A Sunday/Special dessert………

Actually, any day a cheesecake enters my life, is a special day! This time, it’s a recipe from the “This Old Gal” blog that is one of many great hot weather recipes because they utilize the Instant Pot electric pressure cooker. Yes…..for this cheesecake, no oven is turned on to heat up a summertime kitchen….gotta love that. The New York Cheesecake recipe was followed (for the 7” pan) with these slight modifications: in place of the heavy cream addition, I added 3 tablespoons of Blue Chair Bay Key Lime Rum Cream (yum!) and 3 tablespoons French Vanilla Creamer. I used the zest of 2 limes only rather than the 2 types of zest in the original recipe. I, also, used Greek yogurt in place of the sour cream topping               Key Lime Cheesecake 2 Resting for an hour….still very hot!      Key Lime Cheesecake And after 24 hours in the frig. Now, since it’s only 9:15 in the morning, I will take a bit of a break til I slice this beauty after lunch..significant pause……………..while we’re waiting, you might find this no-bake version interesting. It uses sweetened condensed milk like most Key Lime pie recipes.

   I’m back with the honest assessment of this version……AWESOME!!!!!!! IMG_9508      I highly recommend this recipe, and any variations you can come up with!!! Wonder what I should have for supper tonight??!!!!!! hehehehe…….

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A “Grab Bag” of topics…………..

That seems to be how my days are, right now. A somewhat disconnected grouping of activities, all,needing immediate attention. First off……a quick recap of last Monday eve’s quilt gathering…..IMG_9492

Carol had just completed a t-shirt top for a gal and had this piece left as an “orphan” block…..bonus for the recipient for sure!







These next photos are Joan’s “quilt rescues” that will be added to her enormous collection of vintage quilts. This one, found at the Salvation Army by her hubbs, was in amazing condition!!!!! But wait….there’s more……………….



IMG_9498IMG_9499IMG_9500 Yup, she did very well and is the reason I don’t find this type of treasure when I go to these spots!!!!!               IMG_9502IMG_9503 IMG_9505IMG_9504    Next, I share a couple of travel pillows I covered for a (quickly) upcoming Amtrak vaca that DH & I will be taking………IMG_9506 And, sandwiched in amongst all, is the beginnings of the upcoming holiday’s secret stitchings…..IMG_9507




Lastly…..a little marking “hint” that I often use, when needing registration markings on darker fabric……..IMG_9482     You are seeing correctly. Plain blackboard chalk leaves absolutely no residue and is able to be sharpened nicely in a small handheld pencil sharpener. The markings seem to hold just fine even though I’m not quilting on a frame-mounted longarm machine.

Remember: to enlarge any photo, just ‘click’ on it. Thanks for stopping by and sharing a moment with me. Please, do come again!

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Far-from-Wordless Wednesday!!!!….

Over the many years I’ve had this blog, there is one (client) project that I’ve quilted that has garnered the absolute most comments/attention. It is the “Autumn Breeze” table runner by Sherri K. Falls of “This & That” patterns. The pattern originally was offered as a Connecting Threads kit for a short time, then reverted to Sherri’s on-line shop but that was back in 2013!!! To get to the present time, Sherri has just informed me (this morning!!!) that the pattern is once again available, as a pdf download, on her site here. So, here it is and just in time for another Fall project!!!!! (although, I really can see it done in burgundy/cranberry and hunter green for a more December look!) 

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A Miscellaneous Monday post……..

These past few days have seen record breaking heat in these parts….94F+ is a tad(?) unusual and, may I say, a tad unwelcome by many who find themselves with outdoor tasks. Among those, DH and DS#2 are adding the last touches to the garage build of last summer……IMG_9464   Those posts (one more has been put in place since this photo) will be vinyl wrapped in white…..then gutters. Work moves to finishing the inside…..another day.

Last Saturday, DH and I did traffic control for our town’s event: Root River Triathlon. Who would have thought that, due to the high water levels of the river last Spring forcing the event’s postponement,  August-like temps would be a consideration in September! The day dawned bright, sunny and warm……IMG_9472

My corner. Not heavily traveled but………….


