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A ‘Finish’ on Saturday is…………

Definitely a “good thing”! To pick up the vintage story see here. This piece has certainly come a long ways. Many of these linen pieces have lace edging that is in very good condition, as this piece has, and I do prefer to have that be the final edge, if at all possible.  That has worked well in this case. Because the top was very thin (allowing so much of the pink backing to show through), I cut back the batting to the top fabric edge, and, allowing for turn under,IMG_9048 I trimmed the backing and folded it back on itself (beneath the batting) and topstitched the 3 layers together.IMG_9046 I had stopped the FMQ before the outer edges so I would be able to accurately/safely stitch all these pieces together and finish the quilting outwards.IMG_9045 Now that this is completed, I know I’ll be doing more vintage pieces in this way (like the next one up, even! But, I digress…..). OK, let’s just move on to some photos……..let me just say one more thing…until I block this piece, there will be only “pieces and parts” pictures………………Starting with backing shots………..IMG_9050IMG_9058IMG_9059and the front…………………..IMG_9042 IMG_9054 IMG_9055       Now, on to the next linen for this client. Ooooooo……this is such fun……… Edit note: Thread (top and bobbin): Connecting Threads Essential Pro poly, 70wt. Batting: Hobbs Heirloom cotton/poly (80/20). Stitched on my HQ Sweet 16. I stitch hand-guided, free-motion (w/o stitch regulator). This is a sit-down mid-arm machine.

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“Teapot Tuesday”……….

To borrow a line from friend, Beth Ann, who has the very sweet blog entitled “It’s Just Life” and has a teapot love/collection that is almost beyond description!!!! Anyhow, take a few and hop over to her place for a look-see (you might need a ‘cuppa’…just sayin’). Back to the subject at hand, the vintage linen I’ve been sharing has this darling corner embroidery …………………. IMG_9039   and, yes, when completed will be winging its way Beth Ann’s direction. You see, as I mentioned way back here, this cloth is one of several that she sent to me to “do whatever” with!!! I’m stitching with Ms Sweetie (Sweet 16) and using the HQ Glide foot. It allows me to stitch close to appliques, embroidery, lace, etc. without problem. To read more about my experience with this foot, hop over here and here.

Have an awesome day and let’s go stitchin’……………………

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Vintage continuation……………

From last week’s post here, I am continuing on this small linen piece. The size is more “card table” cloth size, 45”x45”, with a small lace edging and sweet embroidery in the 4 corners. IMG_8974 As you can see, the center has no embroidery and is wide open to accept tons of fmq!!!!! There has been a little progress for me to share…………..IMG_9036IMG_9038IMG_9037IMG_9035     More to come…………….

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Busy days………………

Are you finding that time is whizzing by way too fast?? Me, too! Last Friday & Saturday, my Spring Grove (MN) quilt group held a quilt show in conjunction with that town’s celebration, dubbed “Homecoming 2017”. The event comes along every 10 years and is an all-school reunion opportunity, with various events during 3 days of the celebration. I helped with the quilt show on Friday afternoon and here are some photo highlights (the school’s library was the location)……..



IMG_9028IMG_9029IMG_9030IMG_9031IMG_9032IMG_9034    And finishing with a small portion of our member banner/bunting……

IMG_9033   There was very good attendance and many questions/much interest in our group’s activities and projects.

Note: “click” on a photo to enlarge. Thanks so much for stopping by! It’s Monday and stitching awaits…………

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Friendship block…..a little finish……

I really like little projects that can be finished with lots of details in a small amount of time… ‘bout you?? This one began here and, with some bits and pieces of fabric and vintage linen,IMG_9016



that was snipped here and there to become a cute little triangle……

and a few pearls, left from my wedding gown days, we have this sweet little 10” string pieced block that definitely reflects who I am, and where I am, in my stitching journey…….IMG_9012   I slipped a piece of batting under the linen so as to give my feathers(!!!!) a bit of lift and help stabilize the machine embroidered name………IMG_9014    It is readily apparent that I free-handed the embroidery but it was fun. Firing up my trusty Bernina 440 QE, I used the open toe fmq foot, dropped the feed dogs, set the zig-zag at about 2 and stitched. Worked pretty well…….and the name is in thread as was requested by Julie!. A few feathers just had to appear and a few pearls add the needed ‘spark’.

