Back with the Killer Bees…………..

And what a busy morning it was! In one corner, there was a group of gals from the Rio Grande Valley Quilt Guild who were checking in quilts for the upcoming annual event (Jan. 26/27) at the Civic Center on South Padre Island.IMG_0096 There was a great turnout for the meeting…….IMG_0097 and much to share. Here’s just a small sampling…….


A previous workshop



IMG_0100IMG_0109IMG_0108IMG_0102IMG_0104 IMG_0105IMG_0111IMG_0112IMG_0110 IMG_0107IMG_0106

Yup, quite the creative, productive crew!!!!!

Next up, a quick(?) tutorial for the padded vintage covered hangers. Please, stop back tomorrow for the 1st “installment”……………..

About treadlemusic

A quilter who rides motorcycle, living on a small hobby farm in southeastern Minnesota. Grandmother and Great Grandmother.
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9 Responses to Back with the Killer Bees…………..

  1. Andrea R Huelsenbeck says:

    I always love seeing what the Bees are up to.

  2. kathyreeves says:

    Hurrah, you are back! Thanks for sharing the latest from the killer bees, I always enjoy seeing their creativity. 😄

  3. Vicki in MN says:

    I’ll bet you are glad you are down there, 4 inches so far today, rained last night, which made for no school today, the oldest(6yr) grandson hung out with me today.

    • treadlemusic says:

      Oh, Vicki!!! The photos and messages are awful!!! Our son started trucking with a different company after Jan. 1st and is on a run to Milwaukee today…….ugh!!! This storm really has/had a 1-2 punch!!!!! Prayers for everyone for sure……………hugs………

  4. Rosemaryflower says:

    I am so glad you are back in Texas. Enjoy yourselves

    • treadlemusic says:

      Thank you so much. The storms up North, at the moment, have resulted in a few messages with photos of a lot of “white stuff”! So wonderful to have you stop by!!!! Hugs……

  5. barbara says:

    great show and tell

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