IMG_9480      And they came………… Now, I/we have never participated in anything even remotely close to the required pace/activity as this…….especially in toasty temps!

But, enough of that and on to quiltier subjects. This last (forever) project is finally complete. I will refer you to previous posts, via this post, for background. That last vintage piece is now this………….IMG_9471    and this one, plus the 2 completed earlier, make up this trio………….  IMG_9488   The envelope-styled pillow cover is closed with a ribbon wrapped button (from my mom’s button collection that I inherited a couple years ago).IMG_9489 


Simple but effective.IMG_9487     A couple more thoughts…..but, I think I’ll save those for next time. Have an awesome rest-of-the-day. My local little quilt gathering is this evening and our recent heat wave has just been ended with the passage of a cool front bringing 0.4” of rain in about 30 minutes and a drop of around 20 degrees……..very welcome! Sending hugs out to all………………

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“Ingredients” (of the quilty kind) or The Postman Cometh…….

Ideas are always swirling but “making do” doesn’t always result in the desired outcome. 2 examples: I’ve been wondering how it would work to fill a “sandwich” with my fave fmq (free motion quilting) then add some type of colorant to highlight parts of the design. Something that would have a watercolor effect. I tried some regular colored pencils, with some success……………IMG_9460    the main drawback is these  would need a heat set, with a hot iron, and that would take away any/all loft from the batting. The above design has an added sealant but that results in a very stiff surface…not good! On to example #2……..working with all the vintage pieces I love, the finishing/binding just left much to be desired….mostly, too plain, so I did come up with this idea……IMG_9458 (More on this piece may be found in this post) but I had seen some other finishes that gave me more options. Enter the internet search for solutions/”ingredients” and those appeared today…….IMG_9456     You may read more from Bethanne here and there’s a ton of info about the Inktense pencils on the ‘net and, more specifically, here. You’ll have to come back another time to view the results of these additions to my studio…………

Next up………micro-stippling progress…sigh…..pure luv…………IMG_9450 IMG_9452     Hopefully, tomorrow will see the finish of this one and I’ll move on to completing the 3 pillows (see here for the rest of this story).

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Two-fer Tuesday plus one………..

These last few days have been about 2 quilt gatherings and continuing to finish projects. The first meeting was last Saturday….”SEAMS” (SouthEast Area Minnesota Stitchers). There was much discussion of the upcoming October 2 day workshop with Angela Huffman. Getting those last details nailed down and flyers/notifications posted. Although these gals do a lot of client work, there’s always some personal projects…………………IMG_9400IMG_9401 IMG_9403IMG_9404 IMG_9405IMG_9410 IMG_9408 IMG_9412IMG_9413IMG_9415 

Then, there was yesterday’s guild meeting…………..IMG_9437 IMG_9417IMG_9420IMG_9419IMG_9421IMG_9424IMG_9425 IMG_9428IMG_9429 IMG_9432IMG_9435 IMG_9441   Those cute little cuddlies are destined to give comfort and be distributed by law enforcement to little ones who find themselves in very difficult circumstances. Isn’t this little guy the most awesome sweety?? IMG_9444 

And, finally, I’m starting the 3rd of these 3 vintage pieces (for a bit more info, see here)…………IMG_9445      Remember, to enlarge any photo just ‘click’ on it.

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Yup…the days are flying by and family “mile markers” continue to be observed. Namely, those summer birthdays that seem to be a challenge when trying to fit in a party/gathering when so many obligations are already in place. I’ll just share our most recent birthday gathering…eldest GS, whose 20-something birthday, brought the ‘fam’s’ spotlight his direction last Friday eve. IMG_9391 His deer stands and trail-cams dot our property ever vigilant/watching the local white-tail comings and goings. Gifts for this age absolutely must have a certain flair or they become just another day, so (along with the obligatory card and $$ insert) there had to be something that has become a valued commodity with him…..and his younger bro——yup….homemade dinner rolls!!!!! This has been quite the deal for many years!!!! IMG_9392 First, the card……then…..IMG_9393 IMG_9394 And, within a short time, this occurred……………………….IMG_0874.JPG But, wait! Younger brother’s family birthday  observance came about too quickly to bake……..so……….IMG_9394 - Copy       a slightly belated package came his way!