Another weekend is upon us. Tomorrow is a quilt show put on by my Spring Grove group and I’ll be “working” there later in the afternoon. Photos soon! Thanks so much for visiting!!!!IMG_9015

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A “Friendship Block” request………

At last Monday’s guild meeting, one of the items on the ‘agenda’ was the next “Friendship Block” quilt person….and that was Julie. You may (probably not!) remember that I put mine together at the end of last month…….mainly cuz it’s been languishing, in separate blocks, for a long time (see here, which will give a more complete explanation of a “Friendship Quilt”). Julie brought her block………..IMG_8992    handed out directions and a muslin ‘base’ block which we each were to “string” piece (from our stash) and sign/embellish the center (lighter) strip in a way that reflects our own personal creativity/personality. OK, the “gauntlet” is thrown and, after a while in the studio (pulling out totes and miscellaneous containers!!!), I have this………IMG_9009   There’s another photo following that supports my thought that my stash definitely reflects a certain color palette!!!! IMG_9010   I pinned the block to the quilts displayed currently in my livingroom on a quilt ladder. Ummmmm……see one or two similarities between the quilts and the fabrics chosen for the block??? (especially the photo above!) Interesting. Anyhow, I’ve yet to “sign” the block but I just had to get a little vintage in there somehow! Now……on to my name, maybe a feather, or two, or………… Oh yes….did I mention that Julie was quite clear that merely writing our names was not acceptable! It must be done in thread (embroidery—hand or machine)!!!! Tomorrow’s project……stay tuned………….

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Where quilters gather………..

There is the sound of machines whirringIMG_8990,

scissors snipping, needle & thread creating all sorts of wonderfully colorful pieces, ripples of laughter and voices sharing various moments of recent life happenings…….. IMG_8989 IMG_8988 IMG_8991Yup, there was a time when this group came together for a monthly meeting and an infrequent morning workshop; now, doors are open/lights are on at 9:00a.m. on those days and “treats” not-so-mysteriously appear followed by the lovely aroma of coffee brewing!

Onward to a prolific sharing time…….IMG_8994 IMG_8995IMG_8996


Each of us have made this square “likeness” (ha!) that are strung together as a bunting/banner at our various shows/events. An interesting exercise in creativity!!






And I finish this with a sweet twosome who joined us for the day and had their needlework all ready to share……………………..IMG_9008   Future members?? Someday…..but, for this day, a time of shared appreciation of an art form that we all cherish and now know will be passed on to the next generation. Such a bright ray of sunshine and joy these days when such moments are threatened by all that opposes these treasures!

Til next time…..keep on stitching and sharing and we all will be richer for the effort! Hugs………………

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Friday Finishes……….

Are a continuation of yesterday’s post/purchase and a completed goal. Fabric picked out has become pillowcases…….2 for our bed……IMG_8977IMG_8979   and 1 for a special gift…….IMG_8980 The pattern is a free pillowcase pattern from “All People Quilt”, with a video on how to do French seams.    I am still amazed how this teal green combo exactly matches the greens I used in the above “Wave Quilt”, which was done strictly from my stash quite a while back!!!!!

Now, on to some vintage…………

Have an awesome weekend!!!!

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Quilters are…………….

Never at a loss for projects, or is it just me???? Now, I had every intention of buying zero fabric this morning when a couple quilt ‘buds’ and I took off for the Calico Hutch Quilt Shop in Hayward, Minnesota. I’ve already stated my stash overflows ridiculously but,…..well… see, it was 25% off everything in the shop (minus machines and such)!! Really? OK, surely some little item(s) wouldn’t hurt! So…these little pieces just hopped into my cute little basket and made their way home with me….IMG_8975  I mean, one can always use another set of pillowcases….and this fabric went so perfectly with my summer quilt……IMG_8976   Truly, a very quick project…..for this evening.

And, as for the current vintage stitching started here, I have come this far (in spite of a ton of interruptions/side-trackings)…….IMG_8973    I’ve been asked how I come up with ideas for something like this and my response is usually that I listen to the little item that’s before me. This held true in this case, also……IMG_8974   I will continue with the flower/leaf theme in some fashion yet to be determined! Stay tuned…………….

Thread: top and bobbin: Connecting Threads Essential Pro poly, 70 wt. Batting: Hobbs Heirloom, cotton/poly,80/20.

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Flag Day………..

