Face mask stitching……& pattern……………….

It seems that we all might as well get used to the “new look”, hmmm? There are a few of us left in our Texas park and it’s become a real team effort to make some masks for a local/Harlingen care facility……about 200 of the masks were promised. The idea was put “out there” and, well, the mobilization began. There are runners, cutters, stitchers and others doing the needed miscellaneous tasks. The local TV station even was on site earlier this week and did a piece on our endeavors. I just recently joined this activity and the supplies arrived. I am just a stitcher and the fabric/elastic is coming to me already cut to size! The pattern is a simple one: for each mask you will need……2 pieces 1/4” elastic, cut to 6” and  2 pieces of coordinating fabric (so the side that will be towards the face is easily recognizable). IMG_1692 Cut the fabrics 7”x10”.  Press 3/8”-1/2” to the wrong side on the short ends of both pieces. IMG_1677 Layer, right sides together and stitch down the long sides (leaving the pressed, short ends open).IMG_1679IMG_1680 Turn right side out and press.IMG_1681 Next, form 2 lengthwise pleats so that the ends measure 3”IMG_1682and press. I use a clip to hold the pleats till cool. The next step completes the mask!!!

Insert the end of one elastic piece into the open endIMG_1683and double stitch to secure. Continue to edge stitch through the folds to 1” before the next corner and insert the other elastic end into the mask (being careful not to twist the elastic)IMG_1684. Again, double stitch over the elastic and continue down the long side of the mask, stitching close to the edge. Stop about 1” before you turn the next corner and insert an end of the next piece of elastic. IMG_1685IMG_1686Finish stitching that side and turn the corner, double stitching  and continuing in the same manner as the other end. Finish stitching the last long side and secure. At this point there’s probably some thread end trimming to be taken care of so, remember this is a team effort,  DH was enlisted…….IMG_1689 Done!!!!IMG_1688IMG_1687 (2) Once you get a rhythm going, it’s easy to chain piece many prepped fabric pieces. This morning, I finished 38 of these following these steps…….IMG_1690

These are appropriate for general public use and not intended for medical personnel who have more stringent mask requirements.

If I have not been totally clear on any of the steps/part of the process, please let me know. We are all in this together……..even thought most of us are home-bound at this point, don’t forget to reach out to someone who may be very alone. Sending hugs and prayers to all my dear bloggy friends!

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A quilter who rides motorcycle, living on a small hobby farm in southeastern Minnesota. Grandmother and Great Grandmother.
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  1. Good morning,

    My son called me late last night asking for some face masks for both him and his son. Funny thing is that yesterday I had showed Luke s fat quarter bundle of fabric I had recently gotten from Etsy…… a music medley. His son is in last year of JH school band. And I have a great quilt planned for his 14th birthday. So Luke asked if I could use some of the fabric for Kristopher’ masks. “Sure” said. Let’s see…. Star Wars for Luke, green for hubby (he picked his out) and cute miniature blue doggie bones and a 30’s small matching small doggie print for the coordinating side. And I happen to have 2 packs of electric from a project eons ago.

    I had a good chuckle because this is the first blog I clicked on this morning as I’m having my cup of tea.

    As I read the directions they are very clear of me and so timely. Thanks for putting the pictures and text together as I need to get these stitched up early. Luke and Kristopher are coming down to help us move our sleigh bed into the small bedroom that we just finally finished with remodeling last evening. From a complete paint job including ceiling. To taking out the closet which we now call and alcove’. This is because our larger sleigh bed wouldn’t fit into this room. Now, the head of the bed can slide into the alcove giving us the needed room. And a much smaller closet was created as a bump out at the other end of the room.

    Yes!! Now I’m going to have an amazing quilt room. The soon to be vacant Very large bedroom.

    Well, tea is almost done and time to head out to give Noel her morning hay. Everyone have a wonderful day.

    I have been using the past few weeks assessing current events and my role. I had tried the bullet journal and found it to be too time consuming for me. (started a year ago). So, as a nurse, I fell back to some habits I had learned as a nurse. POA in medical language. I used a regular notebook and on each page I put the day at the top. On the left margin the date and weather. Then with a different colored pen my first line was: Today’s Focus. Originally was 2 tasks, one on each line. This quickly morphed into such as: Make each moment count, Process Paperwork, Joyfulness, Thankfulness, Water Brigade.