Now…off to pack for tomorrow morning’s exit to the Black Hills. Til next we meet…….please, keep those prayers in force for so many in harm’s way these days…..from hurricanes, earthquakes, huge forest fires and more…………………

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A Friday 4-H Follow-up……

Kayleen Kulas
Lamb Lead – Intermediate – Class 3

Kayleen Kulas
H041013: Sheep – Suffolk, Registered – January Ewe Lamb
Reserve Champion Registered Suffolk Ewe Lamb

  and….she took a blue ribbon on her quilt!!!!  “Quilting-Grades 6-8” Yay!!! IMG_9262 See my post here for previously given quilt details.

Congratulations to all entrants!! You’re all winners, with your dedication and the finish of your project(s)!

Now….on to the weekend. Offering many prayers for so many who are experiencing life altering events…………

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The Wrong Donations – Some Tough Words on Disaster Relief

My dear bloggy Friends….please, take a few moments to read Angelia’s sweet loving words concerning all that is going on in Eastern Texas at this time. “Help”, even the most well-meaning and prayer-wrapped, needs to be the “what” that’s most needed. Her words serve to alert us all, when responding to the many (and I mean “many”) tragic life events that are currently being experienced throughout the global/human community. Thank you so much for pressing the “pause button” in your “dailies”. Hugs always……Doreen

My Best Laid Plans

I need to make a statement. I want to say it as kindly and gently as possible, but this message really needs to get out there. It’s important. Please hear me with as much grace as you can, because I mean it with all love and gentleness.

My children and I spent hours yesterday sorting the donations that are pouring in. That picture is the mountain we were faced with, and it was still coming. We’re not the only ones. Hundreds (thousands?) of volunteers all across our state are doing the same exact thing. Why? Because your hearts are in theright place.That’s why.

I want to make that abundantly clear. It is beautifully apparent that you are thinking about us and that you want to help us figure this thing out. You are doing anything you can, and that has brought such profound joy to our hearts. I personally…

View original post 1,093 more words

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Photo heavy post ahead (yesterday’s guild meeting)………IMG_9335    These next photos have been stitched by a gal who just mustn’t take any time to sleep!!!!                                                         IMG_9336  IMG_9337 IMG_9338IMG_9339IMG_9340 IMG_9341IMG_9342IMG_9343 IMG_9347 IMG_9351 IMG_9353 IMG_9354   IMG_9355IMG_9356IMG_9367                 IMG_9357IMG_9359      IMG_9360IMG_9361    IMG_9363IMG_9365  IMG_9366                                          And, lastly, a “Friendship” quilt that’s been a long time in the finishing (decades??).IMG_9368                                                  

This was so long ago that it’s actually ‘hand’ pieced!!! Barb, then, had it hand quilted.


IMG_9370      The color in the last photo is accurate.

Note: click on any photo to enlarge.

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Design Wall (kinda) Monday………

Continuing the project from this post, I have finished 2 of the 3 linen pieces that have a ??? finish (coming soon)……….IMG_9333IMG_9334    To do a bit of a “recap”…..                                             Thread (top & bobbin): Connecting Threads Essential Pro Poly, 70wt. Batting: Hobbs Heirloom cotton/poly,80/20. Til next we meet, I so thank you for all your visits and sweet comments, suggestions and questions! Blessings and hugs always……

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My yesterday…or, County Fair—again……..

But the reason had nothing to do with quilts/quilting (that was last Friday), it was pulling time!!!!! Yup, both grandsons have been busy pouring their heart and souls into a Dodge pickup, readying it for competition pulling. The first attempt was aborted (Houston Hoedown a few weeks back) cuz of a bent frame (long sad story). So, here we are, in Caledonia(MN), and going at it again. Perfect weather…..a sunny, hot, August day.IMG_9312 There were only 3 trucks pulling, so the tractors took priority….waiting….waiting….waiting. IMG_9319    The vehicle is hooked to a “sled” that has a sliding weight on it. The further along the track, the further forward the weight slides, putting more downward force on the pulling vehicle, til the truck, or tractor, comes to a complete stop (weight too much!!) and the distance pulled measurement is taken. Now, it’s Aaron’s turn………IMG_9326   The risk of breaking something is ever present, especially if it’s a novice puller, which this was. So proud of both GS and there will be a next time.