Image may contain: cloud, sky and stripes

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Monday’s Design Wall…………..

er……..table(?) was pretty much covered with ‘fuzz’. Yup, I said “fuzz”. Rotary cutting boards have a way of grabbing those pesky fibers when I trim a finished quilt (and I have done some recently!). So….first, to the “de-fuzzing”…………IMG_8967    Using one of those kitchen kettle nylon “scrubbies”IMG_8968 I ‘attacked the board, rubbing perpendicular to the offending cuts. It really doesn’t take much effort and the board is ready for the next project.   

We have vintage! Yay!!! These are a couple of (many) pieces that were sent my way by my (now East Coast) friend, Beth Ann. Life slowed my progress on these but, now, it’s their time!!! I soaked these 2 for 36 hours in Retro Clean to brighten them and remove most of the offending stains. They are/were card table sized with the most sweet corner embroideries…….The first…..IMG_8958  was perfect for this backing fabric….so “old fashioned”…don’tcha think??? The 2nd one brought me to giggles…….IMG_8962 IMG_8963 IMG_8964 The 4th corner repeated the cup/saucer. That cloth, however, had a very large yellow/brown stain that stubbornly refused to exit! So, I exercised my creative control and………….cut it out!!! Yup….what was a larger (card) table cloth is now a very sweet table runner…….IMG_8972   Once the background stitching is complete, that center seam will f-a-d-e away. So, now you see what the days ahead will be filled with (along with my monthly piano time at a local hospital, tomorrow, and miscellaneous other tasks, of course!!). But, stay tuned, cuz there are many more linens in this treasure box!!!

What’s on your “design wall” these days????

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Back to “normal”………….

Welllllll…..I’m not sure about the “normal” part, let me just say I’m back to somewhat of a recognizable/familiar routine. Last week my church did their annual summertime Vacation Bible School. We do it in the evenings as many activities, such as “Summer Rec”, keeps the kids very busy during the day. Offering a light supper for all the participants before launching into the program proved beneficial. Ya just can’t ‘connect’ with a body if that body is hungry!!!! “Deep Sea Discovery” was the title/theme and the kids had a blast and the adults’ stamina was put to the test. I helped with the food…..meaning the supper and all the snack times. Wow! Can those kids eat!!!! IMG_8838   The curriculum provided was excellent and kept everyone’s focus….. IMG_8843 IMG_8899 IMG_8960   IMG_8944The final evening (last Friday) was a supper for kids and their parents. The adults were then invited to follow their young ones through their classes. Everyone had a great time and the workers, I’m sure, slept very well that night (I know I did!!!)

Now……back to some stitching, hmmmmm???????

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A Friday Finish!!!!……………….

I referenced further table toppers ‘in the works’ in my last post. I had quilted a couple of Christmas/winter themed toppers for my church and had heard that, maybe, some more summery themed little quilts would be nice. So, digging through my stash, I came up with 10 fat quarters (3 fabric designs) that would work well together. I really like the ‘hexie’ shape, so, made myself a 17.5” paper pattern (going for a large solid center!) and got busy cutting. Red (borders) was my color choice,.IMG_8831 And the first “trial” top…….IMG_8829 Yup, looks like it will work….onward……….IMG_8830  In one day(!), I was able to complete all 10 to the ‘needing-the-binding’ stage. The only road-block was I had no more of the red!!! Really??? A Moda “Solid” purchased at least a year ago. Surely, I should be able to secure a bit more, hmmmmm???? A trek to LaCrosse, and River Road Quilt Shop had the perfect piece….Moda “Crackle” in the needed ‘Country Red’…yay! Then, I thought that a red border with a red binding would be a tad boring so, enter a piece of Jo Morton’s repro print (again, from my stash!!!!)  for a faux piping (see here).IMG_8833 All, combined with a wonderful floral (stash fabric!!!) making them reversible!!IMG_8836 As you can see in the above photo, I did some ruler work/straight stitching to secure the layers. Yields my “Friday Finish”!!!! All 10 of them……………IMG_8834   They finished at 22” (point to point, across the middle), with the center solid piece @ 17” (same point to point measurement).

Thread: (top) Glide,40wt (bobbin) Connecting Threads Essential Pro poly,70wt. Batting: Hobbs Heirloom cotton/poly (80/20).

Hmmmmm…….I wonder what’s next….one of several fab client projects that have been patiently(?) waiting for attention…..and they’re “vintage”!!!!!!!!!!!!!! IMG_8827   There are 3 of these beauties….and I do have an idea…..oh, yes! Stay tuned…….

