A Friday (Vintage) Finish………

If you wish to backtrack a tad, see this post. IMG_0675   Note:Right”click” on any photo to enlarge.   The covered beading strips are applied on opposing sides/edges so that the beading meets at the corners without a break. As you can see, I definitely need further experience in this part of the process! IMG_0679 That corner is the best of the 4!! I can only get better at this…..I really enjoyed doing this. I wasn’t sure that this type of tedious/meticulous hand stitching would appeal to me….but, I think it did! IMG_0672 IMG_0671IMG_0676 

This type of “knife” edging requires that a facing be applied to encase all the raw edges. It’s applied in four 2.5” strips, pressed in half as you would for binding (applied, again, in pairs on opposing sides). The corners may be done with a miter or merely lapped (my choice) but either way there is a ton of bulk to deal with in a very small area…..3 sandwich layers (x2), beading fabric (2 layers) and the 2 strips of facing (stitched and folded over= 4 more layers). Anyhow, there’s bulk and Bethanne warns that this is, possibly, the trickiest to deal with and have it look nice in the finish. IMG_0678 IMG_0677 

I am very pleased with this first attempt and see many possibilities for use in future projects (not sure any will be of substantial size, however!!!). One last photo……..IMG_0674

Now….I think I’ll go cut out some neckties……….a story for another time! Have an awesome weekend. Ours is shaping up to be a steamy one with very hot/humid stormy days. We’ll see what activities draw me out. There’s a quilt show in Peterson (MN) tomorrow (event list) with a vintage baseball game in the afternoon.

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A quilter who rides motorcycle, living on a small hobby farm in southeastern Minnesota. Grandmother and Great Grandmother.
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9 Responses to A Friday (Vintage) Finish………

  1. This is so, so pretty. I have a bunch of vintage linens from my MIL and from her mom and MIL and someday I’m going to do something with them. I’ll definitely be referring back to your work for inspiration.

  2. kathyreeves says:

    Well yes, Father’s Day is on the horizon! 😉 Those beads and the binding, wow that’s a lot of cloth!😳 It really does look spectacular, though, a special finish. Enjoy tomorrow, it sounds like a fun day all around.

  3. Laura says:

    Just beautiful! I may have to invest in that book someday… Bethanne does such awesome work. However, seeing your first try is very inspriring!

  4. Judy says:

    Very pretty. The brown adds a rich look to the piece.

  5. That is adorable, I picture it sitting on a small wooden tray and you serving tea in little china cups. I have some crocheted doilies I can mail to you if interested, they are small, if not will take them to the thrift shop.

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