    The water one was because I had slacked off from drinking my 4 bottles of water daily and it is an important part of health.

    Then I would write each task I wanted to accomplish daily on one line. I would simply mark an X in front of each completed task. I also wrote Eval in the lower left I. The margin. I gave myself a score from 1-10 each day in the evening or following am.

    This again morphed. Let me explain. I had recently retired from working as a registered nurse for 53 years. Yikes, my normal schedule was deeply ingrained by that time (and the numerous shift changes). I was always high energy but really lost that ‘edge’ following retirement.

    OK, OK so the important part, the morphing. I changed to using just the last page for the Today’s Focus and Tasks. The right hand side I started using my POA. Top of page, again the day of the week

    2 lines down: What Worked Well. 7 skipped lines down: Problem Areas Identified. Then halfway between this line and bottom of page: Solutions.

    Each problem identified I started with a number. Each solution was numbered according to the problem. Wow, what a game changer this was. It channeled me to create new routines and responses to areas I wanted/needed to change. Even I was amazed with the effectiveness of this tool.

    POA: Plan of Action. Sorry so long but it has helped me so much right now.

    I’m going to share My POA and I am in no way recommending this for anyone else other than to encourage others that they can create their own.


    *Very limited TV
    *Must do one special thing for another person daily
    * Walk daily
    * Yard work daily
    * eat a good breakfast
    * Make each moment count
    The last is only part of a solution secondary to spending too much time with my iPad. Another part was to start a hand piecing flowering snowball quilt to take up instead of the iPad. Even a few more parts for this particular problem.

    So, here is what I have been learning over the past many many months.

    I can do Nothing to change the future. Even an hour or two of a timeline. But I can change the moment that I am living in Right Now. And I can testify that as I change my response positively to the moment that I am living in right now, it effects the timeline down the road.

    I am speaking for myself only. I saw a problem of excessive worry as being unhealthy (remember I’m a nurse) unproductive and really comply abysmal at changing the moment I was living in. But baking an apple pie for a loved one, writing an old fashioned letter and mailing it, baking cookies for a grandchild in college, calling a friend I had lost touch with etc…. Wow, that was a game changer for the entire day.

    And I might add this is what scripture is filled with.

    Btw, I one of my entries was: refrain from using the phrase ‘ the new normal’ instead use ‘when we return to normal’. See the difference?

    OMG Noel is outside whinnying. Hugs to all and thanks again for this tutorial as Luke will be delighted. And bet that Kristopher will love his fabric choices.

    • treadlemusic says:

      LOL! And Good Morning to you!!! My head is totally “full” with all that you’ve got going on! So thankful for “timely” crossing of paths (I don’t believe in coincidences but God-ordained meetings!). Your room conversions/transformations sound awesome and I’m so glad my post will be providentially utilized. Hugs………….Doreen

  2. gijane279-Liz says:

    Thanks Doreen sadly I’m unable to get elastic so I’m going to attempt ties. Let me know if your team needs some fabric

    • treadlemusic says:

      No fabric needed. Some are using 1″ to 1.5 strips of fabric cut from t-shirts. These strips are stretched and they curl into a tube (many times used for various craft project) , then sewn onto the mask. The ones I’m sewing are going to a care facility for resident use and the ties would be difficult for them to use. We got some elastic from a donation from an upholstery shop (I believe), which might be a place you could try!

      • gijane279-Liz says:

        Okay I’m glad you have enough fabric, and thanks for the tip about the ties. I made several today from a cut up t-shirt, works great for me and my neighbor who can tie them on her children. My hubby who is still working sadly can’t seem to manage tying his own so I used the little bit of elastic I had to make him 3 masks (figured I could wash them every day). Thankfully I have several old T-shirts of my husbands to cut up (no one will see the stains once they are cut). Once I got the first few masks done I developed a system and the remaining ones went super quick… so Monday I’ll cut a bunch and get them sewn up

        • treadlemusic says:

          Yes….that first one (or two?) seems to take a bit but after some personal “fine tuning”, they go quite quickly. Once the fabric pieces are cut, I manage to make 30 in 2.5 hours……and that really wasn’t rushing (I had a neighbor drop by but I kept at the pressing part while we talked). Glad they’re working out for you. Thanks for popping by! Hugs…………

  3. Beth Ann says:

    Thanks for doing your part!

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