“Oak Ridge” happenings……………

Just for clarification, that’s the name of the ridge (mini mountain??) that we live on, nestled among oak, hickory, black walnut, elm, pine and miscellaneous other tree varieties in an area known as the Richard J. Dorer Memorial Hardwood Forest (S.E. MN). Anyhow………pretty quiet at the moment. The winter storm that had the local meteorologists busy for the last few days has shown to be “wimping” out. Areas to the North may see several inches of the ‘white stuff’ but we have/will be escaping much of the blanketing first predicted….yay!

  Ms Sweetie (HQ Sweet 16) has taken up residence in Sparta (WI) at “Quilt Corner Quilt Shop” for the months we are in Texas. Some “show-off” time (being available as a floor model machine) ending in a Springtime spa treatment just before we return. I miss her! In her absence, I am keeping company with Ms Juki who is more than able to step up to the (fmq) plate! IMG_0030     Not a large piece but one that will require lots of hand beading! FUN!!!!! I’ve used a single layer of Hobbs cotton/poly batting with gold “Radiance”, by Robert Kaufman, and muslin for backing. Since there is so much lace work, the beading will serve to anchor the vintage piece to the bottom layers……except for a tiny bit of fmq feathers in the center (stitched with Glide, 60 wt for top thread and Connecting Threads Essential Pro poly, 70 wt on the bobbin)………IMG_0029    Once the beading is complete, I will finish stitching/embellishing the outer space that surrounds the piece.    So…guess what I’ll be doing this afternoon!?! How’s your preparations for the upcoming Holiday coming along? We tend to keep away from the gift-giving “frenzy”, so our family time together is, generally, on the “low key” side (except for the 2 great grands who have enough energy for many!!!). Thanks so much for all your precious visits over this past year and I look forward to future times of sharing what’s happening. Til then…….


About treadlemusic

A quilter who rides motorcycle, living on a small hobby farm in southeastern Minnesota. Grandmother and Great Grandmother.
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8 Responses to “Oak Ridge” happenings……………

  1. A most blessed Christmas to you and Tom and your family, Doreen. Safe travels to Texas.

  2. Diane Wingo says:

    I have a piece very similar made by my grandmother, on a larger scale, so very interested in how you finish yours with the beading,

  3. Rebecca Collis says:

    The feathers are sweet! I cant wait to see the beading!

    • treadlemusic says:

      Did a little then had to stitch some to anchor the outer edges (before adding more beading) ……and the fmq foot fell apart!!! Ugh! Ordered another but probably won’t be here before we leave for TX. Will have to figure out something else…………Thanks so much for taking the moments to leave your sweet words! Hugs………..

  4. kathyreeves says:

    That will be a beautiful piece, and the beads will be as pretty as they are functional! We are very low key on the gifting too, so it isn’t very stressful that way. Girl#1 has been home for an entire week and it has been wonderful, even if half her time has been spent on her comprehensive exam paper 😳. We are finishing up her dance dress for a Lindy Hop conference over New Years. She designed much of it, and there are sequins everywhere, but it will be a great fancy dress. Got the zipper in this morning, so I am feeling relieved about that…an invisible zipper with sequins….😬.

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