Have an awesome weekend…it’s graduation weekend here….how ‘bout where you are????

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A little “feathering”………

Is always needed…er…..welcome, no??? One of the quilting projects that has crossed my path are table-toppers being done as a ladies’ group assembly at the little church we attend/belong. The stitching began late last year, with those wanting to gather for a “sew in” on a Friday/Saturday at our building…..a time of stitching, (a little) munching and general good time fellowshipping. The 10 toppers, with a somewhat holiday feel, are assembled and various ones are finishing the quilting and binding process. The quilting will be different on each one, as some are hand quilting and I (no surprise!) am going the machine route. The pattern is a good one………..IMG_8823     and is done in Moda fabrics…….IMG_8820 - Copy - Copy                        I stitched a feather wreath with arcs in the other shapes and a grid in the center of the wreath.IMG_8819       I thought that the grid area, which will most likely have a centerpiece placed on it, was a tad plain so I just needed to add some ‘orange peel’. Much better…..don’t you think??????? IMG_8821   The feather plumes actually form an even wreath, even though they appear otherwise from the angle of the camera! I marked the inner circle and an outer (plume edge) circle with air-erase marker. All else is hand guided free motion quilting. Below is a view of the back………….IMG_8822

Thread: (Top)Superior Variegated Gold Metallic, #025 and (Bobbin) Connecting Threads Essential Pro poly, 70 wt.

Some more “toppers” in the works, so stay tuned!!!!

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Memorial Day…………..

In our little town (Houston, Minnesota) has always been observed with the Scouts serving an early breakfast then we transition to the central park for the service of remembrance. This year was no different. The school band was in awesome form Image may contain: one or more people, people sitting, tree and outdoorand the attendance was, as always, high in numbers Mem. day   Local Scouts, in an effort to earn their Eagle Scout badge, have progressively  put together the Veterans’ Memorial that was brought to completion with the final addition of all the flags/poles.Memorial Day - Copy (2)    The program was very moving and, especially so, with a roll call presentation of Quilts of Service to some of our local veterans…..Mem. Day QOH 2017   These quilts were made by the local “Bent Needle” quilt group that was formed to make such quilts for Houston Vets. My larger quilt group, which meets in Spring Grove, Minnesota, decided that each town would better know their own veterans and formed individual town quilt groups to provide quilts rather than the larger group making them for all the towns represented in Houston County. The presentation was announced by spokesperson, Nancy, assisted by member, Maxine……..Mem. Day 2017    The weather held and the rains didn’t come til late afternoon. Many lingered in the park to congratulate and visit with the recipients, friends and neighbors. A very excellent day indeed!

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Freedom, always and only, comes at a cost……………….

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A quick “post script”…….

To the previous post. Follow this link to a fabulous tutorial on the faux flange/piping that I put on my friendship quilt. Lorna, at “SewFreshQuilts” shows the process that I followed, right down to the joining of the binding ends when finishing the initial stitching on to the quilt back. Pressing well is ‘key’ to how this binding turns to the front of the quilt for the last stitching.   You will be amazed at how the mitered corners turn out so perfect!!!

I hope this gives you a better idea of this process…..and it’s totally machine stitched!!!

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Taming the “poof” or Why did I choose this……….

Batting!!!!! Ok… backtrack a tad. The project in question is one that’s been around for a while ….ummmm….yeah…….like November of 2015 is the beginning of the “birthing”…ha! Please, go to this post if you want the “rest of the story”.IMG_6103That is when the pattern/material was given to my larger quilt group. May, of 2016, is when I got the majority of signed blocks back……IMG_6058 Fast forward to our meeting last week and the request for all the finished friendship quilts that were done this past year……really? Ok….Let’s grab some stash fabric for backing and raid the batting bin……Found both..IMG_8797 I will draw your attention to the batting package and the fact that, not only is it not Hobbs brand, it’s 100% poly extra loft!!!!! It really didn’t look that bad coming out of the package but, at some point, it exploded and, yes, it definitely is lofty…poofy…..fluffy…..etc.Well, first, I have to square each block and get them sewn together!!!!!IMG_8798   How to quilt it???? “Feather Swirl” was my solution and the photos give evidence………………First the back……not bad! No pleats or puckers!!!! . IMG_8802     And the “marshmallowy” finish…..the motifs are stitched large (the blocks measure 11” finished) so the quilt would still have some type of softness when done. Success. IMG_8804   I ever so briefly considered adding a border but quickly eliminated that… more of the green, other than enough for binding. Binding!!! That’s it!!! A “faux flange” binding….perfect (and just enough of the green!!!). I wanted a bit wider binding strip to accommodate the additional quilt thickness, so I went with a generous 2 & 1/2 inch width. This meant cutting 2 strips (each one the length needed)…flange fabric: 1&7/8 inches…..binding (green): 1&1/4 inches.IMG_8805  Stitch the 2 lengths together and press the seam open….. IMG_8806 

