Gammel Dag and other activities……….

This past weekend kept me on the move. Saturday, DH and I were on our way to Peterson, MN, (about 17 miles away) to check out their annual event, “Gammel Dag” (“Old Days”). This little town, population 202, is situated on the picturesque Root River in S.E. Minnesota. Their event is always somewhat overshadowed by  other more major summer celebrations in 2 neighboring cities. This allows the town’s various events to be much more quaint and typical of bygone days. The quilt show was small but presented perfect examples of hand-stitched quilts done by local residents (who are pushing that century mark!).IMG_0687

IMG_0692   IMG_0685IMG_0686There’s been some talk, in my Facebook groups, of the trend to have the final quilting be on the “excessive” side and overshadowing the piecing. I’m not sure if these thoughts are coming from those whose focus is piecing, or not, but heavy amounts of quilting stitches is not a new phenomena and, if done with the appropriate materials, results in a finish that is as soft as those with less stitching. Here’s an example of a vintage quilt that has the most amazing hand stitching that I’ve ever seen!!!! IMG_0688 IMG_0690                         


Enlarge this photo and be amazed!


 IMG_0689 The documentation, along side the quilt, gives further information on it’s maker, etc……..IMG_0691

Leaving the quilt venue, we strolled down one of the vender lined side streets…….IMG_0693  Examples and demonstrations of hardanger, rosemaling, knitting, stained glass and stitcheries of various kinds. This apron caught my eye (wonder why??)…..IMG_0694 It was beautifully made using a gorgeous embroidered/open-work tablecloth!

The day was overcast (a very good thing!) and the temps were in the upper 90s as we headed to the ball field to watch a vintage baseball game. This is a “gentleman’s” game and the uniforms were long sleeved and warm!!! The hat must be on at all times and, if lost on a run to base, the player is penalized a quarter! The rules are quite different from today’s game. No gloves are worn…by anyone!IMG_0696 IMG_0695

It was a very relaxing day and one without any real schedule. How unusual for me/us! Now…..back to some stitching. Til next time……..


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A quilter who rides motorcycle, living on a small hobby farm in southeastern Minnesota. Grandmother and Great Grandmother.
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10 Responses to Gammel Dag and other activities……….

  1. Those vintage quilts are beautiful. I love seeing how quilters of the past designed their stitching paths.

  2. i would love this small town celebration. those quilts, wow, what skill in handcrafting.

    • treadlemusic says:

      Amazing, yes! And am so grateful that quilt organizer (Liz) takes the time to document each so thoroughly. A wonderful legacy for the town!!! You would have loved this event. There were so many other activities that we missed (while we watched the ballgame).

  3. boe77 says:

    Thanks for sharing. I would have loved to see the quilt show. Small is ok as it makes you examine and view each quilt more carefully. I stopped in at the MN Quilt Show in St. Cloud, MN, this weekend, and while I enjoyed the quilts very much, it did not allow me much time per quilt.

    Old time baseball is fun. We celebrate July 4th in Historic Forestville every year and they always have baseball with 1860 rules.

    • treadlemusic says:

      And, I suspect, the baseball teams are some of the ones we saw! Highland Prairie “Hayseeds” will be playing the Rochester “Roosters”(?) on July 4 at Forestville. We watched the Highland Prairie team play the Decorah (IA) “Dodgers” at Peterson last Saturday!
      I agree, smaller quilt numbers allow for a clearer focus without the overwhelming numbers of quilts dividing your attention. The MN show will be back in Rochester (next year?) and I will surely have it on my calendar. I don’t do St. Cloud or Duluth. Thanks for dropping by!!!! Have an awesome day…..hugs……………

  4. Rosemaryflower says:

    What a fun day. These sorts of fairs are enjoyable with the variety of things shared, It is really nice that you can have these yearly gatherings. The quilts are beautiful and I think the ball game would have been fun to watch

    • treadlemusic says:

      The event had such a leisurely atmosphere! It’s been a while since we had been to a vintage ballgame…..very much enjoyed (especially since our seating was tree shaded–felt/seemed cooler. LOL!).

  5. Lj Meyers says:

    Such fun. We bike the Root River Trail and know Peterson well. Don’t think we’ve ever been there when the festival was underway.

    • treadlemusic says:

      We really appreciated the “smallness” of it. We’re just tired of the chaos that comes with some of the larger events and the tendency to focus on drinking, rock bands and modified tractors!!!! Getting old, I guess….sigh…….

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