. Ooooooo……this is such fun……… Edit note: Thread (top and bobbin): Connecting Threads Essential Pro poly, 70wt. Batting: Hobbs Heirloom cotton/poly (80/20). Stitched on my HQ Sweet 16. I stitch hand-guided, free-motion (w/o stitch regulator). This is a sit-down mid-arm machine.

About treadlemusic

A quilter who rides motorcycle, living on a small hobby farm in southeastern Minnesota. Grandmother and Great Grandmother.
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13 Responses to A ‘Finish’ on Saturday is…………

  1. Beverly Guhl says:

    Your work is so amazing. Love your blog! ❤️

    • treadlemusic says:

      I thank you so much, Beverly! It always touches my heart that another would enjoy my random jottings/sharings. I am always hoping that what I do will motivate/inspire/challenge others on their journey (as I have found such from those who are further down the quilting road). So glad you stopped by for a visit!!! Have an awesome day!! Hugs…………….

  2. Vicki in MN says:

    You know I just love seeing what you do with all the vintage linens!

  3. Beth Ann says:

    I absolutely love it!

  4. Celia says:

    I did not look closely at your photo with the Juki! So, forgive my question I asked in earlier post. Only afterwards did I go back and see your machine. I guess I was in a hurry to tell you how much I loved your beautiful quilting.

    • treadlemusic says:

      On this piece, I used the Juki 2010 to stitch the outer perimeter, 3 layers, together to secure so I could finish the FMQ with my Sweet 16. This piece is 45″ sq. (approx.) and was easier to do on the SS. I do smaller pieces on the Juki, though (with excellent results). If I’m stitching, while in our winter Texas location, I will use my Juki regardless of the size of the piece to be quilted.

  5. Celia says:

    This is so lovely! I would love to be able to fmq like this, but I am far from it. The backing is beautiful. Thanks for sharing your photos. Did you use a treadle to do the fmq? What kind of batting and thread did you use? It’s just perfect!

    • treadlemusic says:

      Celia, thanks for asking. Thread is Connecting Threads Essential Pro poly (70wt)..both top and bobbin. The batting is a single layer of Hobbs Heirloom cotton/poly (80/20). This was stitched on my Sweet 16 sit-down mid-arm machine. Thanks so much for stopping by!! Hugs……

  6. kathyreeves says:

    That backing looks like it came with the top! Guess I better head over to Belle Fourche one of these days!

  7. Judy says:

    Beautiful work. Great fabric on the back.

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