fold in half (matching raw edges)……..IMG_8807   The binding will be stitched to the back of the quilt and flipped to the front, stitching in the ditch between the dot fabric and green. IMG_8808 This gives a nice clean finish to both the front and back…….IMG_8812 IMG_8810   And, now, the label and it’s a finish!!!!!!


 Thread: (top) Glide; (bobbin)Thread: (top) Glide; (bobbin)poly, 70 wt. Batting: Fairfield Extra Loft poly.

If you have any questions, feel free to leave them in a comment! On to the next (little) project…….hint….it involves “feathers”….just a few!!!!

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Tuesday’s “Part Two”………….

“Part One”, yesterday’s post, featured my longarm group’s “Challenge” results but there was a brief time of sharing other recent finishes…………..IMG_8783   “Bargello” quilts are reappearing after a few year’s absence and this one is a beaut!IMG_8785IMG_8788IMG_8786 

A cute fleece child’s quilt.





IMG_8789IMG_8790Row quilts will be making their presence known as this year’s many “Row by Row” shop hops get underway in June. These 2 (above) were brought to get some input on quilting suggestions.IMG_8791 “Frozen” remains a favorite for many young people and Olaf is just the sweetest, don’tcha think???IMG_8792 It’s never too early to be thinking ahead!!IMG_8793IMG_8793 - Copy”Click” on individual photos to enlarge.

Now, on to the day’s “mad stitching”!!!! Results posted very soon!!!!

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Last Saturday was the meeting where those (belonging to the long arm group called *S.E.A.M.S.), who had taken up the challenge to complete a wall quilt that will become part of a small grouping available to be shown at various quilt shows/events in the coming months, showed their creativity. There will be a total of 14 or 15 that will present how one common piecing can have such a variety of quilting interpretations. My previous posts gave the progress of my version. Now, for some photos of the others. Note: to enlarge, for detail, ‘click’ on the individual photo. ………….IMG_8767IMG_8769     Yes, a few had a different background color to work with! IMG_8770IMG_8771IMG_8773IMG_8775IMG_8776IMG_8777IMG_8778IMG_8779IMG_8781IMG_8782   I believe there is one more to come in that I have not photographed. So, that’s the “rest of the story” for this challenge. Some were totally hand-guided, others were “program” stitched (using computer software) , stitch regulated or not but all stitched on a frame-mounted long-arm quilting machine (many brands represented)….except, that is, for mine which was done on a Handi Quilter Sweet 16 sit-down machine. Fascinating results.

“Sharing” time followed but that will be a “Part 2” post tomorrow……….


*S.E.A.M.S.=SouthEast Area Machine Stitchers

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Friday Finishes………..

First……a client quilt out the door. IMG_8747   I presented a quick glimpse of this one in this post. Because it was hand pieced, a paisley stitching motif worked best to ease in the areas of fullness that presented themselves. I used Connecting Threads Essential Pro polyester (70wt) thread in “Natural” color. It’s fine weight and matte finish would allow it to ‘melt’ into the quilt nicely.

Next up is a wall quilt, put together by friend, Barb. Really gorgeous, but multiple layering of fusible-backed pieces had led to some machine stitching issues (she has a Juki 98, great machine BTW) like skipped stitches. I showed some photos of this in the above link, also. Here’s some side by side photos (before/after) of the stitching I was able to add………

IMG_8739 IMG_8765Not exactly the same flower, but you get the idea. More definition and, definitely, more texture! IMG_8740IMG_8764 IMG_8766   I used a green and a deep purple Isacord thread for this detail work.

And, finally, “Galactic Explosion”=a finish!!!! IMG_8749IMG_8752IMG_8754 IMG_8755IMG_8757IMG_8758IMG_8759

OK… more……..This one will be out the door tomorrow, when I attend my long-arm group’s meeting. Hopefully, I’ll get some pics of their challenge entries!!!!

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