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The “rest of the story”….a very happy ending…….

(Story beginnings found here and here) It’s County Fair time in Houston County! And the judging has been completed!!!!!! IMG_9285     I haven’t congratulated her..yet..’cuz I just know that she is very busy with her other fair showings. Along with the quilt project is required a journal/diary that shares the construction details…….                                 IMG_9286IMG_9288 IMG_9291        I hope she is proud of her efforts and the (well deserved) recognition she received. She definitely represents tomorrow’s quilter!!!

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Vintage stitching……..

But, what is the vision????

This, first, appeared here (and had some ‘company’)……IMG_9280     The center motifs were sketched with air-erase marker, immediately(!) stitched and left a bit so that the marker could fade a tad. One never knows how long that will take and the purple lines are a slight distraction while stitching the background.

Now…..let’s have a look-see at that top one (above) after a morning of adding more thread……….IMG_9282IMG_9283    Yup…I’m liking this one a lot!! Please, visit again. The “plans” for these, I think, are quite cute!

Thread:(top & bobbin) Connecting Threads Essential Pro poly,70wt; Hobbs Heirloom cotton/poly (80/20) batting.

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Design Wall….er….Table Monday…………………

Wall…table….what’s in a word? Today was finish a quick “UFO” day (actually, get rid of a little stack of fabric left from 3 previously completed pillowcases). This time I needed to bring it into the quilty world by doing something with the “cuff” portion. I do the “burrito” method of construction with French seams for a nice finish inside and out. IMG_9263


Adding a few feathers was sort of a “no brainer”, dontcha think??






I’m adding the feathering before the side seam/bottom seam are stitched. I completed the cuff and slipped a 4” strip of batting into the cuff tube and began stitching. IMG_9264 IMG_9266 

and done……IMG_9270 

Next up….some more (awesomely fun) client projects……….got my “light table” stuff together. Of course, it’s what I have on hand that gets the job done (I really don’t need any more stuff, so I pulled this together from what’s already here)…………IMG_9276    Yup…an Ott Light and a plexi extension table…. IMG_9277 Perfect!             IMG_9274 IMG_9275 IMG_9278IMG_9279IMG_9280   All marked and ready to stitch… Stay tuned…………………………..

Pillowcase: stitched on my Juki 2010Q, quilted on a Sweet 16. Thread: Coats and Clark all purpose sewing thread (construction); Glide poly 40wt (top thread), Connecting Threads Essential Pro poly,70wt (bobbin thread) ..feather quilting. Hobbs Heirloom cotton/poly (80/20). Vintage: (top & bobbin) thread: Connecting Threads Essential Pro poly,70wt; Hobbs Heirloom cotton/poly (80/20) batting.

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Today is: ONE WORD (almost) WEDNESDAY!!!………………






“Tessellation” piecings are always a fun visual. (a pattern that contains 1 figure shape that fits together without gaps  between the shapes=tessellation)

For a free pattern of this piecing, go to Jeni Baker’s blog “In Color Order” and, for a link to a tutorial for the fmq stitching motif, see my previous post here (“Funky Feather Swirl”).

Thread: (top) Isacord poly, 40wt; (bobbin) Connecting Threads Essential Pro poly, 70wt. Batting: Hobbs Heirloom cotton/poly,80/20.

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Design Wall Monday……….

And this sweet little quilt (42”x54”) was made by an enthusiastic quilter-of-tomorrow…………….she chose the thread color…..IMG_9247IMG_9250

so much fun, hmmmmm??



And the quilting pattern was decided…..(my fave!) “Funky Feather Swirl”(link includes the tutorial)……IMG_8802    (Click on the photo above to see more)    A peek at the pin-basted version……IMG_9245   Stay tuned for this young client’s finish……….

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Not quilting but…..my today……..

