Two-fer Tuesday plus one………..

These last few days have been about 2 quilt gatherings and continuing to finish projects. The first meeting was last Saturday….”SEAMS” (SouthEast Area Minnesota Stitchers). There was much discussion of the upcoming October 2 day workshop with Angela Huffman. Getting those last details nailed down and flyers/notifications posted. Although these gals do a lot of client work, there’s always some personal projects…………………IMG_9400IMG_9401 IMG_9403IMG_9404 IMG_9405IMG_9410 IMG_9408 IMG_9412IMG_9413IMG_9415 

Then, there was yesterday’s guild meeting…………..IMG_9437 IMG_9417IMG_9420IMG_9419IMG_9421IMG_9424IMG_9425 IMG_9428IMG_9429 IMG_9432IMG_9435 IMG_9441   Those cute little cuddlies are destined to give comfort and be distributed by law enforcement to little ones who find themselves in very difficult circumstances. Isn’t this little guy the most awesome sweety?? IMG_9444 

And, finally, I’m starting the 3rd of these 3 vintage pieces (for a bit more info, see here)…………IMG_9445      Remember, to enlarge any photo just ‘click’ on it.

About treadlemusic

A quilter who rides motorcycle, living on a small hobby farm in southeastern Minnesota. Grandmother and Great Grandmother.
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13 Responses to Two-fer Tuesday plus one………..

  1. mtetar says:

    As always great craftsmanship. Blessings always, Mtetar

  2. jackie says:

    Again and again I am reminded in your posts that “Art”, is much more than paint and a canvas. Also I LOVE those little animals and the reason they came to be!

  3. I definitely see the autumn influence in some of those quilts. As always, I love seeing the variety of art created by talented quilters.

    And those cuddlies…does this crafter sell these online?

  4. Beth Ann says:

    I love those little cuddly guys and I know that they are going to bring a lot of comfort. Love all the beautiful quilts you are sharing here as well. Of course there is so much talent involved in each and every quilt. I can not even begin to imagine! Thanks for sharing your craft!

  5. witchylin says:

    That little critter has managed to have a face that is so sympathetic and caring, just like he is listening. I wonder if a pair of eye buttons and a couple of facial stitches will ever be able to achieve such an expression again.
    The guild quilts are again so interesting and finding a favourite is difficult. T think it has to be the sampler quilt. Not my colours but fantastic never the less.

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