Part 7: A Glimpse of the “finish line”…….

Throughout this project, stitching in the ditch(SID) has been a necessary step, albeit a tedious one. When stitching with a DM (domestic machine) or a sit-down longarm, stabilizing the sandwich layers is ‘key’ to having a finish that is free of problems such as the most unpleasant discovery that the backing has formed pleats due to shifting/excess fabric in some areas. I use a variety of machine quilting rulers (1/4” thick, made specifically for this purpose, coupled with a special closed toe ruler foot that prevents the plastic ruler from sliding under the needle and creating  a very sad situation!). For SID on the curves, I used a “Fine Line Continuous Curve Ruler” by Accents in Design. IMG_1765 It does take a bit of getting used to but it’s so wonderful! Lots of curves in this quilt! Another handy gadget is my flexible drafting ruler for all the feather spines that I want to be the same. IMG_1776 It allowed me to fill the last green areas with remarkably similar feather motifs…….    IMG_1777 (2) Quarter circles were left to finish out this top’s design…….IMG_1777 accomplished with the “Line Tamer” straight ruler. So far, I’ve emptied 7 bobbins and that final ice cream cone border lies ahead. There is a green border that may remain empty, except for the SID and 1/4” stitching that’s been done. Not sure yet. That final/outside border, with its scalloped edge has been stabilized with an edge stitch (within the future binding area), using my fave Handi Quilter ruler, the Versa Tool,IMG_1775 and I’ve begun the final detail work using another ruler……….IMG_1781 by Bethanne Nemesh (“White Arbor Quilting) called the Lavender Line 2 (which has had a redesign and is part of the Lilac line of rulers). It’s a 6” acrylic ruler that is very easy to manipulate for use with a DM. I will be stitching these cones/petals for a while, I think! IMG_1779IMG_1778

In case you are recently joining this journey, the previous 6 posts are listed on the right side bar.

I will leave you, for a while so I can fill some bobbins, have a glass of wine and contemplate…… cream cones!!

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A quilter who rides motorcycle, living on a small hobby farm in southeastern Minnesota. Grandmother and Great Grandmother.
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2 Responses to Part 7: A Glimpse of the “finish line”…….

  1. doreen@foxdenrd says:

    Hello Doreen! It’s your long ago blog buddy here, the ‘other’ Doreen 🙂

    I was going through some old posts (well, they’re ALL old now lol) and saw a comment from you and thought I should stop by and see how you are doing. Glad to see you’re alive and kicking, although I suppose one shouldn’t joke about something so serious these days. :(.

    All is well here, in fact, I’ve been sewing up a storm like so many others, masks, bags, etc. Quilting is something I haven’t quite tried my hand at yet, but I was gifted some lovely fabric that seems it was slated for just that purpose because they’re a bunch of precut large rectangles. I’m not sure how to tackle that just yet but I’m going to figure it out soon enough.

    Stay well and healthy,


    • treadlemusic says:

      Hello!!!! Yes, well, blogging and internet-ing hasn’t been frequent for me. Quilting has been non-stop, though and has given me many pleasurable fulfilling hours……….I’ve just been extremely tardy on the blogging part of things. All’s very well here. Our corner of MN has been doing quite well staying out of the high stat numbers (we are very rural so that may account for much of that). Just finished another (large/gift) quilt and will post the finish tomorrow (I hope!). Good to ‘hear’ of your state of wellness. Many prayers being offered for all especially during these trying days. Sending safe hugs…………………

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