Vintage……Part 3…….almost finished……..

The journey is nearing its end. To catch up, see here and here. I laid the hanger on both the front and back (be sure to flip the hanger over, since these pieces need to be mirror images!) to double check the placement and marked a cutting line 1/4” beyond the already marked cutting line. This is generous but, once cut away, it can’t be added back! Possibly the more important point is to make sure that there is generous space between the two outer points of the hanger (below-between arrows). IMG_0136_LI IMG_0135_LI


1/4” added beyond original cutting line.


 Cut the front and back along these markings. Next, our attention turns to finishing the hem/bottom edge. Fold the backing up well above the edge.IMG_0138 The batting needs to be trimmed about 1/8” above the finished scalloped edge. This may be done from the back or the front..whichever is easier for you.IMG_0140_LI Release the backing and measure 3/8” below the finished bottom edge.IMG_0142_LI Cut away the backing on this line a clip the curves to the batting edge. With the front/right side facing up, press the backing up over the batting, with the folded edge just above the bottom finished hem.IMG_0143    You may find that a dab of glue will help to secure this process.IMG_0144“School glue” works well, as it goes on purple, dries clear and is water-soluble…..and cheap!

At the machine, I stitch the hem in place from the right side, just along the finished edge……IMG_0147IMG_0148_LI At this point, my grid stitching needs to be completed (or whatever fmq was done earlier). IMG_0151IMG_0150   Before putting the front & back together, I will, usually, serge the raw edges but this time (serger is up north!) I will use a zig-zag stitch (on my tiny portable).

Note:Click on photos to enlarge.

One more step and this will be a ‘finish’. Stay tuned……………..

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A quilter who rides motorcycle, living on a small hobby farm in southeastern Minnesota. Grandmother and Great Grandmother.
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4 Responses to Vintage……Part 3…….almost finished……..

  1. Fiona says:

    gorgeous… I realised our coat hangers are too big or our pillow cases are too small… however there are lots of other linens to use so I will do that….. I think these will be wonderful gifts…


    • treadlemusic says:

      The hangers I’ve been using are very cheap ones from a discount store/Wal-Mart. I’m going to do some more right away and will scope out different hangers. Maybe come up with some creative ideas!!!😘

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