Well, let me show you the “outside crew” at DS/DILs gas station/convenience store……Day 1 of our town’s annual summer event known as “Houston Hoedown”. As I mentioned in a previous post, our little town boasts(?) a population of approximately 995 and, yet, this event is ranked in the top 10 events in the state!!! It has been known to attract upwards of 7,000 people over the course of the 3 days. Today was relatively quiet but….tomorrow, that’s going to be another story! Anyhow, these are the few photos I managed of the area set up for the BBQ that our son is doing all weekend. So far (as of 9:00 tonight), just under 300# of pulled pork and chicken has made its way into the tummies of attendees!!!  IMG_9235IMG_9240    Some of the happy helpers this afternoon. IMG_9238   A small peek at 2 of the 3 smokers filling the air with a wonderful “come hither” aroma. My station was at the sinks, washing pizza pans and miscellaneous other items. Maybe I can get a photo for tomorrow. No promises…………………….

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Play moments……….

Crayola colored pencils+1 muslin “tension testor” scrap sandwich=FUN!IMG_9230                                       plus……..IMG_9234     equals…..IMG_9231             to be continued…………

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Vintage UFOs-Part 2…………..

First up: the sweet little blue & white piece that required the HQ “Glide” foot (previous post). Such embroidery as this……… IMG_9182really can prevent/inhibit close “echo” stitching, I’ve found, and this piece had quite a bit of raised/loopy thread. It was stitched on a very coarsely woven fabric which added to the possibility of snagging a thread, too. On to some photo finishes………..IMG_9185IMG_9186 IMG_9193 A curved grid just seemed to ‘fit’ so well! A photo of the back………IMG_9195








And the “big finish”……..IMG_9207      Thread:(top and bobbin) Connecting Threads Essential Pro poly, 70wt. Batting: Hobbs Heirloom cotton/poly, 80/20.

Next up, the coral backed vintage piece, again, a peek in yesterday’s post.  IMG_9228








And the final……….IMG_9227     Thread: (top & bobbin) Connecting Threads Essential Pro poly, 70 wt, white; Superior Variegated Gold metallic, #025. Batting: Hobbs Heirloom cotton/poly, 80/20.

This weekend is our town’s huge annual event known as “Hoedown”. By Sunday evening, there will have been several thousand more inhabitants than at this moment (normal pop. is 995!). If you are so inclined, I have included a link (above) that will give you the “flavor” of the event. There will be a more personal account sometime on Monday next. Off to get a nap in before the marathon begins……………

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Finishing up UFOs……………

That have been lurking since….well, let’s just say a while! The first one is a little vintage piece I fmq on my Juki while in Texas (in March). You may check this post for details. I knew that the binding fabric was back in Minnesota and I really wasn’t sure how to finish this one, so yesterday I began to add the finishing touches…………….IMG_9190

It needed something more than just a plain binding, so I had a thought that resulted in this little addition.


IMG_9191I wasn’t exactly sure how this was going to work but……..



IMG_9205       The binding was added but it still lacked something………..IMG_9213   Out came some “bling”! And it started to come to life!!!!! IMG_9220IMG_9222         I think I can call this one a “finish”!

Next, another Juki project begun ???. Sorry, can’t resurrect the beginnings of this one (insert very unhappy face!!)…….IMG_9217IMG_9216                           Stitching the binding this afternoon……full reveal soon!!!!




Another vintage piece that will be gifted shortly……..IMG_9181

Notice the fading. This must have been a much loved/used piece! The raised embroidery/French knots were beautifully done. I used my HQ “Glide” foot to stitch around all the motifs and had absolutely no problem with the foot “grabbing” the embroidery……IMG_9184    Details on this one will have to wait til tomorrow. I have rambled long enough and must get to that binding!!! This is just the perfect quilting day…..dreary & rainy and quiet. Til next time, dear friends……………. 

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I’m not a gardener but……….

Somehow, I’ve managed to keep this gift from my daughter-in-law alive for 4 years! It was beautiful in the pot, I received it in, but I’m amazed at it now! IMG_9177      I haven’t done the “miracid” thing and, yet, it has blessed me with these beautiful blooms (which really are more blue than in the photo!). I know the color is shifting to the pinks ‘cuz of the lack of acid soil, so I have begun the necessary feeding/supplementing……..for next year?? LOL! IMG_9180 

Off to stitch on this beautifully cooler Monday morning…………….

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